Class Notes: 12/21/2014

Isa 7:14; Matt 1:23-25; Christmas 2014 part 1

We are in the Christmas season where we celebrate the critical event in the history of mankind. We celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ when God entered into the human race as a man in order to save mankind from enslavement to satan and eternal condemnation and death.

At His birth Jesus' deity states " a body you have prepared for me" in Heb 10:5; This was the fulfillment of the prophesy in Isa 7:14 that occurred historically in Matt 1:23-25; the moment Jesus was born.

At the moment Jesus inhaled His first breath God the Son, the Lord God Addonai Elohiym Addonai Echad of Eternity who created all things entered into the body God had prepared and God became a man.

John 1:14 states that "the Word (who was God) became flesh and dwelled among us"

This was the God's gift to mankind that was delivered on Christmas. God's gift is received the moment anyone believes that Jesus is the Son of God. John 3:16; Acts 4:12;

In theology this union of God and man is described as the hypostatic union that is defined as: in the person of the incarnate Christ are two natures, divine and human, inseparably united without mixture or loss of separate identity, without loss or transfer of properties or attributes, the union being personal and eternal.

This is the unique nature of Jesus Christ, God's uniquely born Son; John 3:16; Net note 37 It was how He took the form of a slave in the likeness of men. Phil 2:7; The word translated "form" in the NASB is the Greek word "morphe" that means to take on an external appearance based on the adjustment of parts.

This means that Jesus, the God-Man was changed or transformed or as the Greek says underwent "metamorphoo" that is transliterated into the English words metamorphosis, metamorphose, and metamorphism.

These words all refer to a striking or radical change of substance, structure, form, thought or action. They also refer to a striking alteration in appearance, character, nature or circumstances.

This is what happened that first Christmas morning and it is why we celebrate Christmas.

From God's perspective Jesus entering into the world and God becoming a man is the greatest metamorphism of all and it is therefore the central focus of all of human history.

It was so critically important that it became the subject of the first prophecy regarding God's solution for mankind that was given immediately after the fall and prior to their expulsion from the garden of Eden. Gen 3:15;

The essence of the prophecy is contained in the doctrine of the seed of the woman. God would become a man and die for our sins as our substitute. Rom 5:8;

There are at least seven theological transformations described in the Bible. They help us to locate the epicenter of all human history. This central pivotal transformation became necessary after the first transformation and it was enabled by the second.

The first transformation was when mankind became spiritually dead. Adam and woman dwelt in the Garden of Eden in a state of absolute perfection.

But environment never has been and never will be the solution to man's problems and the fall in perfect environment demonstrates that.

Adam and the woman committed the original sin and at the time there was only one way that they could sin, and that was by eating the fruit of the tree in an act of disobedience and rebellion against God. Gen 3:6;

So perfect mankind in the perfect environment of the Garden of Eden became sinners and therefore spiritually dead. Rom 6:23;

Rom 5:12, "For just as through one man sin entered the world and death through sin, so death [spiritual death] passed upon all men for all have sinned."

1 Cor 15:22; "For as in Adam all die so also in Christ all will be made alive."

Our Lord had warned the man and woman in the Garden, saying, "The day you eat from the tree, dying you shall die." The first death refers to spiritual death; the second death refers to their eventual physical death.

Spiritual death not only means separation from God, but it also establishes a state of total depravity and total helplessness. Mankind is helpless and as a result cannot do anything to regain a relationship with God or reacquire eternal life.

The second transformation is when the woman became a child bearer after the original sin. After the original sin, the woman became the child bearer by receiving a womb.

Our Lord said to the woman; Gen 3:16; "Multiplying I will multiply your pain in pregnancy; in sorrow, you will give birth to children, yet your desire shall be to your husband, and he shall rule over you."

The woman's association with satan who indwelled the serpent that she was talking with had caused her to reject the authority of her husband and the Lord God. 1Cor 15:33;

As always God turns the curse into a blessing because it is through the woman, that Jesus Christ the Savior of mankind would come into the world. 1Tim 2:11-15;

The third transformation was the earth being transformed from paradise into a fallen state and as a result it became hostile to mankind. Gen 3:17-19;

The mandate to man regarding the earth went from "dress and keep" Gen 2:15; to "subdue" and "subjugate." Gen 1:28;

Paul discusses this fallen status of the creation as it relates to believers in Rom 8:19-23;

The fourth transformation occurred when God became a man. Jesus Christ as eternal God coequal with the Father and Holy Spirit, in a moment of time became true humanity and entered into hypostatic union.

The birth of the humanity of Christ introduced the dispensation of the Hypostatic Union. How could the Lord come into the world in a state of perfection? That's what He had to do in order to be without spot or blemish.

The genetically formed old sin nature is always passed down through the man's twenty-three chromosomes in copulation. If there is a conception produced without involving the man's twenty-three chromosomes, that would be a virgin pregnancy.

God the Holy Spirit provided twenty-three perfect chromosomes to fertilize the ovum of the virgin Mary. In that way, our Lord Jesus Christ came into the world as perfect humanity.

As eternal infinite God, Jesus Christ now becomes undiminished deity and true humanity in one person forever; different from God in that He is perfect man, different from man in that He is perfect and eternal God. Jesus Christ is the unique person of the universe.

This was the subject of Old Testament Scriptures. Isa 7:14; "Therefore, the Lord Himself will give you a sign: behold, a virgin shall become pregnant, consequently giving birth to a son. And she will call His name Immanuel, that is, `God with us.'"

John 1:14; "And the Word (Jesus Christ) became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the unique One from the Father, full of grace and truth.

Because of the virgin pregnancy and the virgin birth, there was no genetically formed old sin nature, consequently there was no imputation of Adam's original sin.

Instead, Jesus was born, as Adam was created, a trichotomous member of the human race, having a body, soul, and spirit. To His human spirit was given the first Christmas present: God's prototype power system. Our Lord was born filled with the Holy Spirit.

John 3:16; "God so loved the world that He gave His uniquely born Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting (eternal) life."

The story of Christmas from God's perspective is found in the dialogue between God the Father and God the Son on Christmas Eve. It is found in Heb 10:5-10; This is the key to understanding the fourth transformation.

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