Class Notes: 8/17/2014

Mark 11:22-25; God allows suffering so we learn that we need His strength rather than our own strength. Doctrine of Faith Rest part 7

In our study of Mark we are in Mark 11:22-25; where Jesus explains to His disciples the principles for the function of faith-rest and based on this we have taken up a study of faith-rest where we have seen that faith rest is essentially understanding, believing and resting in what God's Word tells us.

When we stopped last time we were noting that faith-rest works in two directions. It recognizes the reality of suffering and adversity. But it also recognizes the reality of what God has provided to deal with the suffering and adversity. 1John 4:4; Rom 12:21;

Without faith-rest the believer's greater reality becomes the suffering and adversity from circumstances that enter the soul and becomes stress and at that point the sin nature controls the soul and emotional fragmentation begins.

When there is any contradiction between what God's Word says and what we see faith perception is to dominate so that our perception of reality is established from God's Word rather than what we see.

This results in divine viewpoint from God's Word contradicting and displacing human viewpoint from what we see.

Faith-rest learns truth of God's Word and implements it including the mandate to forget those things which are behind (the injustices and sufferings of life that are normal artifacts of the devil's fallen world) and move on with your own spiritual life. Phil 3:13-14; through the application of the mind of Christ to our experience.

With faith-rest spiritual functions, like prayer become effective, problem solving devices become operational, and good decisions are made from a position of strength.

Believers who lack capacity from God's Word always want God to solve their problems immediately. They want their adversity to stop now. They want a miracle. They want magic.

Their focus is not God's Word but their adversity and they do not understand what how God uses suffering and adversity to bless us. Gen 50:20; Psa 76:10; Isa 54:17; 2Cor 13:8;

They do not have the tranquility of soul that comes from focus on God's Word Psa 119:165; KJV

Their focus is on their problem not God's solution so they misuse spiritual functions like prayer and they try to use prayer to manipulate God, people or circumstances to change their situation. This is what Paul did in 2Cor 12:7-8;

We see Paul's conclusion after God helped him figure out the correct response to his suffering through the use of faith rest recall in 2Cor 12:9-10;

The function of faith perception results in the rate of learning exceeding the rate of forgetting. You avoid blackout of the soul, scar tissue of the soul, reversionism, and degeneracy.

The function of faith-rest is a major factor in preventing the outside pressures of suffering and adversity from becoming the inside pressures of stress in the soul.

Faith-rest has the power to avoid reaction to any kind of injustice, any kind of unfairness, and every wrong that is committed against you.

It has the power to avoid reaction to all injustices in life by putting them into the hands of the supreme court of heaven through faith rest and leaving them there.

There are many injustices in life and believers must learn to use faith-rest to put their problems with people and circumstances into the Lord's hands and leave them there.

This means appealing to the supreme court of heaven and avoiding any reaction. This means no complaining, no vilification, no denial, projection, or self-justification, no gossip or slander, no maligning, malice or judging others and no bitterness or implacability.

When you take something to the supreme court of heaven through the function of the faith-rest, you must leave it there and never take it back so you can try to justify yourself.

Self-righteous people who are wronged are inevitably going to be upset in their soul and want to protect their self-righteousness. This is because their self-righteousness is more important to them than the actual reality or facts of the situation.

They don't care about the facts they only care about their own self-righteousness.

Self- righteous people often deny reality in their attempt to protect and guard their self-righteousness. They will do anything to protect their own self-righteousness. This is one of the major manifestations of hardness of heart that comes from scar tissue in the soul.

The great mistake when taking your case to the supreme court of heaven is that because of your self-righteousness you simultaneously try to do something about it yourself and as a result you actually take the case out of God's hands.

When we take matters into our own hands God waits on us Isa 30:17; because we are disobeying God's mandate to wait on Him Isa 40:31;

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