Class Notes: 3/8/2015

Mark 13:37; Doctrine of Awareness

In our study of Mark we are in Mark 13:37; where Jesus commands believers to be on the alert for His imminent return.

Last time we concluded the doctrine of the imminency of the exit resurrection or rapture of the church and started a study of the doctrine of awareness.

We noted that awareness is the status of being in a heightened state of alertness that comes from the perception of God's Word and includes the motivation to learn and to use the ten problem solving devices of God's protocol plan for the Church Age believer.

Awareness recognizes that in eternity past, God provided the perfect solution to every problem in life and that We have the opportunity to choose between God's perfect solutions or man's imperfect solutions.

Awareness motivates us to have the discipline to persistently learn God's Word. This includes motivation to learn the problem solving devices and develop the perceptive capacity to apply them as circumstances demand.

Awareness connotes a wide knowledge, accurate interpretive ability, and vigilant application. Interpretive ability belongs to you as a believer as you accumulate metabolized doctrine in your own stream of consciousness that enable you to solve your own problems autonomously from a position of strength.

Awareness may be added to the thinking skills of the spiritual life. Thinking skills include:

Comprehension that is the capacity of the human mind to function under spiritual I.Q. to enter perception, cognition, and metabolization of Bible doctrine in your stream of consciousness.

Human I.Q. is not a factor in the acquisition and application of doctrine. The filling ministry of the Holy Spirit gives every believer equality in the ability to learn and use doctrine.

Memory is the mental capacity to retain in the stream of consciousness and recall metabolized doctrine anything for a specific circumstance of life.

As the number of doctrinal memories increase, the number of divine viewpoint thoughts increases, resulting in the formation of doctrinal rationales that can be applied to experience through the advanced function of the faith-rest drill.

For this to persist and be maintained the rate of learning must exceed the rate of forgetting. The is means the believer has to be consistent in learning God's Word.

Problem solving is the ability to use the ten problem solving devices in the soul. All problem-solving devices are manufactured out of Spirit taught or epignosis doctrine that resides in the believer's stream of consciousness as wisdom.

The problem solving devices are the only legitimate and accurate system for the application of metabolized doctrine in all areas of the believer's post salvation experience.

This includes the principles of divine establishment that God has provided to secure temporal freedom in the devil's world for both believer and unbeliever.

The problem solving devices are a grace gift from God that replaces human viewpoint solutions such as psychology, and defense mechanisms.

Decision-making is the power and ability to understand the issues of life, to classify a solution or course of action, and to make the right decision to do the will of God that is revealed in scripture.

On the other hand continuous negative decisions that contradict God's Word can take the believer beyond the tipping point of no return.

We must understand the truth that is revealed in g God's Word before we can use our volition to choose to make good decisions from a position of strength.

Creativity functions under divine viewpoint when accurate originality of spiritual values combines with independent uncoerced thinking. Creative thinking always includes spiritual values found in the word of God. Creative thinking is recovery of truth that creates greater capacity for more accurate awareness.

Pastors can use creative thinking to rediscover biblical truths such as the principle of dispensations in God's plan, the spiritual skills, the concept that human life begins at birth rather than conception and the concept that precedence for the operational spiritual life of the Church Age believer comes the prototype spiritual life of the humanity of Christ during the dispensation of his unglorified humanity.

Under the ministry of God the Holy Spirit all pastors have equality in the recovery of these doctrines but denominations suppress creativity to maintain their power and enforce conformity just like the Sanhedrin did in Jesus' day.

This suppression resists the truth so it limits potential for awareness.

Awareness starts with extensive knowledge of doctrine, interpretive ability from the wisdom compartment of the stream of consciousness, resulting in accurate application to every circumstance in life.

Sensitivity involves self-absorption, subjectivity and arrogance, but awareness is humility because it is objective doctrinal viewpoint based on the application of metabolized doctrine through the problem solving devices deployed in the soul.

Awareness is having knowledge in the stream of consciousness, being informed, alert, and knowledgeable about others, situations, and circumstances.

Wisdom comes from awareness. There is no wisdom in life without the thinking skill of awareness being developed through the problem solving devices.

Awareness wades through all the pressure and opposition to Bible doctrine with concentration, self- motivation, and accurate spiritual values to continue advancing toward the objective of spiritual maturity and glorification of God.

Awareness avoids all of the arrogance traps including sentimentality and pseudo-compassion.

Awareness is the motivation for the fulfillment of the four dimensions found in Eph 3:18, "That you may utilize the power to grasp the idea with all the saints what is the width and length and height and depth."

Grasping the idea means having something to think. God has provided all the doctrine you will ever need in one book. Everything that is important with regard to mental attitude and thinking is found in the Scripture. If you are a student of the Word, you are a thinker. The dynamics of life are found in thought.

For believers, there is no substitute for grasping what God reveals in Bible doctrine. You do not need a high human I.Q; but you must have a spiritual I.Q.

Once you have metabolized doctrine and have it circulating in the stream of consciousness, the next thing is to direct it toward the four dimensions of doctrine.

In this verse the four nouns width, length, height and depth that are connected with the Greek conjunction "kai," that is translated "and" but there is only there one definite article at the beginning of all four.

If each noun had its own definite article, then each would each refer to different things. But since they have only one article, they refer to the same thing. It is referring to a single thing in four dimensions width, length, and height, and depth.

This concept is presented by the Granville Sharp rule of interpretation of nouns with a single article that are connected by the Greek conjunction "kai."

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