Class Notes: 4/19/2015

Mark 14:36; The doctrine of the impeccabity of Christ part 2 God's perfection required a substitute

In our study or Mark we are in Mark 14:36; where Jesus is praying for God the Father to remove the cup from Him because with God all things are possible.

We have noted that Jesus wanted to avoid having his perfect relationship with the Father being severed by the imputation of sins of the world. But that is what had to happen if mankind was to be saved.

In order to understand what was at stake for both God the Father and Jesus Christ last time we started a study of the Doctrine of the Impeccability of Christ.

As we were concluding our last class we noted that the doctrine of impeccability not only includes the deity of His hypostatic union of Jesus Christ but the fact that our Lord's humanity resisted real temptations through the filling of the Spirit.

Heb 9:14; "How much more will the blood of Christ, who through the agency of the eternal Spirit offered Himself without blemish to God, purify our conscience from dead works to serve the living God."

In addition to the filling of the Spirit from birth, Jesus Christ's humanity constantly used the problem solving devices of personal love for God the Father and sharing the happiness of God.

Heb 12:2; "Be concentrating on Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our doctrine, who because of His exhibited happiness He endured the Cross and disregarded the shame, then He sat down at the right hand of the throne of God."

Isaiah prophesied of this ministry of the Holy Spirit. Isa 11:2-3; Isa 42:1; Isa 61:1-2;
Our Lord's function in the prototype spiritual life and the ministry of God the Holy Spirit are one of the great subjects in Isaiah's prophecies regarding Messiah.

This filling ministry of the Holy Spirit is the same enabling power that Church Age believers have in their operational spiritual life.

Remember, Isaiah did not prophesy about the Church Age, because it was a mystery. He only prophesied about our Lord's spiritual life in the Age of Israel which is when Jesus lived in unglorified humanity.

The provision of the prototype spiritual life means that Jesus humanity was given the ministry of God the Holy Spirit without limitation. John 3:34;

Every Church Age believe is given this same unlimited ministry from God but they self limit by their negative volition and rejection of the mandates in God's Word.

The Bible is therefore the operating manual for the acquisition and deployment of this spiritual power. This is why the power options of the spiritual life are being filled with the Spirit and God's Word.

The function of this enabling power of God the Holy Spirit and God's Word inside the prototype spiritual life guaranteed the humanity of Christ the spiritual power that He needed during His earthly ministry that began at His baptism by John the Baptizer. Mark 1:9;

It is this power that enabled His unglorified humanity to submit to the will of the Father in the garden in our passage in Mark 14:36; with His conclusion "not what I will but what You will."

Therefore, inside the prototype spiritual life, the Holy Spirit provided enabling power for the humanity of Christ during His earthly ministry, Matt 12:18,28; Luke 4:14-15,18;

The important point of all this is to recognize that the Lord Jesus Christ did not rely upon His deity at all. He voluntarily refused to use His own deity to sustain Himself.

In Mark 1:12; God the Holy Spirit sent our Lord out into the desert so that His capacity to use the prototype spiritual life could be tested by the devil in evidence testing.

Inside this prototype spiritual life our Lord functioned under enforced and genuine humility as He submitted to and obeyed all legitimate authority.

His home represented organizational humility. The home has the purpose of preparing children for life; the policy of teaching and training children under the authority that God had delegated to the parents. This is enforced humility.

Positive response to the authority of the parents' weather fair or unfair, just or unjust, results in the development of genuine humility, the first characteristic of maturity and the most basic human virtue in life.

He was born into a home with two parents, male and female. Gen 1:27; From their authority He developed enforced humility, and His positive response to their legitimate authority resulted in His developing genuine humility.

By age twelve, our Lord had attained these factors so He was totally teachable. Luke 2:47; Humility is the necessary precursor to teachibility. Isa 66:2b; NET

God provides the home, divine institution number three, as the place for the human race to make the most difficult transition in life from enforced humility under the authority in the home as a child to genuine humility under the authority of one's own free volition and the choice to comply with God's Word of Truth that results in freedom and happiness in life as an adult.

In our passage in Mark we see that it was Jesus' free volition that was being tested Mark 14:36; The question was would his humanity obey the truth of God's Word or not. He passed the test by agreeing with the Father and obeying God's Word.

This is the same test we face every day and all too often we reject God's Word, we disagree with God, disobey, and fail the test. That is why we have Rebound because to get back in the game we have to change our mind.

Too many humans fail to make this transition. They reject parental authority, policy, and purpose, and in self-absorbed arrogance become unteachable. This results in becoming a physical adult and while remaining a child in the mind and soul.

Human immaturity, from lack of enforced humility and genuine humility, cannot make proper use of freedom, but distorts it into a system of evil by rejecting authority and abusing freedom by becoming arrogant, amoral and lawless, think they can get away with it and take up satan's mantra.

" If there is a God how can a loving God send his creatures to hell?"

The truth is that they haven't a clue as to what love is. The difference between satan and God is that satan who is a liar can tolerate sin but impeccable God cannot. True love cannot tolerate sin because sin is a facet of satan's lie.

When faced with God's judgment for sin satan accuses God of being intolerant and judgmental, bigoted and mean spirited because He cannot tolerate sin and satan appears to be an angel of light in the minds of the benighted who think they can get away with sin.

This is the same thing that is going on in our country. Homosexuals accuse Christians of being intolerant, judgmental, bigoted, and mean spirited because they stand for the truth of God's Word and appear to be more "loving" to the benighted who think they can get away with it.

Because God is slow to render judgment so that the maximum number of people may be saved it appears that what the arrogant liars say is true.

These people refuse to take the responsibility for the function of their own volition. People who do not take the responsibility for their own decisions never have any solutions to life's problems.

The truth of God's immutable Word that is found in the founding documents of our nation, the Bible, the declaration of independence and the constitution that are the only way to freedom are being disregarded because they are perceived to be unfair.

The country and for that matter the entire world is in a disaster situation today because of the rejection God's Word of truth. This is nothing new, The southern kingdom of Israel did it millennia ago. Isa 30:7-17;

People can disagree with God all they want but in the final analysis the truth always wins and they are destroyed. 2Cor 13:8; Hosea 4:6;

Our Lord Jesus Christ responded with genuine and enforced humility to parental authority, weather His parents were right or wrong. This positive volition to authority led Him to the point where He was able to subordinate Himself to the Father's plan to redeem mankind.

The Father's plan represented organized humility, His authority or sovereignty represented enforced humility, and our Lord's positive volition to His plan represented genuine humility.

No one can fulfill God's plan for their life without enforced humility and genuine humility.

Heb 10:5-9; shows us our Lord's subordination to God's plan from the point of His birth.

Jesus said this same thing in His prayer before the cross in Mark 14:36; " Not My will but Your will be done." This prayer represented the peak of our Lord's function in His prototype spiritual life.

This is the combination of His enforced humility and genuine humility, resulting in a decision without which mankind could not be saved emphases the importance of genuine humility.

Our Lord's function inside the prototype spiritual life, the purity of His motivation, His perspective, and His work as stated in Phil 2:5-8; "He did not think equality with God a gain to be seized and held" is phenomenal.

Even though He had a right to He didn't demand His right because He had enforced humility and genuine humility. "He humbled Himself" was the act of His own free volition because of the priorities that He had established in His spiritual life from God's Word and as a result He chose to fulfill the mandates of the Father.

John 15:10b; "Just as I have fulfilled the mandates of My Father, and I continuously reside in His personal love."

So Jesus' impeccability was the prerequisite for Him to perform His saving work on the cross. Jesus' impeccability was the capital that God the Father and Jesus Christ were spending and this is what caused His humanity to have such grief in His prayer to the Father as He steeled Himself to obey the Father and go.

Our Lord was qualified to go to the cross, He was qualified to receive the imputation and judgment of all the sins of the entire human race, and to provide forgiveness, redemption and eternal salvation for all who believe in Him.

Jesus Christ retained His impeccability while bearing our sins because the substitute had to keep on being perfect through the entire process of judgment for the judgment to be accepted by God.

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