Class Notes: 5/15/2013

Mark 1:21-22; He spoke with authority; Doctrine of authority part 4

In our study of Mark 1:21-22; we see that Jesus used the synagogues as a platform for the presentation of the Gospel to the people. In his presentation unlike the scribes he spoke with authority so we are now engaged in a study on the doctrine of authority.

When we stopped last time we saw that legitimate government has legitimate authority over its citizenry, but that the authority is useless apart from human consent. Human consent is expressed in this country by voting for someone you think will govern properly.

The important factor is the consent of the governed. Apart from human consent, there will be revolution, succession, civil war, violence, terrorism, crime, dictatorship, slavery, and other evil.

This is about to occur in the USA today but believers should not be involved with this evil because they are commanded to defer to Jesus Christ who controls history Col 1:16-17; because they know that he will deal with it properly. Rom 12:19-21; 1Tim 2:1-4;

When people through arrogance and power lust gravitate to the cosmic system and they use their volition to make decisions from a position of weakness their choices have both personal and national consequences.

Every person is a product of their own decisions. Good decisions from a position of strength accept legitimate authority creates and maintains capacity for life. Bad decisions from a position of weakness reject legitimate authority and enter a downward spiral that ends up with no capacity for life.

The passages dealing with the laws of volitional responsibility include: Hosea 8:7, Gal 6:7; Prov 22:8; Col 3:25;Psa 34:21;NET note 39

Believers who gravitate to a life of trying to arrogantly fulfill their lusts have used their free will to self destruct and ruin their own lives. Young people who reject the legitimate authority of their parents are developing a habit that will ultimately cause them to self destruct.

Dictatorships and tyranny arise when people use their free will to gravitate to a system of evil power that promises to give them what they want. This often occurs in times of economic or historical disaster.

When this occurs small groups such as the Bolsheviks in Russia or the Nazis in Germany, or the progressives in the USA attain control of entire nations because the people gravitated to their evil power and surrendered their freedom to them in hopes of acquiring prosperity and security without capacity. Those promises are never delivered and the nation is always destroyed from within before external enemies destroy it.

When believers gravitate to the power of the cosmic system and use their volition to make bad decisions from a position of weakness. Inevitably, they give their authority to evil leaders with disastrous consequences.

On the other hand when people gravitate to legitimate power delegated from God, they use their own volition to make good decisions for legitimate authority, and inevitably receive divine blessing and freedom as they advance spiritually and develop capacity.

Evil has no authority apart from human consent. But we are the products of our own decisions so when we vote to give authority to evil people who represent the cosmic system we empower tyrants who ultimately become oppressors of the people.

In times of adversity, the free will of man often chooses for the false promises and propaganda of evil tyrants and by doing this establishes the authority of evil in tyranny and dictatorship.

This explains the rise of terror in the French Revolution, as well as the rise of Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler. This is what is occurring in the USA today weather or not people want to believe it.

People are the products of their own volition. Disaster is therefore is the result of the bad decisions of individuals who have bought into the public lie and then as a group have chosen lies of the cosmic system instead of the truth of Divine Establishment, the Gospel, and Bible Doctrine.

Good decisions from a position of strength place the believer in the directive will of God. The believer is protected and blessed by God through Bible Doctrine when they obey the directive will of God. Isa 54:17;

The winners in history do not deviate from the authority of God's directive will and His mandates, that leads the believer to spiritual maturity, the establishment of a pivot, and the manufacture of invisible heroes.

When believers reject authority in childhood and adolescence, they will reject the authority of Bible doctrine, which is equivalent to rejecting the freedom, prosperity and security found in God's directive will.

Rejection of God's delegated authority in life is therefore a guarantee of disaster. Hosea 4:6; Isa 3;

God delegates his authority through the divine decree that functions under His immutable sovereignty. God's sovereignty functions in three categories during human history:

The directive will of God comprises His divine mandates for believers and unbelievers.

The permissive will of God permits the function of free will in opposition to the divine mandates. All negative volition functions under the permissive will of God.

The overruling will of God is when God prevents self-destruction or national destruction because of His Word that is contained in the thinking of the pivot of mature believers.

Under the directive will of God, God has a plan for believers' lives. In our dispensation, we refer to it as the "protocol plan" or "predesigned plan". Heb 12:2; Through His directive will he has created the laws of divine establishment that provides a system of order for all humanity.

Under the permissive will of God, negative volition is permitted, but negative volition creates "DELAYED amplified NEGATIVE feedback" and maximum unhappiness and suffering. James 4:6a

Function under the directive will creates " DELAYED amplified POSITIVE feedback" and maximum blessing and happiness. James 4:6b;

Under the directive will of God, there is no discipline. Under the permissive will of God, there is divine discipline.

Under the overruling will of God, the MINORITY is always right. The minority is the pivot of mature believers whose execution of the protocol plan of God delivers the nation from the unintended consequences of its negative volition.

The choice to function in the permissive will of God results in suffering under the law of volitional responsibility that ultimately results in national punishment as illustrated by the four generation curse and the five cycles of discipline.

The permissive will of God is based on the fact that human volition and human freedom are the means of resolving the angelic conflict. The permissive will of God permits human volition to operate under the concept of human freedom.

The volition of the citizens of a nation either makes it great or destroys it because when blessing from directive will of God is rejected, judgment from the permissive will of God is engaged.

When we understand these immutable principles we can have complete contentment while bad things are happening all around us because we know that God will deliver those who are advancing in his Word in every situation. Job 5:19-27; Rom 8:28-39; 1John 5:3-4;

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