Class Notes: 7/30/2014

Mark 11:22-25; Faith Rest is entering into God's happiness. Doctrine of Faith Rest part 2

In our study of Mark we are in Mark 11:22-25; where Jesus explains to His disciples the principles for the function of faith-rest and based on this we have taken up a study of faith-rest.

When we stopped last time we were noting the idea that faith-rest is the problem-solving device used by believers in all dispensations and it is the shield of faith that extinguishes incoming missiles. Eph 6:16;

This means that it is a spiritual defense system that forms a shield like the Iron Dome or Patriot missile system.

Faith Rest is also the system that enables believers to learn God's Word. Col 2:6-7; As we received Jesus Christ (by grace through faith) so walk in Him (by grace through faith) We see from this that God's Word is learned when we perceive and believe God's Word.

Faith Rest is how the believer deploys the Word of God that is the power of God. 1Cor 2:3-5; Rom 1:16; 2Cor 5:7; The word translated walk is the Greek word peripateo that means how we conduct our lives.

When believers consistently deploy Faith Rest they grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, they develop capacity for life, and as a result have desires and expectations that are compatible with their situation in life. Psa 37:4-5;

Faith Rest is what gives believers victory over satan's cosmic system while they live in it. 1John 5:4-5; Our doctrine (faith) is the victory that has overcome the world.

We see from this that since Faith Rest is how believers deploy the power of God's Word so if believers are to please God faith Rest is mandatory.

Heb 4:1; "Therefore, let us fear, lest a promise being unclaimed of entering into His rest any of you should seem to come short of it""

In this verse "Fear" is used in the good sense of obligation or responsibility to execute the mechanics of faith-rest or walk by faith. Fear is a mental attitude sin so we are never commanded to be afraid, but we should be wary or "fear" to fail to deploy faith rest. The NET translates it as " be wary" Net note 1

"His rest" is sharing the happiness of God. It is the tranquility and contentment that comes from understanding God's plan in the midst of any amount of confusion, uncertainty, or stress in life.

For the believer God's rest is entering into God's happiness. Your happiness depends entirely upon the thoughts that are circulating in your stream of consciousness. Prov 23:7a

With divine viewpoint thinking you are capable of facing any problem in life and handling it in your stream of consciousness and you are capable of making the right choices to resolve the problems you face no matter how difficult your problems are.

True rest is therefore a product of what you are thinking. This is the real "Sabbath rest" that remains and replaces the ritual seventh day Sabbath for Church Age believers. Heb 4:9;

This rest is based on waiting on the Lord for God to fulfill His promises. It is the blessing that comes from knowing God's promises and having the patient confident expectation that God will do just what He says He will do because His holiness demands it. Isa 40:31;

This is a rest of tranquility of soul in the midst of any adversity in life that comes from your own personal recall of the promises and rationales found in God's Word.

Believers "come short" or fail to acquire God's rest when scar tissue forms in their stream of consciousness from garbage in the subconscious mind that comes from the arrogance and emotional complex of sins.

OSN control of the soul from sin creates doubt in the believer's thinking. This is why the righteous are as bold as a lion and why the wicked (sinners) are fearful. Prov 28;1;

This is why the people of our nation are so fearful. They are living in sin and evil.

Failure to claim the promises of God through your own faith results in building up of the emotional sin of stress in your soul. Stress in your soul cannot be cured by any system of counseling. Stress can only be cured by adjustment to the integrity of God and recall of the appropriate doctrine.

Stress in the soul prevents the believer from recalling the mind of Christ under the ministry of the filling of the Spirit, knocks out grace and doctrinal orientation, and the coordination of faith-rest.

There is a definite relationship between stress and cognition because pressure from stress makes you forgetful because it impairs your memory and therefore your ability to learn and recall.

Stress therefore affects one's perception of reality and makes people psychotic and irrational.

When stress is removed, cognitive ability can be restored but if a person remains under stress too long, cognitive ability is destroyed and the believer is prone to entering a psychotic state that is now called PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder)

Stress is normally related to adverse situations, but prosperity without doctrine can also be a source of stress because when people do not understand the true source of prosperity arrogant emotional people begin to feel guilty about their prosperity become irrational and are easily manipulated by evil people.

This is the problem with the present and previous client nations of the western world today. We have failed the prosperity test and our prosperity has become a source of adversity because as a people we feel guilty and because of our sin of guilt we are now involved to the maximum in the production of the evil of human good.

This is why client nations that previously functioned according to divine establishment revert to the most egregious evil of the cosmic system and become the worst of the worst. This is where the USA is heading today. Isa 5:20-23;

Adversities are outside pressures in life; stress is an inside pressure of life.

Adversity is what circumstances do to you, stress is what you do to yourself.

Adversity is inevitable; stress is optional.

Stress is sin nature control of the soul.

The sin of stress in the soul contradicts the protocol plan of God for the Church and destroys the spiritual life of the believer because the stressed believer is quenching and or grieving the Spirit.

Recovery only comes from acknowledging the sin followed by consistent conversion of gnosis doctrine to epignosis doctrine under the ministry of God the Holy Spirit through faith perception.

This prevents the conversion of the outside pressures of adversity into the inside pressures of stress in the soul.

Epignosis doctrine circulating in the soul's stream of consciousness establishes the 10 problem solving devices in the soul. With the problem solving devices functional in the privacy of your priesthood you can resolve your own problems and make good decisions from a position of strength.

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