Class Notes: 5/19/2013

Mark 1:21-22; He spoke with authorit; Doctrine of Authority part 5

In our study of Mark 1:21-22; we see that Jesus used the synagogues as a platform for the presentation of the Gospel to the people. In his presentation unlike the scribes he spoke with authority so we are now engaged in a study on the doctrine of authority.

When we stopped last time we saw that the permissive will of God permits human volition to operate under the concept of human freedom.

The volition of the citizens of a nation either makes it great or destroys it because when blessing from directive will of God is rejected, judgment from the permissive will of God is engaged.

When we understand these immutable principles we can have complete contentment while bad things are happening all around us because we know that God will deliver those who are advancing in his Word in every situation. Job 5:19-27; Rom 8:28-39; 1John 5:3-4;

We must learn to always let the Lord handle the situation and not try to fix it ourselves. Rom 12:17-21; Remember that moral arrogance that reacts against amoral arrogance is just as bad as and maybe even worse than the amoral arrogance that it is reacting against because it is reacting from the arrogance of revenge motivation and is responsible to know better. Num 20:8-12;

It is very important for us to constantly evaluate ourselves in light of the Word and then make the proper adjustment to the justice of God through the acknowledgment of any known sin and the application of the Word under the mentorship of God the Holy Spirit so that we are persistently functioning in the directive will of God by means of the Spirit. 2Cor 13:5-8;

When the permissive will of God becomes activated, resulting in divine punishment, and the nation does not respond (2Chron 7:14;) the only hope is the overruling will of God.

Our nation is now under the permissive will of God because so many people have rejected the laws of divine establishment and as a result have rejected legitimate authority, and many believers have rejected dispensationally accurate Bible doctrine.

Believers are designed to function under the directive will of God so when believers reject the authority of God's Word and it's mandates for their dispensation, they have rejected the authority of God in their lives and have reverted to the illegitimate authority of Satan and his cosmic system.

When this happens God permits believers to be alive for the purpose of discipline and that can only be changed by the overruling will of God that is only activated by the existence of the pivot of mature believers or invisible heroes who are persistently executing the protocol plan of God.

While believers who are positive toward doctrine advance to maturity, execute the protocol plan of God, and become invisible heroes, cannot maintain and continue their momentum unless they persist in the authority orientation enables it.

Perception of doctrine that is necessary for post-salvation spiritual growth is based on a principle of authority. Perception of doctrine that is the only means of spiritual advance in the protocol plan of God demands authority orientation.

For example there is no way believers can read their Bible by themselves and understand and properly execute God's protocol plan for the Church even though many think they can.

That's why God has given the spiritual gift of pastor-teacher, Eph 4:11; and the local assembly for the communication of the Word of God under the mentorship of God the Holy Spirit. Heb 10:25;

This means that authority orientation is life orientation because the failure to properly relate to legitimate authority is the major source of the problems and suffering in life.

Authority orientation is honor and humility. The greater one's authority the greater the responsibility. No matter how much we are promoted in life, there is always higher authority that must be recognized in order to perpetuate humility as orientation to life. Col 3:22-24;

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