Class Notes: 1/20/2013

After 6 years Jehoiada the High Priest removes the interloper Athaliah from the throne and annoints her surviving grandson Joash as king

In our study of the enmity between the serpent and his seed and the woman and her seed Gen 3:15; last time we saw Athaliah's attack on her grandsons that left only Joash alive.

We saw that for six years Joash was hidden in the temple. 2Kings 11:3;

In the seventh year of Athaliah being on the throne of Judah illegally, Jehoiada the High priest enlisted the aid of the Carites and the guard to depose her and place Joash on the throne. 2Kings 11:4;

We might wonder if this action was justified looks similar to a revolution. The reality is that what Athaliah did was revolution in fact it was terrorism. She was not of the tribe of Judah. She was half Israelite, her father's tribe is not disclosed but we know it could not have been either Judah or Benjamin and she was half Phoenician, because her mother the daughter of Ethbaal of Tyre.

In addition, the Davidic Covenant clearly indicates that those who are to hold the throne of Judah are male descendants of David's line. Not only was Athaliah unqualified to ascend the throne she accomplished her illegal objective by assassinating her grandsons, the children of her son, Ahaziah who were qualified.

Without the clandestine work of her stepdaughter, Jehosheba, Athaliah would have accomplished satan's mission of destroying the seed of the woman, the line of Christ. The power in Judah ultimately lay with the throne.

Athaliah usurped the throne through bloodshed but had no qualifications for the office. Jehoiada was the spiritual leader of the nation and had knowledge that the legitimate heir of Ahaziah was sequestered in his quarters inside the Temple complex.

He also knew that if Athaliah ever knew of Joash's presence she would have him murdered, too. This means that the only legitimate authority still functioning in Judah was Jehoiada, the high priest.

As high priest, he could not properly lead the people in the worship of the Lord God when Athaliah had established the worship of Baal as the preeminent religion in nation.

Although the human soul possesses free will we must recognize that when a large number of people accumulate in the same geographic location and establish a nation, free people are free to choose the government they form.

The United States is presently in a tug of war between two worldviews: Traditionalism and Progressivism. A discussion of these can be found in From Archetype to Zeitgeist. By Herbert Kohl (Boston: Little, Brown and Co., 1992), pages 158-59:

There are a number of words used to indicate the nature and direction of social, political, and economic change. The status quo is the current historical situation in a particular community, state, or nation.

Traditionalists are people who want to maintain the status quo. Progressives are people who advocate a new social, political, or economic order that they think will provide for more personal or group freedom, and a greater equalization of opportunity, wealth, and power. Reactionaries are people who want to return to an older order characterized by some traditional authoritarian rule.

If change is partial and occurs through the channels of power considered legitimate in the status quo, it is called reform. Reform adds to the current arrangements or modifies them but it does not attempt to create a new order.

Radical change can take place over a period of time, or it can happen suddenly. When radical change takes place suddenly and power relationships change practically overnight, such change is called revolutionary.

In our country, Traditionalists are those whose views are based on the original intent of the Constitution, the principles of biblical morality, and patriotism.

Progressives are those who press for change accomplished by loose, fanciful readings of the Constitution, the application of the Bill of Rights to the States instead of the federal government, humanistic amorality, and globalism.

Traditionalists insist that freedom carries with it the obligations of personal responsibility and personal restraint while

Progressives view freedom as imposing no responsibility for one's decisions and placing no restraints on one's actions.

This has led to cultural warfare with both sides now possessing approximately an equal number of proponents but at the moment the progressives control the White House and the Senate.

But pendulums swing both ways and hopefully by the next election in 2014 the country will have had as much progressivism as it can stand and return the Senate to traditionalist control.

The question is how much thug-like, deceitful leadership are the people to endure? How long do we have to endure these political downtrends and what is the responsibility of Christians toward unjust leadership?

Earthly paradises always attract evil people. They go there because they seek heaven on earth and the pleasant environment gives them the false hope of achieving environmental perfection that they believe can be acquired through legislation.

The people of the USA have voted. The environmentalist wackos, the anti gun crowd the homosexuals, the liberals, the tax and spend progressives, and the apologists for the illegal immigrants have won.

This is democracy in action. The citizens have free will and God allows them to use it to their own detriment and demise if they choose. The innocent suffer but only for a time because there is an escape hatch called physical death and eternal security.

There are no human solutions to the problems the USA faces. The people collectively have bought the lie and we are living with the consequences but God prospers positive volition even during periods of national discipline.

We must remember that during our Lord's incarnation in unglorified humanity the man who ruled SPQR was Tiberius Caesar. His poor decisions created many problems for the empire but he was still the man to whom our Lord was honor bound to support and submit.

In Matt 22:21; When they tried to entrap him He told the Pharisees and Herodians "to render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's," It was Tiberious's picture that was imprinted on the coin.

The Lord also told us that that we are "in the world" but not "of the world." John 17:13-21;

We are "citizens of a heavenly community." We serve the King of kings and Lord of lords. He protects us from the machinations of human leaders. If we suffer it is undeserved suffering for blessing and it presents us with an opportunity to deploy Bible Doctrine for God's glory and eternal rewards at our evaluation.

As we suffer in trials and tests in the devil's world we should consider the advice of the apostle Peter. 1Peter 2:13-17; Submit yourselves for the Lord's sake to every human institution, whether to a king as the one in authority,

v14 or to governors as sent by him for the punishment of evildoers and the praise of those who do right.
v15 For such is the will of God that by doing right you may silence the ignorance of foolish men.
v 16 Act as free men, and do not use your freedom as a covering for evil, but use it as bondslaves to God.
v17 Honor all men; love the brotherhood; fear God; honor the king.

These are our orders. They aren't fun or easy, but they're our duty as we re-present TLJC and glorify God in the devil's world.

The only offensive weapon we have is the power of the Word of God. We must boldly present it that it might change the minds of a few. The more people who are converted to God's way of thinking the more impact there will be within the human government of the nation.

Continue to lock and load your soul with the artillery of God's word and fire away. You will make some friends and a lot of enemies but there will be very few who will remain undecided and hopefully there will be enough with positive volition to restore God's blessing to client nation USA like happened in Judah after Joash became king.

2Kings 11:4-8; As Athaliah began the seventh year of her reign, Jehoiada the high priest assembled the military commanders at a certain level of authority (those commanding 100 soldiers each), the Carites , and the guards ("runners," probably royal bodyguards) secretly in Solomon's temple.

These were all loyalists or traditionalists who did not support the queen interloper. He showed them Joash, then seven years old ( 2 Kings 11:21), to assure them that there was indeed a legitimate heir to the throne still alive. He then outlined his plan to crown Joash as the king.

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