Class Notes: 12/1/2013

Mark 7:23; Doctrine of the old sin nature part 6

In our study of Mark we are in Mark 7:23; where Jesus explained to his disciples that a person is defiled by what comes out of their thinking not from what they eat or weather their hands are washed before they eat.

Jesus was focusing on reality rather than ritual because it is spiritual death and the OSN that predisposes everyone to perform sin and evil and that is the real problem that mankind faces. So we took up a study on the doctrine of the OSN.

In that study last time we had concluded a discussion on God's solution for sins that is based entirely on Jesus' work on the cross. The solution to pre-salvation sins is to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved. God's remedy for post-salvation sins is found in Psa 66:18-19a; 1John 1:9; and 1Cor 11:31;

Psa 66:18-19a; If I regard wickedness in my heart the Lord will not hear. But certainly God has heard...

1 John 1:9, "If we acknowledge (admit, cite, name) our sins, He (God the Father) is faithful and just (righteous) with the result that He forgives us our sins (post-salvation sins of cognizance), and cleanse (purifies) us from all unrighteousness (post-salvation sins of ignorance)."

The substitution of self-judgment for divine discipline is the subject of 1Cor 11:31. "If we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged." Self-judgment is equivalent to the confession of sins.

So forgiveness and restoration to fellowship as well as the subsequent filling of the Holy Spirit and reentrance into God's spiritual power system is based on the fact that the sins have already been judged in Jesus Christ on the cross.

This self-evaluation takes care of sins it simply means to stop deceiving yourself and come clean with God by acknowledging any known sin, because you have absolute confidence from His Word that He has already judged your sins and therefore He will always forgive you. Heb 4:16;

This is the only way we can get out of satan's cosmic system with it's OSN control of the soul that produces human good and evil and get back into God's power system where God the Holy Spirit, controls the soul through the human spirit resulting in divine good being produced.

The mandates for spirituality include the following passages:

1Thes 5:19; "Stop quenching the Spirit" and Eph 4:30; " Stop grieving the Holy Spirit" are mandates for the believer to exit the function of OSN control of the soul

Eph 5:18b; " Keep on being filled by means of the Spirit." This refers to the Holy Spirit controlling the soul.

Gal 5:16; " Keep on walking by means of the Spirit and you will not perform the desire of the OSN" Refers to life and function inside God's spiritual power system.

God solves the problems created by the old sin nature through the use of condemnation or judgment. All sins were judged at the cross and all human good works and evil are judged at the Last Judgment.

Phase one of this was the Divine judgment that occurred at the cross where all sins ever committed were called from the Divine decree and imputed to Christ and judged in Him by the justice of God the Father.

This was the first and most important judgment of the old sin nature and is the basis of our salvation that we obtained through personal faith in Jesus Christ. This was the rescinding of the power and rulership of the old sin nature, 1Pet 2:24; 2Cor 5:19;

However, under the law of volitional responsibility, our sins still have consequences even though they were judged at the cross because they were produced by our choice to sin. Decisions have consequences and this is why much of our suffering in time is self-induced.

Phase 2 is where we choose to judge ourselves as we live our lives in time, 1John 1:9; 1Cor 11:31;

God also judges human good and evil periodically throughout human history through the four generation curse Exod 20:5; and the cycles of discipline otherwise mankind would destroy himself and history could not continue. It appears that we may be in one of those periods at this time.

In part one of phase 3 the human good and evil of the believer is judged at the Judgment Seat of Christ immediately after the exit resurrection, 1Cor 3:12-16. The "Wood, hay and straw" that are burned up refer to the entire amount of human good that the believer performed during their life in time while under control of the OSN.

There will be no old sin nature in the resurrection of the Church. Phil 3:21; "Who (Lord) will change the body of our humiliation (old sin nature) into conformity with the body of His glory (resurrection body of Jesus Christ) on the basis of the operational power from which He Himself is able to subordinate all things to Himself."

1John 3:2b"... We know that when He appears we will be like Him because we will se Him just as He is.

However OSN control of the soul and the production of human good and evil continues on the earth within unglorified humanity throughout the Millennium, as shown by the Gog and Magog Revolution. Rev 20:7-9;

Ultimately evil must be met and completely destroyed in the spiritual realm. Rev 20:10-11;

In part two of phase 3 at the Great White Throne Judgment this final defeat occurs, Rev 20:12-15; all unbelievers are resurrected and brought before the Lord Jesus Christ whom they have rejected.

Since their sins have already been judged at the cross their sins are not mentioned. Instead, the unbeliever's human good that was recorded in the book of good works is evaluated.

Since it was all produced under the control of the OSN it can only be negative righteousness, that is not sufficient to have fellowship with God's perfect righteousness, so all unbelievers are thrown into the lake of fire.

For believers, at the moment of their salvation adjustment to the justice of God by faith in Christ alone, God's justice imputes God's righteousness to the believer, setting up the grace pipeline for blessing from God's justice.

God's justice is at the source perfect righteousness imputed to the believer is the target. This pipeline is encapsulated by God's integrity.

Righteousness demands righteousness; justice demands justice; what the righteousness of God demands, the justice of God executes.

At salvation, perfect righteousness demands the thirty- nine other factors to come through the grace pipeline. From salvation to maturity, perfect righteousness demands logistical blessing to sustain us.

As the believer advances perfect righteousness demands additional grace blessings James 4:6a; this is because just as justice has a policy for condemnation, justice must also have a policy for blessing.

The policy is grace. Remember grace is unmerited blessing that is related to capacity from faith (doctrine).

At the moment of salvation, the baptism of the Spirit that cancels the ruling power of the old sin nature over human life also occurs. This is a positional cancellation that provides the basis for experiential cancellation that we must choose for in phase two.

The filling by means of the Spirit plus capacity from doctrine equals the encapsulated environment. The baptism of the Holy Spirit produces retroactive positional truth and current positional truth.

Retroactive positional truth identifies us with Jesus Christ in His spiritual death, physical death and burial. In spiritual death, Christ also rejected human good and evil while accepting the imputation of all personal sins and their judgment.

In this retroactive identification, we have also positionally rejected human good and evil. In His physical death, Christ was totally separated from good and evil; therefore we are from good and evil positionally

In His burial, He was divorced from good and evil; so we are likewise divorced from good and evil positionally. Capacity always equals doctrine in the soul. The encapsulated environment has greater power than the perfect environment of the Garden of Eden even though it is functioning in the evil of the devil's world. 1John 4:4;

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