Class Notes: 12/4/2013

Mark 7:23; Doctrine of the old sin nature part 7

In our study of Mark we are in Mark 7:23; where Jesus explained to his disciples that a person is defiled by what comes out of their thinking not from what they eat or weather their hands are washed before they eat.

Jesus was focusing on reality rather than ritual because it is spiritual death and the OSN that predisposes everyone to perform sin, human good and evil and that is the real problem that mankind faces. So we took up a study on the doctrine of the OSN.

When we stopped last time we were looking at the how the baptism of the Holy Spirit that produces retroactive and current positional truth. The filling by means of the Spirit plus capacity from doctrine establishes the encapsulated environment for the conveyance of God's grace to every believer at the moment of salvation.

Retroactive positional truth identifies us with Jesus Christ in His spiritual death, physical death and burial. In spiritual death, Christ also rejected human good and evil while accepting the imputation of all personal sins and their judgment.

In this retroactive identification, we have also positionally rejected human good and evil. In His physical death, Christ was totally separated from human good and evil; therefore we are positionally separated from human good and evil.

In His burial, He was divorced from good and evil; so we are likewise divorced from human good and evil in a positional sense. Capacity always equals doctrine in the soul. The encapsulated environment has greater power than the perfect environment of the Garden of Eden even though it is functioning in the evil of the devil's world. 1John 4:4;

This is because God encapsulates that channel that he uses to convey blessings to us in time into an environment that He controls exclusively so the blessings are conveyed regardless of the historical trends in the devil's world during our lifetime on the earth.

Because the policy of Satan is good and evil and the function of the old sin nature is good and evil, the old sin nature and Satan cooperate as long as good and evil are being produced. Satan uses human good in his attempt to establish the Millennium before Jesus returns.

We see from this that the progressives who are running things today are simply tools for the establishment of Satan's agenda on the earth.

The baptism of the Holy Spirit at salvation establishes retroactive positional truth that is positional separation as well as rejection and divorcement from the old sin nature that comes from physical birth in Adam.

Retroactive positional truth establishes the basis for our experiential rejection and victory over the old sin nature with its trends toward sin, human good, and evil.

This rescinds the sovereignty of the old sin nature over human life. It also provides "life with God" on this earth, Rom 6:11;

The old sin nature, however, continues to reside in the cell structure of the biological body of corruption, and is still transmitted by the male in conception so every newborn baby is born with human life in the status of spiritual death.

The old sin nature is still there, because these same cells are part of the biological body and therefore it remains resident in your biological life so as long as you are alive in this biological body of corruption.

This is why no believer can ever completely stop sinning while they are living on this earth in unglorified bodies., 1John 1:8;

But the trends toward sin, human good and evil, while still in your body, are at least positionally broken. So at salvation, we enter God's spiritual power system, but the old sin nature is not changed or eradicated. However as we advance in God's system we do have more and more spiritual power to reject the old sin nature's temptations.

While the power and authority of the old sin nature over human life is positionally destroyed by our union with Christ as described in Rom 6 and experientially destroyed by the mind of Christ as described in Rom 7, Adam's trends still function in the life of the mortal believer.

The contradiction between the positional destruction of the old sin nature's power at salvation through the baptism of the Holy Spirit, Rom 6) and the frustration of still following the trends of the old sin nature is the subject of Rom 7, especially Rom 7:15;

The continued function of the old sin nature after salvation in spite of retroactive positional truth indicates the necessity for the spiritual power provided by the filling of God the Holy Spirit who uses Bible doctrine resident in the soul to experientially overcome the old sin nature.

Bible doctrine plus the filling ministry of God the Holy Spirit is experiential sanctification.

The pattern for the believer's carnality or sinfulness depends upon how much time is spent in Satan's cosmic system rather than in God's spiritual power system. This is why, the believer has been given the opportunity of instantaneous recovery from OSN control of the soul through adjustment to the justice of God by simply acknowledging any known sin. 1John 1:9;

This is how the believer can exercise the option of being alive to God, Rom 6:11; We do not confess human good and evil because they have not yet been judged.

Entry into God's spiritual power system completely neutralizes the sin nature's functions of sin, human good and evil. Believers can only implement the protocol or power plan of God for the Church Age when they are functional within God's spiritual power system.

Self-evaluation or acknowledgment of sin is necessary because of sins committed after salvation. Therefore, sin is not the major problem after salvation. The major problem is the function of good and evil. These go unrestrained if there is no Bible doctrine in the soul as a restrainer, Rom 7:14; 1John 1:8b;

The patterns of sinfulness in the life of believers include frequent sinning from life in the cosmic system. Occasional sinning that involves spending more time in God's system than in the cosmic system, that is accomplished through consistent adjustment to the justice of God and the renovation of the thinking with Bible Doctrine.

And sporadic sinning that is enabled by momentum from function in God's spiritual power system resulting in the believer's advance into spiritual adulthood with it's cognitive self-confidence, cognitive independence and cognitive invincibility that enables the believer to minimize their personal sinning.

However no believer ever completely eradicates sin from their lives. 1John 1:8; "If we allege that we have no sin nature, we are deceiving ourselves and the doctrine is not in us." 1 John 1:10; "If we allege that we have not sinned, we make Him a liar and doctrine is not in us."

Inside God's power system is virtue where there can be no sin. 1John 5:18; All decisions for sin, human good and evil are made when the believer is outside of God's spiritual power system.

Some concluding principles: God is perfect. He cannot sin and He cannot tempt to sin and/or solicit to sin. This means that God created man perfect so the God did not create the old sin nature.

Sin in the human race originated through the negative volition of Adam. Satan, the original sinner and the creator of sin, tempted the woman. Satan, the original sinner, presented the original solicitation to commit evil to her.

The woman tempted the man after her Fall and Adam, from his own volition, knowing what he was doing manufactured the old sin nature by rejecting God's authority, and violating God's prohibition.

The moment Adam sinned, he created the old sin nature that instantly contaminated his entire biological body making it a body of corruption. Because the man sinned from cognizance, he became the transmitter of the old sin nature.

Since he was the ruler of the world at the time he was also responsible.

Adam through his negative volition became the source of sin in the human race and Adam propagated the old sin nature through biological conception. 1Tim 2:14; 1Cor 15:22a;

This explains how both original parents were under condemnation of spiritual death. Both were guilty. But the old sin nature is transmitted from the man because his sin was a sin of cognizance while the woman's sin was one of ignorance.

The twenty-three male chromosomes that fertilize the female ovum carry the old sin nature. Ps 51:5-6, "born in iniquity" refers to the imputation of Adam's original sin to the old sin nature at birth, resulting in human life with spiritual death.

At conception, the twenty-three male chromosomes fertilize the female ovum and thereby transmit the old sin nature and spiritual death from generation to generation. 1Pet 1:23a;

The trends of each individual old sin nature are different, just as genes combine to form different physical features, different personalities, tendencies, abilities and attitudes.

Psa 58:3 says certain people are born with the tendency to lie while others cultivate it for self-preservation. This means that different people have different self-destructive tendencies derived from their own unique OSN.

Psa 58:3; says we are all "gone astray out from the womb." We are born with personal weaknesses. It is the genetic home of the old sin nature that produces our weaknesses.

This is what is meant by the theological doctrine of "total depravity". Isa 53:6; "All we like sheep have gone astray." Each of us is different in old sin nature variations and trends. This principle is restated in Rom 3:10-18;

The sin nature is a source of temptation, but human volition is the source of sin. The old sin nature tempts the believer to perform: sin, human good and evil but it cannot succeed apart from the volitional choice to comply.

The volition guards the gate of the soul from the old sin nature's temptations so no one ever sins apart from his own consent or the function of this own volition.

Whether sins of cognizance of sins of ignorance, the volition of the soul is involved in every sins. This means that ignorance is not an excuse.

When the old sin nature's temptations become sin through human consent, the old sin nature not only controls the soul, but the believer resides in Satan's cosmic system. This means that the old sin nature is Satan's inside agent for his recruiting of slaves into his cosmic system.

The believer is only pure and free from sin when residing inside God's spiritual power system and that status quo can only be changed by his free will choice to leave it through personal sin.

Morality without virtue in the cosmic system is hypocrisy. Morality without integrity is like life without feeling. The only place of real virtue and integrity is inside God's system Morality in the cosmic system produces sin, human good and evil.

A principle that comes from this that we must remember is that if the unbeliever can do it it's not the spiritual life. This means that the spiritual life only involves reality in the thinking. There is no overt ritual in true spirituality.

This is because the production of the old sin nature cannot and does not please God, Rom 8:8; Neither sins, acts of human good, nor the function of evil are in any way related to God or the Christian life.

Ignorance of doctrine has led many believers to adopt the function of human good and evil and to misconstrue it as the spiritual life of the Christian. This is one of the great distortions of history and one of Satan's great victories because it causes Christians become tools for Satan to use in his cosmic agenda.

Too few believers understand that good and evil comes from the sin nature. Good and evil are running rampant in the devil's world because they were not judged at the cross.

With the exception of antinomians very few believers actually want to commit sin as a part of their Christian life but many believers are constantly assuming their human good and evil are part of the Christian life. They actually believe the lie that God rewards and blesses them because He is pleased with the human good and evil that is produced by their OSN.

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