Class Notes: 8/16/2015

Mark 16:15; Acts 1:8; 1Pet 3:15; The doctrine of witnessing part 5

In our study of the doctrine of witnessing per Jesus mandate, Mark 16:15; Acts 1:8;we are looking at the various doctrines that explain how God saves mankind by faith alone in Christ alone so we are able to respond to those who ask. 1Pet 3:15;

When we understand these doctrines we not only know why Jesus is the only name whereby anyone can be saved and why the only way of salvation is by Faith in Christ alone because we understand how God through Jesus Christ accomplishes salvation and why a person can do nothing to be saved.

We are presently learning about the doctrine of the imputations that God uses as the basis for His plan to save mankind.

We have already noted that there are two judicial imputations and 5 real imputations. The judicial imputations include personal sins to Christ on the Cross and perfect righteousness to the believer at the point of salvation.

The real imputations include human life to the soul, Adam's original sin to the old sin nature, eternal life to the human spirit, blessings in time to perfect righteousness, and blessings in eternity to the resurrection body

Last time we noted the first two real imputations occur when a baby takes its first inhale at birth. The imputation of soul or human life and the imputation of Adam's original sin to the genetically formed OSN. Job 33:4; Psa 58:3;

The imputation of Adam's original sin to the old sin nature creates a clone of Adam at the time of his fall. So every naturally born person is born dichotomous just like of Adam became after he committed his first sin.

Two simultaneous imputations from the justice of God, human soul life and condemnation in spiritual death occur when the fetus emerges from the womb and takes it's first breath.

The simultaneous imputation of human soul life and condemnation at birth is the wisdom of God because condemnation must precede salvation. This makes it possible for those who do not reach the age of accountability to be automatically saved, because they have already been condemned at birth.

Because of condemnation at birth God's justice is free to save anyone up to the age of accountability even if they have never had the opportunity to hear or understand the Gospel, or even be aware God's existence.

An example of this is when a baby dies; God could not save it if He had to wait for it to commit a personal sin. So He imputes Adam's original sin to its old sin nature at birth thereby condemning it at birth positionally as a matter of grace making it possible for God to save it unconditionally before the age of accountability.

The imputation of Adam's original sin at birth is the basis for spiritual death, Rom 5:12-21, our personal sins are not.

No one is condemned on the basis of personal sins. All personal sins were collected in eternity past so they could be imputed to Christ on the cross and judged in Him.

The non-imputation of personal sins to every individual not only implies that God has a plan for your life, but that the plan includes salvation.

Since your personal sins are never imputed to you your personal sins are not the basis for spiritual death, it is simply one of the three manifestations of having an old sin nature. The other two manifestations of the OSN are the production of human good and evil.

While the old sin nature originates from Adam's original sin it is now transmitted through the twenty-three male chromosomes that fertilize the female ovum.

The twenty- three female chromosomes are freed of corruption as the ovum is formed by the function of meiosis and polar body.

The man passes down the old sin nature in his contaminated sperm in conception because Adam knew exactly what he was doing when he sinned in the Garden but the woman was deceived.

The next imputation we will study is the judicial imputation of our personal sins to Jesus on the cross resulting in His substitutionary forensic spiritual death but first we must briefly review of the doctrine of the virgin pregnancy that explains how Jesus' biological life was unique (John 3:16;) and therefore qualified to receive this judicial imputation.

Jesus unique conception and birth explains why He is the only person qualified to receive the judicial imputation of all of the personal sins of mankind on the cross.

We have noted that because of the fall all of the cells of the human race are contaminated by the old sin nature.

The exception is that through meiosis and polar body twenty-three chromosomes are thrown off in the ovum leaving twenty-three uncontaminated chromosomes in the female ovum prior to fertilization.

This phenomena in the female is based on the fact the woman sinned because she was deceived but she was still guilty because the disobedience that results from negative volition is the source of sin. 1John 3:4b KJV

This means that ignorance is no excuse, but does make a difference in which of one of the two initial members of the human race would be the child bearer. 1Tim 2:13-15;

While both man and woman are carriers of the old sin nature, only the man can transmit the old sin nature through fertilization of the ovum.

When Mary became pregnant the first time she was a virgin. Matt 1:18-25; and in her case God Holy Spirit fertilized Mary's ovum with twenty-three perfect male chromosomes inducing the virgin pregnancy.

Mary contributed twenty-three perfect uncontaminated female chromosomes, while the Holy Spirit provided twenty-three perfect uncontaminated male chromosomes there was no man involved.

The virgin pregnancy resulted in the virgin birth that was required for there to be a qualified target for the judicial imputation of mankind's sins that was necessary for salvation.

While Mary was a virgin but she was not impeccable. She was not "the mother of God," she was the mother of the biological life that became the unglorified humanity of Christ.

Just like everyone else she received the imputation of human life and Adam's original sin at birth. She had a genetically formed old sin nature passed down through her father so she was born a sinner just like everyone else.

She was a sinner by imputation and action. But Jesus received only human life, since He possessed no target for the imputation of Adam's original sin. Christ, therefore, was uniquely born. (John 3:16;)

He was unique in that He was born without an old sin nature and as a result He was qualified to bear the sins of the world.

Because of the virgin conception when Jesus emerged from the womb He did not have a genetically formed old sin nature that could receive the imputation of Adam's original sin, because the chromosomes provided by God the Holy Spirit excluded the contamination of the OSN. There was no male human being involved in Mary's first pregnancy.

Jesus' humanity was therefore born as a clone of Adam before the fall, trichotomous while every other human is born as a clone of Adam after the fall, dichotomous.

Jesus ' humanity was therefore born perfect just like Adam was created perfect. This is why one of the titles for our Lord is "the Last Adam." 1Cor 15:45;

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