Class Notes: 7/2/2014

Mark 10:39; The doctrine of retroactive positional truth part 3

In our study of Mark we are in Mark 10:39; and we are explaining how James and John will participate with Jesus' baptism and cup through a study of the doctrine of retroactive positional truth.

The retroactive positional truth that occurs at salvation for every believer positionally separates them from human good and evil so that Satan's rule over them and the sovereignty of the old sin nature are terminated positionally.

When retroactive positional truth is coupled with current positional truth it becomes the basis for the rescinding of the sovereignty of the old sin nature that rules human life in spiritual death.

At the same time, the baptism of the Holy Spirit that is the mechanics for retroactive positional truth and current positional truth establishes the sovereignty of the Jesus Christ as Lord in the life of the believer.

Retroactive positional truth is the basis for believers being blessed from the justice of God, Rom 5:12-17;

At the same time when the baptism of the Spirit that results in retroactive positional truth is combined with Bible Doctrine that parlays positional reality into experiential reality an encapsulated environment is created for the believer within the devil's world.

This encapsulated environment is the grace pipeline where God's perfect righteousness targets our perfect imputed positional righteousness and as we advance our capacity righteousness that comes from the PMA of His Word.

It is a grace environment that God provides for the enjoyment of our blessings in time, regardless of weather the trends of history are up or down. God provides us with complete security inside the encapsulated environment to enjoy His blessings regardless of the historical situation on the earth in the devil's world.

This is an even better situation than existed in the paradise of the Garden of Eden, where God's blessings could be and were eventually lost when Adam and the woman sinned.

We must always remember that blessings from God are based on our position not on our production. Divine Good production is based exclusively on position. Position 1 is being in Christ. Position 2 is being in fellowship. As long as you are in fellowship you do not sin. 1John 5:18;

Retroactive positional truth is part of the believer's completeness in Christ, Col 2:9-12;

The believer is positionally separated from good and evil through retroactive positional truth. Retroactive positional truth is also rejection of good and evil as the function of the old sin nature.

Through current positional truth the believer is positionally higher than angels. In your position you are always perfect. The challenge we face is to bring our experience into alignment of our position. This only occurs when we have persistent positive volition in our PMA of God's Word.

The believer's completeness in Christ has broken the power of Satan and the old sin nature. 1John 5:19;

Believers are to be focused on their position in retroactive positional truth, Col 3:1-4; You are to concentrate on your perfect position in Christ. Retroactive positional truth is designed to enable you to think objectively rather than subjectively because it removes all condemnation. Rom 8:1;

This means that if you are feeling guilty your experience is out of line with your position and you need to confess the sin of guilt to God.

Retroactive positional truth breaks the power of the old sin nature as the ruler of human life, Rom 6:1-5; We have rejected, been separated from and divorced from the old sin nature.

It therefore no longer has any authority over us even though we may chose to obey it when we have negative volition towards God the Holy Spirit. (1Thes 5:19; Eph 4:30;)

Rom 6:5; "If you have become intimately united to the likeness of His death (first class condition and you have)..."

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