Class Notes: 1/3/2016

Mark 16:15; Acts 1:8; The doctrine of witnessing part 37

In our study of the doctrine of witnessing Mark 16:15; Acts 1:8; we are examining the doctrines that undergird the gospel so that we can understand how and why it is God alone who made it possible for our so great salvation exclusively by grace through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone. Eph 2:8-9;

We are presently looking at the mandate for believers to conduct themselves in a manner worthy of their calling so that their life would not be an impediment to their mission of evangelizing the entire world but instead for their example to be a living testimony of the Gospel. Phil 1:27-30; 2Cor 3:3; 1Pet 3:15-17; NET

Last time we noted that the historical downtrend that is occurring in the USA as well as the entire world is the result of barbaric demonic thinking that has rejected the principles contained in God's Word. This loss of thought is inevitably resulting in chaos, disaster and tyranny.

We also noted that every individual has the freedom and privacy to choose weather or not to learn God's Word without anyone setting standards for them but never forget that only the truth that comes from God's norms and standards provides freedom, makes a person spiritual, and enable the advance to the cognitive invincibility of spiritual maturity.

This means that when a person chooses to learn God's Word and apply it their norms and standards improve and as a result their experiential situation improves.

At every stage of spiritual growth a set of values is established in the conscience that regulates one's choices in life. These standards improve as a person develops and conducts their life according to a more accurate application of God's Word.

False standards produce a weak conscience. 1Cor 8:7; "Not all men have this knowledge (about food offered to idols), but some being accustomed to idol worship until now (when saved) eat the food as if it were sacrificed to idols, and their conscience, being weak, is defiled."

When this was written some of the best food in Corinth was offered to idols and then sold as the choicest meat in the temple market. The idol was meaningless. Food is food and meat is meat. So it was just fine to eat the meat that had been offered to idols once a prayer of thanksgiving had been offered.

But for those with weak conscience from a legalistic religious background eating food offered to idols was very offensive. The one with the weak conscience had legalistic norms and standards in his conscience from his religious background.

This means that there will be conflict between those with a strong conscience and those with a weak conscience because a strong conscience has Biblical standards from metabolized doctrine and a weak conscience lives by standards acquired from its cultural background, which may or may not be true or good so they will distort their spiritual life.

Eating is a physical issue, and has nothing to do with the spiritual life. God's Word cleanses these kinds of taboos. Acts 15:8; Heb 9:14;

Having a weak conscience also creates low self-esteem along with hypersensitivity towards others and insensitivity towards self. We see the results of this being played out by the ignorant arrogant emotional self absorbed self indulged children on our college campuses today.

It is also being played out where free people do not resist the spread of the barbaric demonic thinking and tyranny that is promoted by the global climate change fascists, multi-cultural fascists and those who want to replace freedom from the truth of Divine Establishment truth with the tyrannical barbarism of Sharia Law.

If possible believers should not cause offence (Rom 12:18;) but at the same time we must hold our position by standing firm.

This means that believers are never to back down from holding to God's principles regardless of the opposition. Heb 10:38;

Believers are to resist and oppose any and all attempts depose the legitimate authority of God's Word of truth. Eph 6:13;

Believers are commanded to resist anything that is opposed to the freedom of Divine Establishment, the Gospel, and Bible Doctrine. Col 2:16,18; NET 1Thes 2:2,13; Gal 5:1; Acts 5:29; and expect that their resistance will cause offence and opposition. Matt 10:34-36; Acts 5:29;

Believers must understand that their real opposition is satan and the demonic evil of his cosmic system. 2Cor 10:4; Eph 6:12;

Those with a weak conscience assume they are strong, because legalism does not recognize its inherent weakness. Legalism is very weak because it demands that everyone agree and comply with its demands.

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