Class Notes: 7/23/2014

Mark 11:22- Mark 11:26 Answered prayer is the product of Faith Rest and the recall of Doctrine

In our study of Mark we are in Mark 11:22; where because of the dried up fig tree Jesus explains the power of Faith Rest to His disciples.

Faith Rest or trust in God is when believers recall, believe and rest confidently in God's Word because we understand and believe that it is absolute truth. John 17:17;

Remember God's Words are immutable. Mark 13:31; This is because God's Words are a readout of the contents of the divine decree so when we trust in God we are trusting in His immutable essence that is the same yesterday, today and forever. Heb 13:8;

Mark 11:23; Truly I say to you that whoever may command this mountain (the Mount of Olives) to be lifted up and be thrown into the sea (the Dead Sea visible from where He is standing on the Mount of Olives) and does not doubt in his heart but trusts in what He (God) says is going to happen it will be granted him (by God).

We see here that there are two conditions. First there is the condition that there be no doubt in the believer's thinking and second the believer must be asking for something that God has revealed that He will do from His Word that is in the Divine Decree no matter how impossible it may appear to be.

The mountain also represents the magnitude of the problem that God will resolve for the believer when the unwavering request is made in the right way at the right time. There is no limit as long as it is in God's Word.

The context for the Mount of Olives being cast into the Dead Sea is actually in the Divine Decree and recorded in God's Word and it will occur during the tribulation to provide and escape from the converging armies for the Jewish remnant in Judea at that time. Zech 14:4;

So for this to work the believer must not only know what God's Word says in order to know what to ask for and the believer must also know the proper context for the request and ask in the right way at the right time.

For example your prayer will not be answered if you pray that the Mount of Olives be cast into the Dead Sea during the Church Age because the timing is wrong.

This is not magic it is doctrine. It is the recall of and request to God for Him to do what He has recorded that He will do in His Word aka Faith Rest.

If God is going to answer the requests they must be the right requests ( according to Bible Doctrine) made for the right reason (to Glorify God) in the right way (under the ministry of God the Holy Spirit) at the right time (according to God's timing).

The faith-rest technique will be used in the Tribulation and at that time the mountain Jesus was standing on will actually be split in half and half of it will be cast into the Dead Sea.

This is the same faith-rest technique that we have right now but we don't talk to mountains, we recall doctrine and make our request to God through prayer.

Mark 11:24; Because of this I say to you everything (unlimited opportunity) that you pray and ask for (in the sphere of prayer), believe that you have already received it, (Faith Rest) and it will be yours. Heb 11:1;

Because the prayer request is in the Divine Decree Faith Rest considers it to be already done even though the actual fulfillment is still future because Faith Rest knows it has to be done and will be done in God's timing because it is in the Divine Decree and revealed in God's Word so it is absolute reality (truth). John 17:17;

Mark 11:25; And when you stand praying if (third class condition maybe you do maybe you don't) have something against someone forgive (present active imperative) in order that your Father in Heaven may forgive (aorist active subjunctive) you your sins.

Remember a right thing must be done in a right way for the right reason at the right time so in this verse Jesus tells us the right way to pray. When we pray we must first forgive others. Eph 4:32; under the principle of Psa 66:18;

Mark 11:26; is not in the original but the principle is valid Matt 6:15; The principle is, the believer's responsibility to adjust to the justice of God through confession (1John 1:9;) or self evaluation ( 1Cor 11:31;) that is based upon grace (Rom 5:8:)

Those who live by grace are the recipients of grace. James 4:6;

God's love is deployed through His grace policy and expressed in mercy and forgiveness. This is how He destroys death 1Cor 15:54-55; and its artifacts of self-righteous arrogance, legalism and religion that place mankind under the control of satan. Rom 6:23a; 1Cor 15:56;

This brings us to the doctrine of Faith Rest.

Faith-rest begins when the believer believes God when He makes promises and establishes principles and policy.

Everything that is learned from the Bible becomes the basis for Faith Rest. Faith-Rest is not only claiming God's promises, it includes claiming the doctrines and principles and at the same time, thinking from divine viewpoint.

The mechanics of faith-rest are found in Hebrews 4:1-3;. Faith-Rest is operational when we claim certain promises, apply certain doctrines, mix them with our faith and launch them into our environment.

Faith is the launcher and doctrine is the launching pad and the missile that is actually fired by means of faith.

The indwelling ministry of God the Holy Spirit is the basis for spirituality for the church but this was not the case in Old Testament times so faith-rest was the basic system for spirituality for Old Testament believers; Hab 2:4c; Romans 4:17-21; Heb 11:1-3;

Faith-rest produces a relaxed mental attitude and freedom from emotional mental attitude sins in the believer's soul.

Isa 26:3-4; literally says "A sustained purpose you will guard in perfect prosperity, because he trusts in You.

The believer who has doctrine resident in their soul and is advancing sustains the purpose and the will of God, and does so in perfect prosperity (peace or contentment of mind).

v4 "Trust in the Lord forever; for the Lord God is a rock of ages." The sustained purpose in this context is the daily function of growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ that produces the ammunition that can be fired toward the adversities of life from the stream of consciousness of the believer.

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