Class Notes: 8/12/2015

Mark 16:15; Acts 1:8; The doctrine of witnessing part 4

In our study of the doctrine of witnessing per Jesus mandate, Mark 16:15; Acts 1:8; last time we started a discussion of the imputations that God uses in His plan to save mankind.

We noted that there were 5 real imputations and 2 judicial imputations. A real imputation occurs when there is antecedence and affinity for the imputation in the target and a judicial imputation occurs when there is no antecedence or affinity for the imputation in the target.

The 2 judicial imputations are our sins to perfect Jesus Christ on the cross and God's righteousness to the imperfect believer at salvation.

The 5 real imputations are the imputation of human life to the soul, Adam's original sin to the biologically formed old sin nature, eternal life to the human spirit, blessings in time to perfect righteousness, and blessings in eternity to the resurrection body.

The first real imputations occur at physical birth where human life begins and where God positions everyone equally in condemnation so He can provide everyone with equal opportunity to be saved. Gal 3:22; Rom 11:32;

We see from this that God always provides and maintains equal privilege and equal opportunity in the important things that He does and the inequalities of life in the devil's world are not a factor in any situation.

While the imputation of human life and the imputation of Adam's original sin occur simultaneously they occur logically in sequence. Logically human life is imputed before the imputation of Adam's original sin to the biologically formed Old Sin Nature.

Human life is created when soul life is imputed to biological life creating human life in a physical body creating human life on the earth.

Gen 2:7; "Then the Lord God formed man of dust separated from the ground (biological life), and breathed into his nostrils the breath of lives (soul and spiritual life since Adam was created trichotomous and became dichotomous when he sinned); and man became a soul having life (human life)."

Job 33:4; "The breath (ruwach) of God has created me, even the breath of the omnipotent One gives me life." God creates soul life. It takes soul life in addition to biological life, for human life to function on the earth.

Eccles 12:7; "Then the dust (biological life) will return to the earth as it was, and life's breath (soul life) will return to God who gave it." Net note 26

Physical death does not separate human life from the human soul it separates the soul that contains human life from earthbound biological life. Biological life requires the earth's atmosphere but human soul life does not. Biological life is an earth suit.

God's salvation plan for mankind begins at physical birth with the imputation of spiritual death to human life that is created with soul life at physical birth.

This imputed condemnation provides everyone with equal privilege and opportunity for salvation by faith alone in Christ alone that results in the imputation of eternal life and the righteousness of God to the regenerated human spirit when the person believes in Jesus Christ and is born again. John 3:3;

This entire process is based exclusively on what God does through imputation. Man does nothing because in spiritual death at physical birth man cannot do anything so it is completely exclusive of any human good work. Eph 2:8-9;

This is demonstrated in Genesis when the Lord Jesus Christ created the biological life of man from the chemicals of the soil. God created biological life once and gave biological life the ability to reproduce after the fall.

The Lord then breathed into man's nostrils soul life. Soul life includes: self-consciousness, mentality, emotion, and volition. The immortal soul is the real person. At the moment after birth, God imputes the "breath" of life, the Hebrew word "neshammah from His justice." Gen 2:7; Net note 22

If God gave you life, and He did, then you are expected to conclude that God has a plan for your life. Your soul life will always exist no matter where you are. For the believer soul life exists in three bodies: the biological body on the earth, the interim body in heaven before the resurrection, and after the resurrection, the resurrection body. Gen 2:7; 2Cor 5:1; NET note 1 1John 3:2;

After the fall in biological reproduction human life originates under the concept of selection. Selection is the decision of the sovereignty of God to create soul life at birth and to impute it to the biological life that emerges from the womb.

Selection is a term relating to the divine imputation of soul life to biological life after birth resulting in the creation of human life. God creates human life and places it into the biological life that comes from the womb.

Human life does not exist until the soul is joined with biological life.

Even though many believe incorrectly that there is human life in the womb it must be emphasized that there is no human life in the womb. Reflex motility and properly arranged chromosomes do not comprise human life. The womb contains biological life but not human life.

The fetus is biological life not human life. God does not impute soul life to biological life until it emerges from the womb and takes its first breath. God creates human life at birth with that first breath.

He breathes into the biological life as it emerges from the womb at birth in the same way that He breathed into the body He formed for Adam in the garden. Gen 2:7;

There is great controversy regarding this in our nation today and while evil people are perpetrating evil things with biological life God's truth regarding the true origin and nature of human life sets us free and keeps our minds tranquil. John 8:32; Isa 26:3;KJV

The home or target for human life is the human soul not the biological body. There is no power that can remove life from the soul. That is why the greatest thing in life is the ability to think truth from God's Word. 1Cor 2:16b;

Human life is never separated from the soul no matter how evil the person becomes. Human life is never separated from the soul whether the person goes to heaven as a believer or to the torments section of Hades as an unbeliever.

Once God imputes human life to a soul it resides there forever. The same is true of the eternal life that is imputed to the regenerated human spirit. What God imputes is indestructible. Therefore, nothing can separate human life from its home, the soul. God has it all under control all of the time no matter what evil people do. Psa 56:4;

Physical death results in the soul leaving the body but human life remains with the soul forever. Only God could invent something as great as human life. There is nothing man can do to separate human life from the soul. Because of His immutable integrity God Himself will not separate human life from the soul.

God has a plan for you. You should know this because you have life. Only negative volition at God consciousness and Gospel hearing can hinder the fulfillment of God's plan.

Because of original creation, there is precedence and affinity between soul life and biological life. The fall that resulted from Adam's disobedience created affinity between the genetically formed sin nature and Adam's s original sin. Rom 5:12;

Adam and the woman went from a state of perfection to a state of spiritual death and the sin nature was created in the cell structure of their bodies because of their disobedience.

Since the wages of sin is death (Rom 6:23a;) they died spiritually the moment they sinned. Gen 2:17;

At physical birth this original sin is imputed to the genetically formed old sin nature of every naturally born human being. The old sin nature is not in the soul, but has great influence on the soul. Psa 58:3;

The imputation of Adam's original sin to the Old Sin Nature is a real imputation because of the antecedence and affinity of the biologically formed old sin nature and Adam's original sin that dates back to the Garden.

As a result of having the old sin nature and the imputed original sin every naturally born person eventually commits personal sin. We sin because we are sinners from birth we do not become sinners because we commit personal sin.

As always with God's policy of grace position comes before reality. Positional sin comes before and is the precursor and source of all personal sin.

This is why all have sinned and come short of God's glory. Rom 3:23; and it is also why keeping the law cannot result in righteousness before God even though all religious people think it can. Rom 9:31;NET

The imputation of Adam's original sin to the old sin nature is a clone of Adam at the time of his fall. So each of us at birth is just like of Adam at the point of his first sin.

Human birth therefore consists of two simultaneous imputations from the justice of God, human life and condemnation in spiritual death.

So the first two real imputations are human soul life and original sin to the sin nature infused biological life that emerges from the womb at birth.

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