Class Notes: 1/18/2015

Mark 13:8; The doctrine of the perpetuation of war part 2

In our study of Mark we are in Mark 13:8; where Jesus tells His disciples that there will be continuous warfare and natural disasters and that these are just the beginning so we have taken up a study on the doctrine of the perpetuation of warfare.

Last time we noted that the conflicts that lead to warfare are the result of freedom without integrity on a national level. James 4:1-3;

Because of this entropy of the OSN as it functions in devil's world, war is actually beneficial. Eccles 3:8;"There is a time for war."

When people degenerate, to the point where there is no recovery possible God uses war to cleanse the human race so that it doesn't completely self-destruct.

War becomes necessary because some people just need to be captured and killed. 2Pet 2:12; Net notes 43,44

Jesus explains in Mark 13:20; that that during the Tribulation when there is no restraint on the satanic evil of human good and warfare in the human race, Jesus will personally intervene to stop the global conflict before mankind completely self destructs.

Because of this nations need a strong military to prevents war and protect divine establishment. This is why freedom comes through military victory not from negotiation. Negotiation allows the evil people who need to be killed to live so they just keep causing trouble.

Freedom is protected by the spiritual power of a pivot of mature believers who support military preparedness because they understand Divine Establishment principles. Neh 4:8-9; Neh 4:13-15; NET

Freedom, prosperity, and life are sacred under the laws of divine establishment and if freedom, prosperity and life are to be protected and maintained they must be fought for.

The failure of society to function under divine establishment principles, lack of training, no respect for authority, lack of courage, and the trading of security for freedom lead to military failure and the loss of freedom.

Social degeneration always leads to a lifestyle of cowardice and fear. Prov 28:1; Disdain for the military and police who protect freedom lead to tyranny because of a failure to fight for divine establishment principles that create and maintain freedom.

Courage is the result of rational thinking from a thoroughness of training not numbers. Gen 14:14-17; Judges 7:22; Judges 8:10;

In Heb 11:34 we see that freedom was perpetuated because the people became courageous in battle. Prov 24:1-6; NET Judges 5:8; NET 2Chron 16:8-9; NET

Some misinformed people misuse Jesus' teachings of the Sermon on the Mount to argue against preparing for and waging war but these teachings do not apply to historical or international situation.

These teachings explain the doctrine of impersonal love that is the basis of functional virtue but these principles only apply to interpersonal social situations in the devil's world.

These teachings also define our Lord's policy for His rule on the earth in the Millennium after the devil is deposed and incarcerated. They do not apply universally until then.

Contrary to the pervasive public lie that Jesus is passive, scripture depicts Jesus Christ as a warrior and a leader of warriors. Exod 14:14; "The Lord will fight for you."

John 18:36; Jesus in his reply to Pilate said, "My kingdom is not from this world. If my kingdom were from this world, my servants would be fighting to keep me from being handed over to the Jewish authorities. But as it is, my kingdom is not of this realm.

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