Class Notes: 11/4/2012

Cain followed Satan's lead and advanced Satan's hidden agenda by killing Abel

In our study of Satan and his propaganda, lies, deceit we have seen that Satan is constantly attacking established truth with his propaganda with the objective of creating uncertainty and doubt and fear so that he can control mankind. Heb 2:14-15;

In Gen 3:1-6; we saw his attack on the woman in the Garden where he incited her to doubt God's word and then parlayed her doubt into unbelief that she carried into disobedience that resulted in fear. Gen 3:8;
Polar Opposites

God's Divine Dynasphere <---> Satan's Cosmic System

Faith <--> Doubt (Faithless)

Hope (Confidence) <--> Uncertainty

Love <---> Fear

From the moment God's promise of the "seed of the woman" was given in Gen 3:15; we have seen that Satan made every effort to stop it by preventing the birth of Christ that if successful would have proven that God was not perfect.

We see in Gen 4:3; that God had established ritual sacrifices that were offered periodically (Net note 9) as a reminder of the promised savior and that as an unbeliever Cain had negative volition toward God's mandate and as a believer Abel had positive volition to God's mandate. Gen 4:4;

Cain was the first human born with an OSN that Satan used to advance his hidden agenda by inciting him to bring a religious offering that Satan knew would not be accepted and when Cain became jealous and angry inciting him to kill his brother Abel who was first human born with an OSN to believe in the Messiah.

When Cain murdered Abel it was a Satanic attack on Adam's seed because it was an attack on the first promise that God had given to Adam after he sinned. Gen 3:15;

We have seen that God had personally instructed Adam and Eve who would have subsequently instructed Cain and Abel regarding when and how and why they were to perform the ritual sacrifices but Cain rejected the instruction and disobeyed by bringing an offering the he was deceived into thinking would be good enough.

He was offering a religious offering that God rejected. Remember religion is man trying to acquire the acceptance of God on the basis of what mankind does rather then on the basis of what God has provided in grace.

Religion rejects God's grace. Religion rejects the substitionary spiritual death of TLJC on the cross and alleges that salvation is a product of doing good.

Cain knew he was bringing the wrong offering so he should not have been surprised when God rejected it. By offering the unapproved offering Cain was inventing the first religion.

His expectation that God would accept his offering rather than the one God had specified was unrealistic. In his arrogance, Cain had deceived himself and as a result he was irrational and delusional.

We see in Gen 4:6-7; that God questions Cain in order to help him understand the significance of his negative volition and where it is going to lead if he does not control it. Net note 20.

Under the first law of Divine Establishment Cain has free will and therefore has the power and authority to make the right choice. It was his responsibility to rule over the desires of his OSN but we see in Gen 4:8; that Cain rejected God's admonition and does what all intolerant arrogant self-righteous people do to those who disagree with them.... he murdered Abel.

The mental attitude sin of jealousy led to anger and became the motivation for Cain to murder his brother. Cain's hatred and anger moved him into revenge motivation and revenge tactics. Violence and abuse are set to follow, culminating in murder. He was self-absorbed in his arrogant insistence that his sacrifice should be accepted.

The rejection by the Lord plus the lecture about "doing well," the instruction that the "sacrifice of the lamb" was preferable to his vegetable offering, and the comment about "getting control of his sin nature" was more than Cain could bear. Instead of being motivated to repent, Cain instead declined into intensified bitterness.

His murder of Abel was premeditated and Cain, who is now an emissary of the devil, has decided upon a plan that will enable him to vent his anger toward both the Lord and his brother while at the same time doing the bidding of Lucifer by cutting off the line of Messiah, the "seed of the woman"

The context suggests that Cain asked his brother to take him out into one of Abel's pastures where wild animals were available. There they would trap a the proper animal and Abel would teach him how to perform a proper sacrifice.

Abel obviously went along with the idea and took with him a sacrificial knife. Cain's plot was to take Abel out into the pasture, up on a hill, and perform the ultimate sacrifice. We get the details from: 1 John 3:11 - This is the message that you have heard from the beginning, that we should love one another;

v 12 - not as Cain, who was of the evil one, and slew his brother. And for what reason did he slay him? Because his deeds were evil, and his brother's were righteous.

We see here that Cain plotted to deceive his brother. Since he is in accord with the "father of lies," he is able to carry off his deception with ease. He lures his brother out into one of his pastures and pretends to want instruction on how to properly execute the sacrificial slaughter of an animal.

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