Class Notes: 2/24/2013

God uses Pivot Politics to defeat the Power Politics of the satan's cosmic systems

Last time we concluded our study of the Assyrian attack on Hezekiah and the Southern Kingdom. We saw the Assyrian army's destruction with 185,000 dead that ultimately led to the downfall of Assyria within 100 years (701-605BC).

Under the principle of the Divine solution is the only solution it is useful for us to discuss the issue of what believers do to try to solve the problems that they face in the devil's world. So we started a brief study on the topic of "Pivot power versus Political power.

Problems of life demand solution. These problems are both individual and collective. Self-righteousness is the motivator for power politics, which is the satanic system for problem solving on earth.

While man cannot solve his personal problems, he likes to compensate by trying to solve collective problems in his society or nation.

There are two antithetical approaches to problem solving on a national scale that we will refer to as pivot politics and power politics.

Pivot politics is the divine solution to problems of life under the principle that the Divine solution is the only solution. Pivot politics includes regeneration, advance in the plan of God through perception and application of doctrine, attaining maturity, and becoming part of the pivot that preserves and delivers the nation through blessing by association.

Pivot politics adheres to principles of freedom and advocates the function of the laws of divine establishment in the national entity. The antithetical system is power politics that is the human and satanic solution to problems.

Power politics advances the concepts of "change" that takes the form of social action, socialism, globalism, and utopianism.

Power politics uses "peace and love" propaganda to achieve its goals. It causes people to focus on emotion rather than rational thought and when the people resist the emotional propaganda the promoters of power politics resort to violence, tyranny, terror, and revolution to achieve their objectives.

Our country has declined to the point where the executive branch of our government at least 1/2 of our legislative branch and much of our judicial branch actually supports this policy and is actively using it to advance their destructive agenda.

Power politics distracts many believers from the plan of God. They become involved in globalism, socialism, the welfare state, and other satanic plans for the establishment of a pseudo-millennium.

Historical crisis reveals the difference between pivot politics and power politics because unless the situation is really hopeless, there really is no historical crisis. An actual crisis means there really is no apparent solution.

Those involved in power politics often try to create the perception of a crisis to advance their agenda under the policy of taking advantage of every opportunity to sensationalize events in order to get the people to stop thinking and react with the emotional irrationality of doubt, uncertainty and fear.

Pivot politics and power politics always propose antithetical solutions in a crisis and because power politics is unable to cope with the situation, the crisis is always intensified by irrationality, confusion, and violence.

Pivot politics prepares believers for crisis in advance through perception of doctrine, so that the faith-rest drill functions in claiming promises, reversing concentration, and coming to rational doctrinal conclusions.

Doctrine is utilized in reverse concentration under the second stage of the faith-rest drill. In a true crisis God uses prepared people who know how to apply doctrine to the situation to propose divine solutions.

Pivot politics represents personal solution to disaster through a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Power politics represents collective human viewpoint. Its approach to crisis includes human alliances, compromise with evil, the welfare state, and socialism.

In pivot politics, the means (doctrine) justifies the end (maturity). But in power politics, the end (socialist utopianism) justifies the means (tyranny, terrorism, revolution, and violence).

Pivot politics emphasizes thought, reverse concentration, and grace; while power politics emphasizes action based on arrogant self-righteousness, evil, change, tyranny, and, revolution.

Grace glorifies God; change glorifies man. The only thing that really works in a changing world is unchanging doctrine.

In the course of human history in the devil's world there is a continuous battle between pivot and power politics.

Bible doctrine demands that the believer reject power politics. For example, he must never approve of assassination or revolution. The solution in pivot politics is perception of doctrine, and advancing to spiritual maturity while constantly remembering the fact that Jesus Christ controls history, that vengeance is mine says the Lord and that the wrath of man does not perform the righteousness of God.

Pivot politics emphasizes Bible Doctrine because it recognizes that the larger the pivot, the greater the blessing by association resulting in greater prosperity and effectiveness of the client nation.

Power politics emphasizes change. Power politics destroys establishment authority and the proper use of freedom. Change upsets establishment and destroys freedom in the name of the common good. Therefore power politics, in the name of human good always destroys freedom.

Whatever the form of government, the practice of establishment principles sponsors human freedom conversely the change sponsored by power politics destroys human freedom by attacking establishment authority, personal privacy, property and free enterprise. Pivot politics offers solutions to crisis without tampering with human freedom.

A pivot of mature believers sponsors no violence, confiscates no one's property, does not intrude on privacy, but turns the world upside down through the invisible force of Bible doctrine and the function of the royal family honor code.

Power politics exchanges establishment evil for non-establishment evil resulting in tyranny. Examples of this are the French and Russian revolutions, the rise of the corporatist socialist state in Germany in the 1930's, and what is happening in the USA today.

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