Class Notes: 6/28/2015

Mark 15:34 The doctrine of rejection part 6

In our study of Mark we are in Mark 15:34; where we are looking at Jesus' rejection by God the Father as He was judged for the sins of all mankind on the cross.

We saw that He dealt with all of the rejection with the problem solving devices including faith rest, grace orientation, doctrinal orientation, personal sense of destiny, personal love for God the Father and the Happiness of God or +H.

We noted that because as our role model (Heb 12:2;) Jesus deployed God's Word to resolve the problem of His rejection we are to do likewise 1John 4:17c;

This means that the believer's number one priority in life must be the acquisition and deployment of Bible doctrine in the thinking. This priority demands daily perception of Bible doctrine in order to dauntlessly orient to truth regardless of the devil's propaganda and obfuscation and denial of the truth.

In our nation right now believers are taking the role of the rejecters because of the massive negative volition that has engulfed all branches of our national government.

We are going to have to learn how to deal with evil and persecution in a way never seen before in this country because sin has now been codified into the law of the land. As these laws are enforced there will be a Christian holocaust because Christians must obey God rather than men. Acts 5:29;

Just like the Jews rejected, persecuted and took Jesus to be crucified, our nation has rejected God's Word so Christians will be rejected, persecuted and murdered.

It is unbelievable that in the same week supreme court rulings rejected both statutory law and common law of Divine Establishment.

This means that in a legal sense we are living in the days like the wild west where the law is whatever the people with the most power and influence say it is because the supreme court has rejected the standards that have been used to establish law from the creation of mankind and the "law" is now simply what 9 people in robes say it is.

This means our study of the doctrine of rejection is propitious because those of us who represent and live by God's Word have been summarily rejected and denounced. From an ideological perspective we are now exiles in our own country.

This is what happened to Samuel. 1Sam 8:7; Rejecting God has serious consequences. Isa 30:12-13; Hosea 4:6-9;

In our study of rejection we need some technical terms to define what happens when a person's reacts to real or alleged rejection and real or alleged rejecters.

The first term is repression; that is a mental mechanism that a person uses transfer things that are perceived as being a threat to their self image into their subconscious mind.

Repression occurs when the ego of the rejectee cannot stand certain allegations that are made by a rejecter, so the rejectee represses those things that threaten or destroy their arrogant unrealistic self image that has been used to create a role model out of self.

Repression is a part of forgetting the reasons why you have been rejected or the reasons why there is self inflicted suffering in your life that in your opinion have no explanation because in your self righteous self absorption you couldn't possibly be wrong.

Anything that is incompatible with your self-righteous self image, your flaws, your inferiorities, your sins and your evil doing is repressed and becomes garbage in your subconscious mind.

Once repressed these failures do not hinder your motivation of arrogance and antagonism, and they help you maintain the illusion of your own self- righteousness, your own perfection, and your own justification in doing anything that is wrong and calling it right. Anything that could lower your irrational pseudo self-esteem is buried.

Instead of simply acknowledging known sins to God personal sins involving guilt are repressed so they are removed from the conscience mind and buried so they do not challenge or destroy one's irrational self-image.

This is a huge problem in the world today. Rather than squarely facing the truth and adjusting to reality using God's problem solving devices including rebound, people reject the truth and perpetuate the lie by burying their failures in their subconscious in an attempt to avoid facing up to reality and then function in denial.

Denial is a mental or emotional mechanism whereby a person fails to acknowledge some aspect of external reality that would be apparent to another. Denial can function in several ways.

Dissociation occurs when a person sustains a temporary alteration in the integrated functions the soul by creating multiple personalities.

Intellectualization occurs when a person engages in excessive abstract thinking to avoid experiencing disturbing feelings.

Autistic fantasy occurs when a person substitutes excessive daydreaming for the pursuit of human relationships rather than using the problem solving devices.

Once the problems are buried and the person has dissociated themselves from them they use the defense mechanism of projection to protect themselves by projecting their flaws and sins by blaming others.

The self-righteous arrogant person who has been rejected feels like they have been mistreated so they react with self-justification, anger, and vituperation.

Rather than dealing with the rejection and the anger objectively by orienting to reality from God's Word it is also buried into the subconscious in an attempt to protect and maintain their self-delusion.

Their defense is that "I am right but I have been rejected so the one who has "rejected" me has to be wrong." Anger and resentment leads to vituperation and implacability that if left unchecked by rebound results in hatred for the person who in your opinion has rejected you.

Unable to tolerate the self-induced anxiety that is aroused by the anger and hatred the rejectee unconsciously inverts their view of the situation and blames the one who told them the truth. Gal 4:16;

Their viewpoint inverts from "I am angry at you and hate you because you rejected me" to "you are angry with me hate me because of what you said."

Projection protects the arrogant person's unrealistic self image from being overwhelmed and fragmented by the effects of their own flaws and sins but it doesn't fix the problem it just makes it worse because it simmers invisibly in the unconscious mind waiting to explode at the slightest provocation.

Projection causes the development of scar tissue and garbage in the soul because flaws and sins are buried rather than being dealt with so it gets worse. The longer the issue remains unresolved the worse it gets.

For example anger metastasizes into hatred that metastasizes into vituperation and implacability that left unchecked metastasizes into homicide. John 8:40-46; 1John 3:15;

In our study we have seen that this is how the Jewish leadership reacted to Jesus and He responded with perfect grace using the spiritual life that we have received from Him. Heb 12:2;

It is often a shock when rejection occurs especially if it comes from people you love. But rejection is an inevitable part of life. You shouldn't even consider for a moment whether the rejection is fair or unfair because that is not the issue. The issue is truth.

One of the greatest of all problems related to rejection is guilt.

Guilt can be a feeling of responsibility or remorse for some real or imaged offense and this is not sinful. But guilt is one of the sins of the emotional complex and when it not dealt with properly it can cause self-reproach, emotional feelings of culpability for imaged offenses.

It brings out a sense of inadequacy that can be very dangerous, because it leads to arrogant pre- occupation with the correctness of one's behavior from self-righteous arrogance.

The arrogance skills of repression, denial, and projection can be manipulated to create guilt. The weak attempt to control and manipulate the strong through guilt.

An arrogant self-righteous person or group will attempt to use repressed failures to create guilt where it really shouldn't exist. This occurs and becomes a sin when believer rebounds but fails to forget those things which are behind and reaching forth toward those things which are before, Phil 3:13-14.

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