Class Notes: 5/4/2014

Mark 10:22; The doctrine of the poor part 1

In our study of Mark last time we left off in Mark 10:22; where Jesus told the legalistic religious rich man who said he kept the law to sell everything he had give it to the poor and follow him.

We noted that this was call to faith as well as a unique calling to be a disciple of Jesus during His incarnation that would become the basis for being an apostle in the Church Age.

This was therefore a unique mandate that was based on the unique calling that was being presented because it is not a normal expectation for believers to liquidate their assets, give it to the poor in order to follow Jesus.

This brings us to a discussion of the doctrine of the poor. God's Word tells us that until the millennial reign of Jesus Christ, there will always be poverty on the earth.

Jesus said that we'll always have the poor, Matt 26:11; John 12:8; Mark 14:7; "There will always be poor with you."

This means that no matter what government, or masses of people give to help others it cannot solve poverty so there will always be war and poverty on the earth throughout the Church Age and the Tribulation.

The reason for this is the chaos that exists in the devil's world and the consequences of bad decisions that people make from a position of weakness in the devil's world. Hosea 8:7;

These bad decisions are made because of the failure to apply accurate doctrinal knowledge to one's circumstances. Compare Hosea 4:6; with John 8:31-32;

This includes the failure to comply with God's mandate to subdue the earth for the purpose of benefiting mankind. Gen 1:28; Net note 58

While chronic poverty is generally the result of bad decisions that come from the lack of doctrinal knowledge some poverty that is generally more transient is the result of the adversity that results simply from living in the devil's world.

God permits poverty for the purpose of spiritual advance through the application of His word in the pressure of suffering for the purpose of blessing. Phil 4:12;

No merit is ever given to the assumption of poverty in fact the establishment principles revealed in the Mosaic Law provided every precaution and remedy to prevent chronic poverty.

God established special provisions to minimize poverty in the Mosaic Law.

If the US government really wanted to fix the economy and promote economic freedom this is what would be done instead of bailing out the large banks and corporations but they won't do this because socialist Marxist progressive fascists really don't care about the poor they just say they do in order to advance their hidden agenda.

Progressives only want to brainwash the poor into believing they care in order to enslave them by making them dependent on them so they can maintain their power by getting their votes. The progressives policies however always create chronic poverty because they violate God's' word.

The Mosaic Law mandated that every third year a special tithe or 10% tax was given to the Levites, the sojourners, fatherless, and widows, that The Lord God might bless them, Deut 14:28, 29; Deut 26:12;

The poor were to have the free use of all that grew spontaneously in the field or vineyard during the Sabbatical year, Ex 23:10; Lev 25:5-6;

Each year the gleanings and the corners of the field and vineyard were to be left in the field for the poor. If a sheaf was forgotten, it was to be left for the poor. Lev 19:9-10; Lev 23:22; Deut 24:19; Ruth 2:2-3; Ruth 2:15-17;

Fruit and ripe grain could be eaten by hungry people in the field, but none could carried away, Deut 23:24-25; Jesus' disciples took advantage of this. Mark 2:23;

The poor were to participate in the Feast of Weeks (Pentecost) , Deut 16:9-12.;

Every seventh year there was to be a release of all debt, Deut 15:1; Bond-slaves were freed, Ex 21:2; This also occurred in the Jubilee year that came every 50 years. In addition, in the Jubilee year any land that had been sold was returned to the family of its original owners, Lev 25:8-17;

The Israelites were command to readily lend to the poor; and no interest was to be charged if they were a fellow Israelite. Exod 22:25; Lev 25:35-37; Deut 15:7.

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