Class Notes: 2/22/2015

Mark 13:31; Heaven and earth will pass away but my Words will never pass away; The doctrine of immutability part 5

In our study of Mark we are in Mark 13:31; where Jesus backs up his promises that are contained in the prophesy to the Jews during the Tribulation with the oath that "Heaven and earth will pass away but My words will not pass away.

Based on this we have taken up a study of the doctrine of immutability that is based in His righteousness and justice that comprise God's Holiness.

As we were closing last time we were noted that confession in rebound does not compromise God's immutable integrity. This is because it is compatible with His grace policy.

There is a heresy concerning rebound that says that since faith is the solution at salvation, faith must also be the solution for confession therefore confession after salvation is not necessary.

God's Word does not mention anything about faith in confession. Faith-Rest always functions under the filling ministry of the Spirit but confession functions apart from the filling ministry of the Spirit.

Confession to God alone is designed for the believer to recover the filling ministry of the Holy Spirit so that the Faith-Rest function of the spiritual life can resume.

The filling of the Spirit is only given to Church Age believers and when the believer sins after salvation the believer rejects the authority of the filling ministry and chooses to follow the tyranny of the OSN.

The indwelling of the Spirit is irrevocable because the indwelling establishes an irrevocable link between God's perfect justice and the believer's perfect imputed righteousness. 2Cor 5:21; Rom 8:38-39;

The filling ministry of the Spirit is revocable because after salvation a believer can choose to reject or refuse God experientially and sin. 2Tim 2:13;

When the believer sins the believer hangs up on God but God never hangs up on the believer so the connection remains open for the believer to pick up at any time by simply recognizing their sin and changing their mind.

This means that it is the believer who chooses to revoke the filling ministry of the Holy Spirit. God simply honors the believer's choice but still remains faithful because in His immutability He cannot deny Himself.

We see from this that God always has a grace solution that is compatible with His immutable holiness in every case of mankind's failure and inability.

The unbeliever simply believes or has faith in Christ. John 3:16;

The believer names or cites any known sin and fellowship is restored. 1John 1:9; 1Cor 11:31;

The believer used their negative volition to break fellowship. The believer uses their positive volition to follow God's instructions in the restoration the filling of the Spirit and recovery of fellowship with God.

Rebound is not a victory over sin. The purpose of rebound is recovery from sinfulness. The recovery of the filling of the Spirit, and restoration to fellowship that are necessary if the believer is going to advance in God's protocol plan.

There is never complete victory over sin but to the extent victory over sin occurs it is the result of the persistent and consistent compliance with God's mandates through faith-rest application of the spiritual mechanics of God's protocol plan for the church.

These mechanics include the power options, the spiritual skills, the deployment of the ten problem solving devices, that result in the advance in the spiritual life that God has made available to every believer under His immutable grace policy.

We see from this that God's immutable integrity is never compromised by mankind's failure.

That God's immutable integrity is never compromised by the believer's failure.

That God's immutable integrity is never compromised by faith alone in Christ alone at salvation.

That God's immutable integrity is never compromised by His personal love for the believer.

That God's immutable integrity is never compromised by the function of confession alone to God alone for restoration.

Based on these principles believers can develop a spiritual life where their integrity is not compromised when they deploy the tandem problem solving devices of personal love for God and impersonal integrity love for all mankind.

God is immutable so mankind can do nothing against the truth and only for the truth. 2Cor 13:8;

The wrath of man will praise God. Psa 76:10a; Net note 19

God is true even though every man is a liar and God's Word will always vindicate or demonstrate God's perfect righteousness. Rom 3:4;

Heaven and earth will pass away but My words will never pass away. Mark 13:31;

Because of worldwide negative volition it appears that we may soon be facing very difficult times so it is necessary that we understand the principles of God's integrity as they relate to our personal situation as well as that of our nation.

If the events that appear to be imminent occur always remember that God is always completely in control of all events all of the time no matter what happens and that He will manage all of these events to the praise of His ultimate glory.

We must remember the principle that there are no real advantages to external temporal success and prosperity without the advantage of possessing the imputation of God's perfect righteousness.

Possessing God's perfect righteousness results in the advantage that you are directly related to the immutable integrity of God for logistical support no matter how bad circumstances may get.

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