Class Notes: 12/30/2015

Mark 16:15; Acts 1:8; 1Pet 3:15; The doctrine of witnessing part 36

In our study of the doctrine of witnessing Mark 16:15; Acts 1:8; we are examining the doctrines that undergird the gospel so that we can understand how and why it is God alone who made it possible for our so great salvation exclusively by grace through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone. Eph 2:8-9;

We are now looking at the mandate for believers to conduct themselves in a manner worthy of their calling so that their life would not be an impediment to their mission of evangelizing the entire world but instead for their example to be a living testimony of the Gospel. Phil 1:27-30; 2Cor 3:3; 1Pet 3:15-17; NET

Because of this we have taken up a study of the doctrine of the conscience because the conscience is programmed with the norms and standards that regulate and control the thinking that leads to decision and action. 1John 4:1; 1Thes 5:21-22;

We have noted that the conscience is the most basic attribute of the soul related to self-consciousness and contains the norms and standards that a person uses for everything in life.

Everyone's conscience has some system of norms and standards. These standards are learned and they set up the person's personal honor code for good or evil. 2Tim 3:5; John 16:2; 1Tim 4:2;

Honor that come from God's Word is more important than anything else. A culture without standards is no culture at all. The Roman Empire destroyed itself because it rejected its own standards as well as the superior standards of Christianity.

The citizens of Rome and the barbarian invaders both rejected the superior standards that had made Rome great and they all became barbaric resulting in the destruction of the nation.

The citizens of the USA are presently allowing Satan to destroy the USA using this same process. Negative volition to God's Word is creating barbaric the thinking in both citizens and invaders that is destroying the nation.

So-called "Progressive" citizens have lost divine thought because they have rejected God's Word of truth (John 17:17;) and the non-doctrinal invaders never had it so both groups are barbarians.

A barbarian is not inherently an inferior person. A barbarian is simply a person who has inferior norms and standards because they have chosen to reject God's truth and as a result have accepted satan's propaganda, deceit and lies as truth. (1Tim 4:1-2; NET)

The consequence if this is that they have no standards from God's Word in their thinking so they have established emotion as their criterion and they lack of self control. Phil 3:18-19; NET

As a believer in Jesus Christ you were born again into the Royal Family of God that is an aristocracy of honor. As a member of this aristocracy you have to develop a new set of superior norms and standards. 1Pet 1:13-16;

The first standard is the recognition of the legitimate authority of truth, so that freedom can be perpetuated. John 8:32;

Under Divine Establishment people have the right to learn their own standards and make their own decisions. No one has the right to forcibly impose their standards on anyone else. Privacy means you are allowed to hold any opinion you want weather it is correct or incorrect, good or evil.

Legitimate government however has the authority, responsibility and obligation to enforce the laws of Divine Establishment. Rom 13:1-4;

Unfortunately our federal government is refusing to fulfill its obligation to the citizens of the country because the executive branch of our government that has the delegated authority to enforce the law refuses to recognize truth and as a result of their arrogance they have chosen to be ignorant and as a result they have become barbaric.

Their arrogance has caused them to be ignorant and at the moment the emperor is clearly seen by anyone who is even slightly objective as having no clothes but almost everyone in the "progressive" or should I say regressive "political class" ignores that fact because of their fear of being accused of being judgmental.

Satan has deceived them into believing that having establishment standards is the same as being judgmental. God's Word mandates us to have standards from God's Word. 1Thes 5:21; and to judge ourselves from those standards. 1Cor 11:31; Making good decisions from good standards is not being judgmental.

People are judgmental when they try to forcibly impose their norms and standards on others when they have no authority to do so. Ironically this is exactly what the so called "non judgmental "liberals" are doing when they impose laws that forcibly impose their so called "non judgmental" barbaric norms and standards on those with Divine Establishment norms and standards.

The consequences of their so-called "non judgment" is their tacit approval of a lie that destroys freedom and creates disorder and chaos. It is impossible not to see that this is occurring at this very moment.

The only source of freedom is truth. John 8:32; One must judge based on God's Word in order to retain, uphold and maintain truth and perpetuate freedom. John 17:17;

Under the guise of establishing "safe zones" and being "non judgmental" the policies of the "political class" are barbaric because their policies are destroying the freedom our country has enjoyed from it's inception because the nation was founded on the Divine Establishment principles of God's Word.

The federal government is actually advancing a hidden agenda of tyranny behind a rhetorical veil of "tolerance" and being nonjudgmental is actually libertine licentiousness combined with intolerance for those who have Divine Establishment norms and standards.

It's ironic but not surprising that the only norms and standards that are under attack are those that come from God's Word. Their position is that people are free to believe whatever they want as long as it's not truth.

The consequence of this is that they have created an environment that enables our enemies launch attacks on us from within our own borders.

Each individual has the privacy to choose weather or not to learn doctrine without anyone setting standards for them but never forget that only truth that comes from God's norms and standards provides freedom, makes a person spiritual, and enables the advance to spiritual maturity.

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