Class Notes: 10/21/2014

Mark 12:37; The doctrine of operation footstool part 2

In our study of Mark we have stopped at Mark 12:37; where Jesus concluded his final confrontation with the Jewish leadership in the temple. His final effort to evangelize them was to quote Psa 110:1; in an attempt to get them to recognize Him as the Son of God as well as the son of David.

This brought us to the doctrine of operation footstool because this passage clearly shows that the Messiah was a son of David as well as being the Son of God. God's word clearly explained this and the Jewish leaders were responsible to know this.

Recognizing Jesus as the Son of God is the issue in salvation. John 3:16,36;

Psa 110:1 describes the defeat of one's enemies by using an ancient idiom to show what happens after one's enemies are conquered.

This concept is also used in Heb 1:13; to describe the humanity of Jesus Christ as the unique King Priest.

Operation footstool therefore refers to Jesus Christ in His humanity as having achieved victory over Satan on the cross and deposing him, and possibly by extension because of our union co-heirship with Christ, Rom 8:17; each and every church age believer in association with Christ deposing one fallen angel each one on one at the second advent at the same time Christ is deposing satan.

If this is the case and satan understands this concept and it appears that he does then his plan of attack would be to impede and stop unbelievers from becoming believers in Jesus Christ during the Church Age in order to delay the exit resurrection as long as possible. Paul describes this plan of attack in. 2Cor 4:3-4;

Satan's agenda is therefore to create as much negative volition as possible and God's agenda is to break up and destroy negative volition within the rules of engagement for the Angelic Conflict in order to prevent it from becoming locked in worldwide until the correct number of people are saved.

God's Word does not explicitly tell us this, but if it is the case the exit resurrection will occur when the correct number people have believed in Jesus Christ in the Church Age and then and only then will God under his permissive will permit the entire world to be locked into negative volition 2Thes 2:3; followed by the exit resurrection that terminates the Church Age. 2Thes 2:7-8; Net note 16

This would be consistent with God's grace policy of using the wrath of man to praise Him (Psa 76:10;) and using what men mean for evil to do good (Gen 50:20:) or as I have previously stated it fits with God's policy of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat at the last minute like He did at the flood. Matt 24:37;

Psa 110:1 is the prophecy of operation footstool and involves a series of steps that are necessary for the deposing of Satan and his demons.

These steps include: The virgin birth; the cross: Jesus' death, burial, resurrection, ascension, and session at the right hand of God the Father.

The formation of the body of Christ that is exclusively comprised of church age believers.

The exit resurrection, the cleansing the bride at the evaluation where human good is purged from the church and the church is cleansed in preparation for their return with Christ.

The second advent of Jesus with the Church in trail at the second advent when Satan and the demons are deposed and Satan is bound for 1000 years until he is released for short time to foment one final rebellion before he is consigned to the lake of fire forever.

Operation footstool is the point where Satan and his demons are removed and Jesus and takes office with Church Age believers as King of kings and Lord of lords and rules the earth with His Saints for 1000 years.

God created the angels with free volition. Satan acted independently of God and lead at least 1/3 of the angels into rebellion against God. God sentenced Satan and the fallen angels in. Matt 25:41;

God created mankind as a response to Satan impugning God's character and essence because of his sentence to the lake of fire with the accusation: "How can a loving God cast His creatures into the lake of fire?"

This is why human viewpoint that is based on satanic viewpoint does not ever consider God's entire essence. It only considers a false concept of love that is actually simply emotional sentimentality based on the relativism of satanic and human viewpoint

God's response to Satan's accusation was to create mankind with free volition. Every time a member of the human race who was created "a little lower than the angels" chooses for God by believing in Jesus Christ, the character and nature of God is vindicated, and Satan loses the argument.

This vindication resolves the angelic conflict because it recognizes God's perfect righteousness and justice in His sentence of Satan and the fallen angels to the lake of fire.

When the number of Church Age believers who comprise the body of Christ equals the number of fallen angels who rule with Satan on the earth the body of Christ will be complete and exit resurrection of the Church will take place.

After the exit resurrection God will allow Satan free reign to attempt to set up his millennium starting with only the unbelievers who are left on the earth after the exit resurrection.

This attempt is called the tribulation because of the evil tyranny that is based on human good that will occur as the beast dictator who satan personally indwells attempts to rule the world with the imposition of his version of utopian socialism on the entire world.

It appears that the unprecedented attack on freedom in the USA today is simply a trial run of this process.

It is not the actual event because it's not yet international and the players are in all the wrong places but it appears that God is allowing satan to test his methods at this time by using the chronic negative volition of the people in our nation.

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