Class Notes: 10/15/2014

Mark 12: 38; The doctrine of negative volition conclusion; The doctrine of operation footstool part 1

In our study of Mark we are in Mark 12:37; where Jesus concluded His confrontation with the Jewish leaders who remained in unbelief so we have taken up the doctrine of negative volition and the doctrine of operation footstool since Jesus used that prophecy in His attempt to evangelize the Jewish leaders.

When we stopped last time we were looking at some characteristics of negative volition in believers.

We noted that negative volition is indicated when a believer who takes in doctrine until something causes them to react in self pity and they become obsessed with themselves and their obsession causes him to be disillusioned, discouraged, frustrated or bored.

Saul is an example of this as well. Saul's self pity was triggered by his jealousy of David. His obsession with God's selection of David to succeed him caused him to move into a frantic search for happiness where he tried to destroy and discredit David in vengeful implacability to the point where he tried to murder him and actually did murder some of those who helped him.

Instead of finding the happiness he wanted he wound up under reverse process reversionism and the sin unto death because of his locked in negative volition to God's word.

We noted that Negative volition is also indicated when the believer in emotional revolt becomes negative to doctrine and uses their emotion as the criterion for everything. When believers do this they become blind of soul because they feels their way through life instead of using doctrinal perception. Heb 10:38;

How they feel becomes their criteria happiness rather than Gods Word. (Prov 8:32-36). Luke 11:28;

This means that if he feels good, everything is ok but if he feels bad, there is something wrong. He is a slave to his environment. This would include slavery to ones health or prosperity or anything else that creates some kind of emotional stimulus.

The principle of negative volition is found in John 8:43-45. Jesus was perfect in His method of communication, but the Jewish religious-political party bosses could not understand Him because they were arrogant because they were functioning in the motivational evil of Satan's cosmic system.

These religious people like all other religious people to do the deeds of Satan (human good works 2Cor 11:14-15;) they also refused to believe the truth (Jesus Christ) and because they lived in the cosmic system and they hated truth (Jesus Christ).

Negative volition permits demons to teach false doctrine, 1Tim 4:1; because the teaching of the satanic lie is delegated to demons. Believers often get into the cosmic system and learn the doctrines of demons just like unbelievers.

The cosmic system is satans system for the enslavement of the human race. It is a factory for the production of spiritual losers ( 2John 8-9;)

Negative volition is the door that opens into the cosmic system. Blackout of the soul occurs in the arrogant side of the cosmic system (cosmic 1) and blackout is compounded into scar tissue of the soul in the hatred side of the cosmic system (cosmic 2)

In Jesus day the Jewish leaders rejected Him and 40 years later their nation was completely destroyed under the 5th cycle of discipline when the Romans razed Jerusalem. Remember when they rejected Jesus they were already under the 4th cycle of discipline.

God is not a respecter of persons (James 1:17;) The leaders of our nation have rejected Divine Establishment so a sufficient number of people in the USA don't change their minds according to the principle of 2Chron 7:14; and Rev 3:20; and vote accordingly we will likewise be disciplined and possibly destroyed.

God always provides grace before judgment because his desire is that everyone change their mind and be saved by their positive volition to His Word (Jesus Christ and Bible Doctrine)

However if negative volition persists it has to be confronted and eliminated because it inhibits the succeeding generation from having the freedom to respond to His Word from their own free volition and from God's perspective that is the only reason for humanity.

Since God is perfect righteousness and justice He will not permit unrestrained negative volition to continue without bringing in the cycles of discipline and the third and fourth generation curse to stop it but as we have seen these cycles are put on hold whenever there is positive volition.

The potential for disaster that from terrorism and pestilence that we see in this nation at the moment is the result of our collective negative volition and God must destroy it to preserve freedom for the next generation if it goes on for much longer.

This brings us to the doctrine of operation footstool. In our passage in Mark 12:36; Jesus quotes the prophesy in Psa 110:1; to explain to the Jewish leaders that in addition to being a son of David, He is the Son of God.

Recognizing Jesus as the Son of God is the issue in salvation. John 3:16,36;

Psa 110:1 describes the defeat of one's enemies by using an ancient idiom to show what happens after one's enemies are conquered.

This concept is also used in Heb 1:13; to describe the humanity of Jesus Christ as the unique King Priest.

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