Class Notes: 3/26/2014

Mark 9:42-50; Jesus warnings to his disciples, His description of "Hell"; and His mandate to have doctrine and peace with each other

In our study of Mark we are in Mark 9:42 where Jesus warns his disciples regarding their attitude toward children and new believers and from this took up a study of how those who propagandize and deceive children or new believers become targets of God's discipline.

One of the lies that the progressives are deceiving children regarding is the theory of evolution and the lies associated with it including climate change or global warming.

We saw that the science of cosmology teaches that pre-Big Bang information cannot be known because events preceding the appearance of matter and space cannot be studied.

As the theories of the early universe reach back to the beginning, they describe a condition in which all the matter is pressed into a space of zero size and infinite density.

Infinity cannot be dealt with quantitatively and so cosmologists cannot describe the conditions of our absolute origin in real terms. If we relate to real world dimensions, that zero point of time, "the beginning", is beyond the grasp of mathematics and physics.

Because creation ex nihilo (out of nothing) cannot be learned from simple observations of nature, both Plato and Aristotle believed that the matter of the universe must be eternal.

The founders of the Judeo-Christian theology considered that "nothing" was quite sufficient to provide the start of our universe because the Bible reveals that God created it from the invisible. Heb 11:3; Col 1:15-17;

We see from this that that even the scientists, whether they are willing to admit it or not, express faith to reach their conclusions regarding creation and evolution. This is religion. So belief in evolution is simply believing in an anti-theistic religion.

Man is capable of being taught by means of three systems of learning:

(1) Empiricism, the practice of relying on observation and experiment especially in the natural sciences.

(2) Rationalism, a theory that reason is in itself a source of knowledge superior to and independent of sense perceptions, and

(3) Faith, a non-meritorious system of perception based on confidence and trust in the authority and veracity of God.

With regard to faith, the cosmologist believes that the Big Bang was the beginning, since to go back one additional and ask what caused the Big Bang would force him to move from empiricism into faith.

This demonstrates the hypocrisy and deceit of the progressives lies because they have denied those with biblical faith the opportunity to participate in the cosmological discussion even though their theories cannot be proven and therefore must be accepted by faith.

Another interesting conundrum the progressive cosmologist hypocrites face is that their system assumes a principle known as "uniformitarianism" that asserts that physical processes acting at present rates are sufficient to account for all geological and astrological formations or simply, "the present is the key to the past " except of course "The Big Bang"

The biblical view of the universe reveals the concept of catastrophism, the position that certain geological events on earth and astrological events within the universe have been brought about suddenly throughout history by physical forces operating in ways that contradict the scientists' "constant" of uniformitarianism.

Peter, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, expresses catastrophism as a periodic biblical "constant."

2Peter 3:3; Know this first of all, that in the last days mockers will come with their scoffing, with restlessness caused by their own approbation and power lusts,

v4 and will keep on asking, "Where is the promise of His coming? For ever since the fathers ( Old Testament prophets) fell asleep all things continue unchanged as they were from the beginning of creation (uniformitarianism)."

2Peter 3:5; For this the scoffers habitually desire based on their emotions to keep on ignoring that by the Word of God the heavens existed from of old and the earth was formed out of water ( original distribution of water at the creation to underground storage ) and by water ( the universal flood ),

v 6 through which the world at that time was destroyed being flooded by means of this water.

v7 But the present ( post-diluvian ) heavens and earth by His same Word are now being reserved for fire ( destruction of the heavens and the earth at the end of the Millennium ), kept for the day of judgment ( Great White Throne ) and destruction ( lake of fire ), of ungodly men.

Progressive cosmologists have labored to explain the origins of the universe and are constantly speculating about this. One of the major reasons for their expeditions into space is "to discover secrets of the origin of the universe" or "to discover the possibility of life beyond the earth."

These are all rhetorical veils. The not-so-hidden agenda is to validate their human-viewpoint theories that assert that the universe and human life evolved through "natural laws" over the course of exceedingly long periods of time.

However even though their theory is clearly a lie it is taught to children as if it was true.

The implication to children is that there is no Creator, that life just "happened" by random chance through "natural laws" and we are just mass in motion, that there is nothing beyond this universe, for example eternal life, and opinions to the contrary are simply the mythology of religion.

The so-called scientific laws that are being taught in the field of "creation science" are the result of the deluded choosing to believe human viewpoint because they have rejected the truth. Rom 1:21-22;

It all boils down to disinformation and deceit that has consistently been taught from grade school through university for over fifty years.

The damage done is to convey the idea that there is no Creator, all life emerges by chance through natural selection, and there is no life beyond the grave.

The idea of accountability to the creator who is the supreme being is lost. Also lost is the realization that His management of history includes catastrophic events and ultimately ends with the destruction of this universe after which there will be judgment upon those who as a result of believing satan's lie have persisted in rejecting Jesus Christ as savior.

Teaching these lies to children is child abuse and falls under Jesus warning in Mark 9:42; Those who teach these lies to children are subject to the judgment of the heavy millstone committee in the supreme court of heaven.

He then goes on in the next five verses to warn the disciples not to become "skandalised" or entrapped themselves. Taken literally these verses could be seen as hyperbole but when we understand the metaphors it makes sense.

Mark 9:43; If your hand causes you to be ensnared cut it off.... The Greek word translated "hand" is "cheir" in the Greek it doesn't only refer to the hand itself but it also refers to what is done with the hand.

We work with our hands so when Jesus says it is better to cut off the hand if it causes you to be ensnared that is literally true but He is also referring to becoming ensnared in work or activities that keep us from believing in Jesus Christ that is the most important thing that anyone will ever do in life.

"It is better to enter into the spiritual life crippled... The Greek word for life here is "zoe" that refers to the spiritual life. Rom 8:6;

"Zoe" refers to the spiritual life that we have with God in association with Christ John 14:6; Spiritual life is only available by believing in Jesus Christ. John 11:25-56;

He is saying that it is better to enter into the spiritual life crippled or disabled rather than having both hands go to Gehenna into the inextinguishable fire.

The Greek word translated "enter" is "eiserchomai" that means to "enter into a condition of" or "to come into" ... "it is better to come into life crippled"

"Gehenna" is the Greek word that is translated "hell" in the NASB. Net note 55;

The Greek word geenna ("Gehenna," translated. "hell") is transliterated from two Hebrew words meaning "Valley of Hinnom," it was a place south of Jerusalem where children were once sacrificed to the pagan god Molech (2Chron. 28:3; 2Chron 33:6; Jer 7:31; Jer 19:5-6; Jer 32:35).

During the reforms of Josiah (2Kings 23:10;) the site became Jerusalem's refuse dump where fires burned continually to consume regular deposits of worm-infested garbage. In Jewish thought the imagery of fire and worms vividly portrayed the place of future eternal punishment for the wicked.

The word translated unquenchable in the NASB is "asbestos" and means a fire that cannot be put out so it never stops burning.

Jesus is using unquenchable fire to describe the lake of fire that is the final destination and the eternal abode of the fallen angels and all unbelievers in the human race. Matt 25:41;

All unbelievers who die in unbelief will occupy the lake of fire forever because they rejected Christ as their savior during their lifetime on this earth. John 3:18.

So Jesus is warning them to stop doing anything that would prevent them from believing in Him.

Mark 9:44; is not in the original. NASB note 1; Net note 56

Mark 9:45; If your foot causes you to be ensnared cut it off... The Greek word translated "foot" is "pous" that in addition to the literal foot is used to refer to one's way of life.

In addition to the literal application the more likely application is that if your way of life or lifestyle causes you to be ensnared such that you do not believe in Me then you need to cut off or terminate your way of life and change your lifestyle because it is better to change your lifestyle and enter into the spiritual life or enter into spiritual life lame than to be cast into gehenna with two feet.

Mark 9:46 is not in the original NASB note 1; Net note 56

Mark 9:47; If your eye causes you to be ensnared... The Greek word translated "eye" is "opththalmos" In addition to literal seeing the eye is used for perception. Luke 11:34; Mark 8:18; 1John 2:16;

He is telling them that if the way they see things prevents them from believing in Him they need to pluck it out because it is better to enter the Kingdom of God with one eye than having two eyes be cast into gehenna.

The common thread between all three of these warnings is arrogance. Jesus was warning the disciples because at the start of the discussion they had been arguing about which one of them would be the greatest in the kingdom.

He is warning them to be careful and that if anything causes them to become ensnared to cut it off and get rid of it because the unintended consequence of failure to believe in Jesus Christ that is described in the next verse is so severe.

Mark 9:48; is a quote from the Isa 66:24; quoted from the LXX. The Greek word translated "worm" is "skolex" is used to describe a worm that feeds on dead bodies.

The Greek word translated "dies" and the Greek word translated "quenched" are in the present linear tense and passive voice indicating that the unending action comes from an eternal unending external source (God).

This describes the unending, conscious punishment that awaits everyone who refuses to believe in Jesus Christ and receive God's salvation. John 3:36;

Jesus describes the essence of the lake of fire as an unending torment of decomposition while being eaten by worms and at the same time being burned by a fire that is never extinguished along with eternal exclusion from God's presence.

Mark 9:49; All will be salted with fire. In this verse Jesus connects the seasoning, preserving and enduring qualities of salt with the testing, purifying and judgment functions of fire.

The Greek word translated "everyone" in the NASB is "pas" that means "all" or "everyone"

Salt is the Greek word "halas" Salt was a component in the incense that was burned in the tabernacle. Exod 30:35; It served as a preservative for the ingredients in the offerings and was a reference God's preservation because of His contract with His people Lev 2:13; Num 18:19; 2Chron 13:5; Mark 13:31;

Fire is the Greek word "pur" it is used to describe the process of testing and purification 1Pet 1:7; and judgment 1Cor 3:13-15; Rev 20:14-15;

Salt represents God's word and his integrity and the fire represents the testing of the believer's faith application of God's word. When the believer is "salted with fire" their doctrine is tested and everything that is spurious is purged away.

When the unbeliever who has no doctrine is "salted with fire" they are judged and condemned.

Mark 9:50; Again salt refers to doctrine. Like doctrine, salt only becomes "saltless" when it is diluted or mixed with other things to the point where it's properties are no longer distinguishable. Believers become doctrineless in the same way.

Once the salt is saltless or diluted how will you make it salty again? He does not offer the answer, but the only way to make it salty again is to add more salt or burn off or evaporate the mixture to the point where the salt content again becomes evident.

It's the same with doctrine. The only way to make doctrine evident once it has become diluted is to add more doctrine or for God to burn off the human viewpoint garbage it has been diluted with using divine discipline.

He concludes the verse with the dual mandates to "have salt in yourselves and be at peace with each other.

The Greek word translated "have" is the second person plural present active imperative of "echo" that is a mandate to keep on having.

The Greek word translated "be at peace" is the second person plural present active imperative of "eirene" that is a mandate to keep on having tranquility of soul.

Occupation with Jesus Christ through his Word is the only means of tranquility. Isa 26:3; This is the peace that only Jesus can provide. John 14:27;

This brings us to a brief discussion on the doctrine of the way of peace.

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