Class Notes: 6/21/2015

Mark 15:34; The doctrine of rejection part 5

In our study of Mark we are in Mark 15:34; where Jesus is rejected by mankind because of their negative volition toward God and His truth and by God because He is being identified with the sins of mankind and judged.

In spite of being rejected by mankind and recognizing the necessity of God's rejection of Him as sin as it is judged in Him He does everything He can do for mankind because of His integrity love. He becomes the sin offering that makes it possible for mankind to have a relationship with God. 2Cor 5:21; Rom 3:25; Rom 5:8;

This is the principle of not being overcome by evil but overcoming evil with good that we noted last time. Rom 12:18-21;

Even though despised and hated, Christians have to stand up and be those who have the capacity from their love for God and Jesus Christ to suffer for His sake waiting on God to render whatever judgment is appropriate at the right time.

If enough Christians stand for truth and endure suffering for Jesus sake this it will end the division that is being fomented by satan and his minions and be the basis of the healing of our nation.

Christians are being rejected simply because they stand for truth not because they have rejected anyone. The propagandists who have accepted the lie feel threatened because Christians refuse to join them in believing their propaganda and lies. John 3:19-20;

Just like Jesus, Christians are not to reject people but also just like Jesus they are to stand unswervingly in the truth and when they are rejected because they stand for truth and are falsely accused of rejecting people simply because of their position the actual rejecter is the one who hates truth.

This is because it is God the Holy Spirit and God's Word that are actually condemning the accusers (John 16:8;) and as a result they are angry because they have a guilty conscience that cannot be assuaged apart from repentance and they have rejected that idea because they believe they are right.

The accusers are in locked in arrogance so they refuse to acknowledge and comply with God's will. Rom 1:20-32; so they remain in self condemnation (John 3:18;) This is why they lash out and blame those who have chosen to obey God's Word.

At this time the accusers are attacking Divine establishment with propaganda and lies with phrases like "white privilege" that is simply another way of accusing those who God has blessed because of their obedience to His Word while simultaneously rejecting God's Word and blaming others for the consequences of their negative volition. Gal 6:7-8; Heb 12:6; James 4:6;

Examples of negative volition toward Divine establishment include:

Volition is under attack by the media, politicians and "educators" when believers reject the internationalism that is sponsored by the sponsors of political correctness and climate change.

Marriage is under attack by all forms of sexual immorality and the satanic attempt to redefine marriage.

Family is under attack by "social workers" aka "child protective services" who attack parental authority and government policies that encourage out of wedlock childbearing and oppose parental responsibilities for children by replacing them with the secular nanny state and it's propaganda.

Nationalism is under attack by internationalism, trade and immigration policies that destroy the nations' culture, boundaries and language with multi-culturalism and internationalism.

All four categories of Divine establishment are under attack when government "do-gooder" policies coerce and volition, marriage and family.

In the face of this multi faceted onslaught believers must simply stand their ground and never compromise because God's Word of truth will defend them and vindicate them even if they are martyred in the Christian holocaust. 2Cor 13:8; Isa 54:17;

Jesus, our role model and strategic victor, was vindicated in His resurrection. Christians, the tactical victors will be vindicated in the exit resurrection. In the mean time we have to stand our ground and defend truth against the lie in the spiritual war of ideas no matter the personal cost.

When the final curtain closes at the end of the millennium we will see God's final vindication and justice will be carried out against all evil at the great white throne where the devil and his minions who remain condemned are cast into the lake of fire. John 3:36b; Rev 20:15;

The one and only one who will have any remaining sign of injustice or visible evidence of battlefield scarring from living in the devil's world will be our Lord Jesus Christ. It is because of Him that God's perfect righteousness is free to provide everyone else with perfect execution of justice.

Jesus Christ is therefore the source of all justice and all peace because Jesus Christ will render perfect justice and enforce peace. Isa 9:6-7; Rev 19:15;

He made complete and total provision for the resolution of all injustice during those three hours of darkness on the cross while God the Father forsook Him. 1Pet 3:18; Mark 15:34;

Given this, the only remaining question is: Have you even begun to organize God's Word into your thinking to the point where God's problem solving devices are established the defensive perimeter of your soul or are you trying to rely on your own self righteousness to deal with your problems.

All too often, the victim of rejection is fragmented and deserves it. However, there is an exception when the object of rejection is innocent.

Our Lord Jesus Christ was innocent but He received passive rejection during His life on this earth in unglorified humanity during the dispensation of the Hypostatic Union.

Jesus Christ in hypostatic union was simultaneously perfect God and perfect humanity in one person so when He was rejected both His Deity and His humanity were rejected.

When a person actively rejects Bible doctrine that person is always wrong because God's Word of Truth is never wrong. Anyone who rejects Bible doctrine fragments and destroys their life weather or not they believe it, understand it or recognize it. 2Cor 13:8; The truth is always true regardless of unbelief.

This means that the believer's number one priority in life must be the acquisition and deployment of Bible doctrine in the thinking. This priority demands daily perception of Bible doctrine in order to dauntlessly orient to truth regardless of the devil's propaganda and obfuscation and rejection of the truth.

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