Class Notes: 9/2/2015

Mark 16:15; Acts 1:8; The doctrine of witnessing part 10

In our study of the doctrine of witnessing Mark 16:15; we are presently examining the doctrine of imputations that are the foundation of God's salvation plan for mankind and last time we took up the post-salvation imputations that result from the believer advancing in God's plan by growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ after salvation. 2Pet 3:18; Rom 8:28,32;

The post-salvation imputations are real imputations because there is antecedence and affinity between God's perfect Holiness and the functional capacity that God's Word creates in the believer's soul that starts with God's righteousness that was imputed at salvation.

In our closing last time we noted that under the protocol of the escrow post salvation capacity blessings are only distributed to believers who have developed the capacity from their PMA of God's Word sufficient to warrant God's perfect righteousness demanding them from God's perfect justice.

We must never forget that capacity is developed from metabolized doctrine not from the performance of "human good works" because every blessing from God comes through the encapsulated grace pipeline that is managed exclusively by God's Holiness.

Capacity produces potential for divine good works. Human good works do not produce capacity. "Do gooders" do human good works without capacity and their " human good works" are evil that always creates unforeseen unintended consequences that backfire on everyone around them.

Satan and his world deceive us into thinking that we can take shortcuts to bypass God's Holiness but we cannot and anything we obtain using a shortcut becomes a snare that enslaves us to satan's cosmic system. 1Tim 6:9;

The spiritual blessings that are imputed to doctrinal capacity include maximum capacity for love, occupation with Christ, capacity for life, love, happiness and blessing, and sharing the happiness of God.

It includes the ability to cope with any disaster in life and maintain freedom from slavery to circumstances of life.

It includes the ability to correctly interpret contemporary history and correctly evaluate current events in terms of the Word of God.

That includes grace orientation, which is the ability to understand and function under God's grace principles for spiritual prosperity.

It enables the flexibility to adapt to the changing circumstances of life and maintain the maximum function of the virtue of the royal family honor code.

It includes a sense of complete security and tranquility in one's relationship to God's plan including dying grace and a total preparation for death that includes having complete contentment with God's time, manner and place for death.

The temporal blessings that God's righteousness will demand God's justice to impute from the escrow deposit that was made before the beginning of the world because of capacity from doctrine will include some of the following:

Wealth received or acquired. Success, promotion or prominence in one's sphere of life. This prosperity will be manifested in the various categories of life including social, technical, cultural, professional, mental, and in the area of Divine establishment.

Capacity for leadership that includes the ability to assume authority with integrity and stability apart from the false motivation or emotional inspiration or approbation lust.

Good health and long life are not always from our genes it they are also a blessing from God.

Capacity blessings from God create demands on God's justice to bless others by association and results in the believer with capacity becoming a blessing to those who are associated with them during their life and after their death.

Blessing by association can be the result of direct or indirect blessing from God towards those who reside in the mature believers spiritual periphery, personal periphery, professional periphery, social periphery or geographical periphery.

Blessing by association also has a heritage factor towards those with whom the mature believer had association with while they were physically alive after their physical death.

This is often why the wicked prosper, Jer12: 1c; NET Even evil people prosper because they were associated with the mature believer weather they are aware of it or not.

This is why God commands us not to fret about evildoers or be jealous of the wicked who are prospering. Prov 24:19b;

Prov 24:21; tells us to honor divine establishment and not associate with those who seek to change things away from divine establishment principles.

v22 because the destruction of those who seek to change things away from divine establishment principles will be sudden because the Lord and the king will destroy them.

We have no king in the USA. Our king is the Constitution. This passage tells us that in the case of the USA God and the Constitution will destroy the socialist progressive fascists who are presently seeking to change things away from divine establishment.

The heritage factor of blessing from association results in historical blessing under the "salt of the earth" or pivot principle. If the pivot of mature believers is large enough, then the nation is preserved.

This is why the most prosperous nations on the earth today are current or former client nations to God and the nations who are associated with them in some manner.

The current and former client nations to God are the so-called "WASP" nations of Western Europe and North America.

Those who denigrate, reject, or feel guilty about what they call "white privilege" do not understand that they are rejecting or feeling guilty about God's historical blessings to people and nations that have developed momentum from doctrinal capacity.

People who have this self-righteous arrogant evil attitude toward God's blessings have rejected God and His grace and as a result have developed bitter jealousy that has caused them to be deceived by satan's evil propaganda. Rom 1:20-22; this results in God making war against them. James 4:6a; 1Pet 5:5;

This is why God is presently executing the 4th cycle of discipline on some communities in the USA including Ferguson, Baltimore and Chicago.

Another category of capacity blessing that God graces mature believers with is underserved suffering. This is because properly handling undeserved suffering in the devil's world glorifies God. Phil 1:29; 1Pet 3:14;

Jesus Christ is the ultimate role model for undeserved suffering because all of His sufferings were undeserved. Phil 2:5-11;

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