Class Notes: 1/19/2014

Mark 8:32- Mark 8:33 Jesus rebukes Peter and the disciples for their do-gooder human viewpoint thinking

In our study of Mark last time we stopped in Mark 8:32b; where after the Lord started teaching about his inevitable death on the cross, Peter took Jesus aside and began to rebuke Him. Net note 48

Peter's reaction also reflected the other disciples thinking. It was a satanic attempt to divert Jesus from the Cross. They were all in on it Peter was just the ringleader just like Satan is the ringleader for the angels.

The basis of the rebuke is found in the parallel passage in Matt 16:22; And Peter took Jesus aside and began to rebuke (epitimao) Him, saying, "God forbid it, Lord! This shall never happen to You." Net note 30

Jesus had spoken with severity in issuing His gag order in Mark 8:30; using the verb "epitimao" "to warn in order to prevent an action; to rebuke; to exhort."

Peter uses the very same verb to contradict the Lord's instructions to him and his fellow disciples. Peter "rebuked Jesus" in order to prevent an action.

Previously in Mark 8:29; Peter had recognized Jesus as the Messiah and now he is rebuking Jesus when Jesus teaches the doctrine regarding the truth of what must happen to Messiah.

A principle that we must remember from Peter's very fleeting success is that if you are not stabilized in Bible doctrine you can't consistently make good decisions so any success won't last for very long. The obvious reason for Peter's failure is ignorance and rejection of God's Word.

Previously, Peter was the one who stood out from all the other disciples. It was Peter who said: "You are the Christ" The rest of the disciples were reticent but Peter made the very clear declaration regarding Jesus' identity but now Peter is rebuking Jesus.

So for about five minutes Peter was great. This tells us that there is no such thing as a believer who has a so-called victorious Christian life just because he does the right thing once in a while.

Even when a 12- hour clock is stopped it is still right twice a day. So being right once doesn't prove anything.

The principle is we have to learn and be able to recall Bible doctrine accurately because without the consistent recall of accurate Bible doctrine it is impossible to consistently make the correct application to life.

It is also a warning to all new believers. Just because you know a little doctrine doesn't mean that you can start telling the Lord or other people what to do.

A little doctrine becomes dangerous until it becomes more doctrine. A little doctrine is a foundation on which you can build more doctrine. It is not a status symbol so it should not be a source of arrogance it should simply be a motivation for the desire to acquire more doctrine.

Mark 8:33; When Jesus hears Peter' rebuke He immediately wheels around, looks at all of the disciples and then rebukes Peter.

He looked at all the disciples to discern if they were in agreement with Peter's sentiment. It is obvious He did not like what He saw so, the Lord rebuked Peter so that they could all hear it.

His rebuke is administered for the benefit of all and not just Peter because they all agreed with Peter but just like before Peter was the only one who had the guts to say it to Jesus.

Jesus must make it crystal clear that Peter's statement that the other disciples concur with is a Satanic position. Prevention of the crucifixion is satanically inspired. Peter and the other disciples must be made completely aware of this.

The word translated "rebuke" is "epitimao" the same Greek word that was previously used that means "to warn in order to prevent an action; to rebuke; to exhort." This is third usage of this word in a few verses.

Peter is motivated by emotion and human viewpoint and is under the inspiration of satanic influence.

The same thing happened to Judas Iscariot. Peter recovered but Judas didn't. It makes one wonder if Peter's rebuke of Jesus affirmed Judas' thinking that ultimately resulted in Judas' betrayal of Jesus.

Jesus discerned that all twelve were still expecting the continuation of the earthly kingdom of Plan A and so they were in agreement with Peter in renouncing the Lord's just completed revelation regarding the cross and the delay of Plan B. The Lord is very severe with Peter but His rebuke is intended for all twelve of the disciples.

The seriousness of their failure to accept the message is reflected in the severity of the rebuke, "Get behind Me, Satan!"

Jesus called Peter "Satan" because the absence of doctrine in the thinking that results in ignorance of God's plan causes the believer to represent the Satanic viewpoint. The Satanic viewpoint is generally human good. Human good rejects the cross, and Satan is the one who suggests the production of human good without regeneration.

This is why so many believers advocate human viewpoint solutions to man's problems. It is also why so many preachers emphasize the social gospel rather than the Bible gospel.

The issue is good versus good. Human good versus Divine good. Satan is the author of human good and human good is the basis of fulfilling his personal ambition of creating a perfect environment for man forever. The problem is that a perfect environment for man forever can only be created by Divine good.

The progressives with their idealistic irrational thinking believe that if man can improve his environment all of man's problems can be solved but the Word of God says that under present conditions where Satan is the ruler of this world, the solution to man's problems is not an improved environment or even a perfect environment it is regeneration and Bible Doctrine.

This is the reason that so many sincere do-gooders aid Satan's cause obscure the true issue of the cross and reject they he only solution to man's problems ... Faith Alone in Christ alone and accurate Bible Doctrine.

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