Class Notes: 6/9/2013

Mark 1:23-24; The doctrine of demon influence part 5

In our study of Mark we are now in Mark 1:23-24; and we see Jesus teaching with authority in the synagogue and while he was teaching a demon screamed out at him through a demon possessed man so we have taken up a study of demon influence and demon possession.

Last time we noted that the degree of demon influence corresponds to the degrees of reversionism from negative volition. This is because the longer one resides in the cosmic system without recovery, the greater the degree of demon influence.

Past a certain point it is impossible to distinguish between the believer and unbeliever in the cosmic system. The cosmic system does not distinguish between its students, and is equally effective with both believers and unbelievers.

Therefore, demon influence is a process of demonization whereby every facet of the soul is eventually controlled by the norms and standards of demon doctrine resulting in a complete personality change to some form of sociopathic or psychopathic personality weather one recognizes it or not.

Demon influence as described in 1Pet 5:8; is the result of the arrogance that comes from rejecting the power of legitimate authority to resist. 1Pet 5:5-7; Without Bible Doctrine resistance is futile.... just like the Borg on Star Trek.

1Pet 5:6; also shows us that achievement belongs to God; happiness belongs to the believer. But demon influence reverses this principle and says "achievement belongs to me; therefore, because I have not achieved or acquired what I think I should have; "I will be unhappy as long as I live."

In verse 8 "Being "sober of spirit" or self-disciplined" means being organized. Organization starts in your thinking. This kind of organized thinking requires the categorical teaching of God's word that creates a frame of reference for accurate thinking.

In order to remain under the mentorship of God the Holy Spirit in God's power system the Divine Dynasphere one must use the assets that God has provided on a consistent and persistent basis. This requires self discipline.

There is a parallel between our Lord delegating authority in the human race, and Satan "prowling around" and delegating authority to demons. We see from this that everything always relates to authority.

The question is what authority are we going to choose to listen to and respond to.

In James 3:14-16; we see that "Jealousy" is a function of both the arrogance of cosmic one and the hatred of cosmic two.

Achievement arrogance is the blasphemy of taking achievement away from God and placing it into our own hands. Achievement arrogance destroys human happiness and replaces it with selfish ambition and pride.

Arrogance motivates us to strive for success and to compete from inordinate ambition. In the process, Bible doctrine is neglected, virtue and integrity are ignored, happiness is rejected, and demon influence becomes the basis for our conduct.

Since achievement belongs to God, God provides achievement with happiness, but only when we consistently reside within the grace protocols of His power system, the Divine dynasphere.

Arrogance is the direct route to demon influence; it is the demoralization as well as the demonization of the soul.

In 1Cor 13; Paul describes the contrast between the arrogance that leads to life in the cosmic system and love that is the result of living in the Divine Dynasphere under the ministry of God the Holy Spirit.

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