Class Notes: 8/3/2014

Mark 11:22-25; Faith Rest believes absolute truth. Doctrine of Faith Rest part 3

In our study of Mark we are in Mark 11:22-25; where Jesus explains to His disciples the principles for the function of faith-rest and based on this we have taken up a study of faith-rest.

When we stopped last time we were noting the idea that the sin of stress in the soul contradicts the protocol plan of God for the Church and destroys the spiritual life of the believer because the stressed believer is quenching and or grieving the Spirit.

Recovery only comes from acknowledging the sin followed by consistent conversion of gnosis doctrine to epignosis doctrine under the ministry of God the Holy Spirit through faith perception.

This prevents the conversion of the outside pressures of adversity into the inside pressures of stress in the soul.

Epignosis doctrine circulating in the soul's stream of consciousness establishes the 10 problem solving devices in the soul. With the problem solving devices functional in the privacy of your priesthood you can resolve your own problems and make good decisions from a position of strength.

When the ten problem solving devices are deployed on the defensive perimeter of your soul you defensively prevent adversity from being converted into stress in the soul and offensively you remove stress from the soul.

This defensive perimeter must be established and maintained by faith rest before stress can be removed.

Metabolized doctrine in the stream of consciousness produces unit integrity of soul that is healthy and normal under the concepts of the word of God. 2Tim 1:7; Net note 10

This is because claiming the promises of God by faith rest replaces stress in the soul with the mind of Christ and His contentment and tranquility. John 14:27;

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