Class Notes: 5/22/2013

Mark 1:21-24; His authoritative speaking in the synagogue aroused a demon; Doctrine of Demon influence part 1

In our study of Mark 1:21-22; we see that Jesus used the synagogues as a platform for the presentation of the Gospel to the people. In his presentation unlike the scribes he spoke with authority so we are now engaged in a study on the doctrine of authority.

When we stopped last time were looking at the principle that authority orientation is honor and humility. The greater one's authority the greater the responsibility. No matter how much we are promoted in life, there is always higher authority that must be recognized in order to perpetuate humility as orientation to life. Col 3:22-24;

So in the final analysis it is Jesus Christ, the Word of God, John 1:1; who is the final and ultimate authority and the one who we serve. He is the one who is Lord of all. Phil 2:9-11; This is why unlike the scribes he spoke with authority when he spoke. Mark 1:21-22;

We have seen that Jesus was speaking in the synagogue in the city Capernaum that was near the home of Simon Peter and Andrew on the northwestern shore of the Sea of Galilee where they had their fishing business.

We have seen that it was common practice for lay teachers to teach in the synagogues so Jesus took advantage of this and used it as a venue for him to preach the Gospel with authority. So while he was speaking....

Mark 1:23-24; Just then there was a man in their synagogue with an unclean spirit; and he cried out,

v24 saying, "What business do we have with each other, Jesus of Nazareth? Have You come to destroy us? I know who You are-the Holy One of God!"

This is the first of many of Jesus' encounters with demons during his ministry and it occurs in a synagogue that today would be the equivalent of a local church. People in Galilee went to synagogue on the Sabbath just like many people in the USA go to church on Sunday.

For the most part the people who go to church are believers and religious people who go to be where the people of God meet and where their needs will be met. Some demons and therefore demon possessed people fit right into this environment especially if what is being taught is religious, moral, and legalistic. 2Cor 11:14-15;

In Mark 1:39; We will see that when Jesus was teaching in synagogues throughout Galilee He was casting out demons in just about every synagogue he visited.

It is very likely that the man did not even know that he was demon possessed because the demon was content to sit in the synagogue where religion, morality, legalism, and doing human good works was being taught until he came face to face with Jesus who was teaching the Gospel of salvation by Grace through Faith ALONE with authority.

Remember the Gospel is the Word of God regarding salvation by grace through FAITH ALONE not religion, legalism, morality or human good works. Eph 2:8-9;

It is this Gospel that Satan the god of this world is resisting and opposing 2Cor 4:3-4; and when this demon heard the Gospel being preached with authority he couldn't take it so he caused the man to jump up and SHOUT OUT. Mark 1:23-24;

The Greek word translated "cried out" is "anekraxen" that means to croak or to scream with a loud raucous voice. The word is based on the loud raucous sound that ravens or crows make when they call out.

So while Jesus is teaching in the synagogue, a demonic personality suddenly emerges from within the man, forcing the him to jump to his feet while he is screaming out at the top of his lungs at Jesus: "What have you got to do with us, Jesus from Nazareth? Have you come to kill us? I know who you are; you are the Holy One of God"

We see here that the immediate result of Christ's preaching was not harmony. It was not "let's all hold hands get along singing "Kumbaya"." It was division. It was strife. It was war.

This is exactly what he said would happen in Matt 10:34; For the most part this strife was concealed in the thinking of the congregation, but was made clearly evident in the demon possessed man's outburst.

Mark 1:24; In the NASB the demon appears to begin with a question that is not really a question at all. The literal translation is " What to us and to you, Jesus Nazarene?" This is not a question it is an idiom. Net note 48.

Frightened and angry, the demon is simply protesting the disturbing, threatening presence and authoritative teaching of Jesus, the Holy One of God. The demon simply wanted Jesus to go away and leave him alone to indwell the man and assemble in the synagogue without conflict.

The demon was angry because Jesus had come to Satan's synagogue and He was preaching the Gospel that the Messiah had now arrived in Israel and that the satanic, demonic bondage of mankind was going to be broken. The good news of God's redemption from sin, guilt, tyranny, and death. John 16:8-11;

Jesus was going to defeat Satan and terminate his rulership of the world thereby destroy everything satan and the demons have done with mankind. Satan had most likely warned the demons that this would happen.

The demon was accusing Jesus "You are seeking to destroy us." "You hate us as we hate you." "We don't like what you are doing. Go away and leave us alone. We were doing okay until you showed up."

"Haven't you caused us enough trouble? Why are you bothering us? We weren't bothering you." "Why do you care about this man? He is not worth anything anyhow." "You have more things to do with your time than coming here and messing us up." "Get the ***** out of my synagogue and leave us alone."

Weather people believe in the judgment or not the demons recognize it as reality. The demon's confession, "I know who you are "the Holy One of God" is not a statement of submission and humility it is statement of defiance and resignation of the inevitability of "The Truth". John 14:6;

Demons propagandize and deceive the entire world about the true nature of the Lord Jesus Christ. They are so determined to keep people from Him that there is no limit to the extent of their lies about Him.

We are seeing this clearly manifested in our country and in the entire the world today where Christianity is being rejected and believers vilified and persecuted.

But when demons are face to face with Jesus even though they may express their hatred and fear of Him, they spontaneously acknowledge His deity, lordship, holiness, redemption, and His role as their coming judge. This is what is occurring in this passage along with many others we will see in our study of Mark.

The Greek word "apollumi" is translated "destroy" it means to completely destroy or to perish. the idea is not of termination but of ruin or loss. It is used in Matt 10:28; where it is also translated "destroy" referring to the destruction of all unbelievers along with satan and the demons in the lake of fire. Matt 25:41;

Mark 1:24; After saying that Jesus had come to destroy them, he connects this destruction with Jesus personal identity as the Messiah, Saviour and King the Lord Jesus Christ, "the Holy One of God." who defeats the satan and his cosmic system by means of doctrine. 1John 5:4-5;

This brings us to a study of the doctrines of Demon Influence and Demon Possession.

Demon influence is the affect that occurs in the soul and personality of anyone who persistently lives in the cosmic system. The extent of demon influence depends on how long one resides in the cosmic system because demon influence is the transfer of the thinking of demon doctrine to those who reside in the cosmic system.

Demon influence is an invasion the thinking that occurs in soul and specifically affects the mind, the emotion, and the self-consciousness of the soul resulting in the attack on the human personality of those who persist in living in the cosmic system.

Demon influence is infiltration of Satanic thought. It isn't necessarily expressed in terms of overt sin. It is often expressed in terms of the human good of improving this world, doing good things for your fellow man, and supporting crusades to make the world a better place without reference to or in opposition to the truth that is revealed in it's various categories in God's Word.

Demon influence is the invasion of the soul with false ideas that result in false thought and bad decisions from a position of weakness. This false thinking is the policy and principles that Satan operated in prior to the creation of man and as the ruler of this world after the fall of man in the garden of Eden.

Demon doctrines are what God gives people who are residing in the cosmic system and have locked in negative volition from locked in arrogance over to. Rom 1:20-32;

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