Class Notes: 9/15/2015

Mark 16:15; Acts 1:8; The doctrine of witnessing part 13

In our study of the doctrine of witnessing Mark 16:15; Acts 1:8; we are examining the doctrines that undergird the gospel so that we understand how and why it is God alone who made it possible for our so great salvation by grace through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone. Eph 2:8-9;

At the moment we are studying the doctrine of imputations that explains how God uses both real and judicial imputations first to condemn us at physical birth through no fault of our own in order to save us when we are born again on the basis of faith alone exclusive of any works that we can do.

We have noted that in God's plan there are two judicial imputations and 5 real imputations. The judicial imputations include the imputation of all personal sins to Jesus on the cross that makes it possible for God to judicially impute His perfect righteousness to every single believer at the point of salvation even though they have an OSN and as a result still sin experientially.

The real imputations include human soul life and Adam's original sin to the biologically formed old sin nature at physical birth, eternal life to the human spirit, blessings in time to perfect righteousness, and blessings in eternity to the resurrection body

We are presently studying the post-salvation imputation of greater grace blessings in time where God blesses the capacity that God's Word creates in the believer's soul under the ministry of God the Holy Spirit that is made possible by the judicial imputation of God's perfect righteousness at the moment of salvation.

When we left off last time we were noting the supergrace blessing of dying grace. Phil 1:21; We noted that for the mature believer dying grace extends and augments the basic universal blessings that God gives every believer in Jesus Christ.

God removes the curse of death with its fear and pain through dying grace thereby causing the physical death experience to become the greatest experience of physical life.

This is possible only when the believer has cognitive invincibility from metabolized doctrine in their soul that enables them to understand the transition from time to eternity from God's perspective.

Dying grace is how God manages the transition between the real imputation of blessing in time and the real imputation of blessing and reward in eternity.

Dying Grace is how God turns the curse of death that satan incited into the blessing of eternal life with God. 1Cor 15:22; Gen 50:20;

The mature believer has the best in life, something even better in dying, and better than the best in eternity. Paul expressed this in Phil 1:21; "For me living is Christ and to die is gain or profit."

God's view of physical death is found in Psa 116:15; "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His Holy ones."

God delivers mature believers from premature death until it is time for them to die and then God delivers them from the suffering that is normally associated with the transition through death shadowed valley in a sin infused body. Job 5:20; Psa 33:19, Psa 56:13; Psa 116:8; Psa 23:4.

God's decision regarding the time manner and place of the mature believer's physical death is based on His omniscience that provides Him with prior knowledge of all the facts so the mature believer's physical death occurs at exactly the right time in the right way at the right place.

The seventh and last imputation from God's justice is the imputation of eternal escrow blessings and rewards to mature believers at their evaluation at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

The Judgment Seat of Christ occurs immediately after the Rapture or exit resurrection of the Church coterminously with the seven years that the earth is ravaged by satan and his minions during the Tribulation.

Jesus Christ will be the judge of all Church Age believers at His judgment seat. John 5:22;b tells us the God the Father "has delegated all judgment to the Son."

This explains 2Cor 5:10; "For we must all appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ, that each one of us may be rewarded for the things done while in the physical body in accordance with what was accomplished, whether good or evil." Rom 14:10;c "We will all stand before the judgment seat of God"

God's Word describes five categories of rewards that will be conveyed to believers at this event. Luke19:13-26; tells us that some believers will rule cities during the Millennium.

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