Class Notes: 6/12/2013

Mark 1:23-24; The doctrine of demon posession part 1

In our study of Mark we are now in Mark 1:23-24; and we see Jesus teaching with authority in the synagogue and while he was teaching a demon screamed out at him through a demon possessed man so we have taken up a study of demon influence and demon possession.

When we stopped last time we were looking at 1Cor 13; where Paul describes the contrast between the arrogance exhibited by life in the cosmic system and love that is the result of living in the Divine Dynasphere under the ministry of God the Holy Spirit. Gal 5:22;

In verse 1Cor 13:13; we see how to reside in the Divine Dynasphere. We see from this that believers can only avoid demon influence through life in the divine dynasphere because resistance is the product of learning and applying doctrine.

God's Grace apparatus for spiritual perception provides us with the 4 R's for living in the Divine Dynasphere: Reception;, Retention Recall, and Resistance.

What really counts is retention, where gnosis doctrine converted into epignosis doctrine under the mentorship of God the Holy Spirit. Then at recall, you can apply a percentage of what you have retained under the mentorship of God the Holy Spirit.

Just like Love requires Hope that requires Faith, Resistance requires Recall that requires Retention that requires Reception. It's like math where calculus requires algebra that requires mastery of the basic operations.

Ignorance cannot make application to experience; it can only react with emotion when faced with testing or disaster. So having the capacity to humbly stand firm in doctrine is the major issue in resisting the devil and his influence, 1Pet 5:9; James 4:7;

This brings us to the doctrine of demon possession because the man that confronted Jesus in our passage in Mark 1:23-24; was not only demon influenced, he was demon possessed.

God's Word tells us that Satan is the ruler of demons, Matt 9:34; Mark 12:24;; Mark 3:22; Luke 11:15.

Satan has organized the demons under his command. Eph 6:10-12; This passage reveals that there is authority and rank in Satan's organization.

The Biblical words that are used for demons include: the Hebrew word "Sair" that means hairy, shaggy, or rough one; used for a he-goat, or a demon; a satyr. Lev 17:7; 2Chron 11:15; Isa 13:21 Isa 34:14;.

The Hebrew word "Shed" pronounced "shade" means idols or demons; idols represent demons. It also means "destroyers," a reference to the practice of human child sacrifice, Deut 32:17; Psa 106:37;

In the New Testament, the Greek word "daimon" means demon, Matt 8:31; Mark 5:12; Luke 8:29; Rev 16:14. "Daimon" almost always refers to disembodied spirits.

The Greek word "daimonion" also refers to a demons. Matt 7:22; Matt 9:33-34; Matt 12:24-28; Mark 1:34,39, Mark 7:26-30; Luke 4:33-35,41, Mark 8:27-35, John 8:48-52; 1Cor 10:20-21;

The Greek word "diamoniodes" means demonic or "from demons", James 3:15. and the Greek word "diamonizomai" means to be demon possessed or to be tormented by a demon, Matt 8:16,28,33; Mark 5; Matt 15:22; or to be influenced by a demon.

We see from this that the English word demon is a transliteration of the Greek word "daimon".

We have seen that demon influence is the demon invasion of the soul with Satanic thought. Satanic thought isn't always expressed in terms of evil, it is often expressed in terms of improving this world, doing nice things for your fellow man, and supporting of crusades or causes that try to make the world a "better place" or to "save the planet". 2Cor 11:14-15;

Demon influence is false thinking that is comprised of the policy and principles of Satan and the substitution of emotion in place of the standard of reference for rational thought that comes from Bible Doctrine. 2Tim 1:13;

Believers enter into demon influence in stages from a series of bad decisions that result from consistent negative volition to God's Word.

Demon possession as seen in our passage in Mark 1:23; is defined as demon invasion of the body of the unbeliever. This generally occurs through some form of religious activity.

All demonic activity is related to man's free will because human consent must be involved. Demon possession never occurs apart from human consent. It requires a series of bad decision that allows the demon to invade the body of the unbeliever.

In the Church Age God the Holy Spirit makes a temple inside the body of the believer, 1Cor 6:19-20; and indwells the believer. A demon cannot indwell that temple because God the Holy Spirit occupies it.

The disciples weren't indwelled by the Holy Spirit until Jesus breathed on them after his resurrection (John 20:22) so it is possible that Judas Iscariot as a believer in Jesus Christ during the dispensation of the Hypostatic Union could have been indwelled by Satan. Luke 22:3; John 13:27; because he did not have the indwelling of God the Holy Spirit.

Decisions that can result in demon possession include: Idolatry, 1Cor 10:19-21; Drug addiction, (sorcery) Gal 5:20; Reversionistic religious sensitivity including dabbling in the occult, consulting mediums and the function of necromancy, Isa 8:19;

Phallic cult activity; The phallic cult is part of licentious reversionism and is referred to in Rom 1:27-32; 2Cor 12:21; Eph 4:19, Eph 5:5, Rev 2:14,20-23;

This includes demonic orgasmic response, autoeroticism, lesbianism, homosexuality, verbal response demons, promiscuity demons, group orgies, human sacrifice, idolatry, and unrestrained sexual lust.

These things by themselves do not imply demon possession but they can lead to it. No nation survives the spread of the phallic cult and it is spreading rapidly in our country at this time.

Idolatry is the basic system for demon possession: Lev 17:7; Deut 32:17; Psa 96:5, Psa 106:37-39; Idolatry is not only the worship of physical idols. It is the worship of anything other than the Lord. When we prioritize anything ahead of God in our life we have an idol weather it is visible or invisible, tangible or intangible.

The first two commandments in the Ten Commandments address idolatry because idolatry is the enemy of freedom. The first commandment prohibits mental idolatry, Deut 5:6-7; the second prohibits overt idolatry, Deut 5:8-10.

Idolatry begins in the mind before there is overt idolatry, Jude 2:10-13; Ezek 14:7.

Scar tissue of the soul and cosmic involvement precedes the actual practice of idolatry, Rom 1:18-25.

Idolatry is often called spiritual adultery because it is unfaithfulness to the Lord, Jer 3:8-10; Ezek 16:23-46, Ezek 23:24-30; Rev 17:1-5.

Idolatry becomes the basis for contacting demons, and coming under demon influence or demon possession, Zech 10:2. In the Church Age the believer cannot be demon possessed but he can be under demon influence through false doctrine.

Idolatry is called the devil's communion table in 1Cor 10:19-21;

Idolatry motivates the entire realm of sexual sins. Therefore, idolatry is related to the phallic cult, Ezek 22:3-18, Ezek 23:37-39;

The phallic cult includes immorality of all kinds, Lev 18:3-25, including fornication, cultic prostitution, homosexuality, and demonism, Lev 20:6.

The phallic cult includes the rejection of establishment authority resulting in no freedom, no privacy and private property and no life.

The phallic cult results in spiritual, social, and cultural degeneracy, Lev 20:10-23.

Idolatry and the phallic cult are responsible for the downtrend of client nation Israel; Isa 2:8, 18-20, Isa 21:9, Isa 36:18-20; Isa 37:12-19; Jer 3:6-11, Jer 2:27-30, Jer 7:17-20, Jer 17:1-4; Ezek 6:4-6.

If your relationship with anyone or anything is more important than your relationship with Jesus Christ you have an Idol. An idol is anything you place before your relationship with God and his Word.

Anytime your race, nationality, or culture become and issue for you have an idol. Anytime your gender or "sexual preference" or sexual behavior are and issue, you have an idol and may be involved in the phallic cult.

Based on this I would say that our nation is filled with idolatry and the phallic cult even though almost nobody recognizes it for what it is. Because of this our nation is under demonic assault in ways we could have never imagined and our nation as we know it is about to be destroyed.

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