Class Notes: 3/6/2016

John 8:32 Gal 5:1;The Doctrine of Freedom part 8

In our study of the doctrine of freedom: John 8:32: Gal 5:1; We noted that positive volition to any aspect of God's Word of truth creates freedom because God imputes grace through the divine decree to bless positive volition wherever it is found. Lam 3:21-23; James 4:6;

We noted that Positive volition to divine establishment provides for temporal human freedom, positive volition toward the Gospel creates spiritual freedom and positive volition to Bible Doctrine creates experiential spiritual freedom and spiritual advance.

Since truth is the sine que non of freedom and since morality and virtue are the visible printout of truth we have taken a side trip into a study of the doctrines of morality and virtue.

We are now in our study of the doctrine of virtue and last time we noted the scriptural documentation for motivational and functional virtue as described in 1John 4:19-21; where one's motivational virtue that is directed toward God as personal love creates capacity for the functional virtue of impersonal integrity love toward people.

Since God is the source of virtue, satan who always opposes God is the enemy of virtue. The enemy of virtue is the demand syndrome that is an artifact of the narcissist complex that is developed inside the arrogance complex of sins that we refer to as "cosmic one."

Satan invented "cosmic one" when his thinking became arrogant. Isa 14:13; The arrogance complex is the function of the believer who is grieving the Holy Spirit. Eph 4:30; mandates that we "Stop grieving the Holy Spiritů" Cosmic one emphasizes arrogance and abnormal preoccupation with self.

Satan invented "cosmic two" when his arrogant thinking led him to oppose God. Isa 14:14; The opposition complex is the function of the believer who goes from grieving the Holy Spirit to quenching the Holy Spirit. . 1Thes 5:19; commands that we; "Stop quenching the Spirit."

Cosmic two emphasizes antagonism toward, intolerance of and opposition to God and His the plan, purpose, and will, as well as hatred, antagonism, and opposition to anyone who is obeying any facet of truth that God and His Word teaches.

This means hatred of divine establishment, the Gospel, Bible Doctrine and anyone who lives by those standards.

This is why there is so much antipathy in our country today. The press and the progressive politicians who are functioning in satan's cosmic two system are waging war against the traditional thought of the founders and traditionalists aka conservatives who want to hold to traditional thought.

The demand syndrome is a total preoccupation with self and the function of trying to subordinate everyone in preoccupation with self and when that fails move into cosmic two and riot by destroying privacy, property and freedom.

When arrogance destroys virtue, the demand syndrome of the narcissist complex becomes that basis of ones motivation.

Involvement in the cosmic system creates the arrogant demand syndrome in the same way that the God's power system creates virtue and humility. Preoccupation with self is accompanied by lust for attention, and results in the arrogance of seeking to control one's environment in order to be self-indulgent.

The demand syndrome not only destroys virtue, but it also destroys true happiness because implacability from the self-absorption that is created by the demand syndrome results in chronic self-pity.

Happiness and virtue only coexist in God's power system. Therefore, what destroys virtue also destroys happiness. Narcissism and the demand syndrome manifest frustration because there is no happiness inside the cosmic system.

Narcissistic preoccupation with self demands complete and total attention from every person in one's periphery. Therefore, the demand syndrome is directed toward all in a negative way, just as the virtue of impersonal love is directed toward all in a positive way.

God's power system is the source of the virtue of impersonal love. Satan's cosmic system is the source of the self-absorption.

The demand syndrome is characterized by the arrogance of seeking to regulate and control everyone in one's periphery by demanding complete devotion, praise, flattery, and submission to your self-absorbed agenda.

Everyone in the vicinity of a megalomaniac must contribute to their arrogant preoccupation with self.

Demand for attention and approbation also develops hypersensitivity, so that all persons in view must conform to a pattern of subservience or be accused, ridiculed, bullied, punished and disgraced for failure to comply.

Conformity to their arrogance is the name of the game as illustrated by five examples of the demand syndrome. (1) The arrogant adolescent who demands that his parents conform to him.

(2) The entitlement generation who demands what they have neither earned, achieved, or deserve. (3) The frustrated man or woman in personal relationship who demands attention.

(4) The athlete subverted by the approbation of the crowd. (5) The actor or entertainer who parlays applause and flattery into crusader arrogance and megalomania.

The inevitable result of the misdirection of personal love toward man or having confidence in people is disillusion because people will let you down because they have an OSN and therefore do not have the capacity not to fail. Jer 17:5;

There is nothing wrong with having confidence in people, but there is no inherent virtue in it, and it can lead to disappointment and disillusion when the people you trusted fail to meet your expectations and they inevitably will.

Paul's expression of confidence in the Corinthian believers in 2Cor 2:3, 2Cor 7:16; 2Cor 8:22; and other passages was not inherently virtuous because confidence is only a virtue when it is directed toward God.

Paul's confidence was virtue dependent. The fact that Paul had virtue made his confidence in the Corinthians effective. It was their positive volition to God's Word that gave Paul confidence in them because he knew that God would finish the work that He had started in them. Phil 1:6; Phil 2:13; Eph 2:10;

Personal love toward man is normal, but not virtuous. Personal love toward man falls into the categories of romance, friendship, and family love. All three are legitimate expressions of human love, but are absent intrinsic virtue because people fail.

Personal love toward man is virtue-dependent for its effectiveness. Confidence toward man can only be sustained where the virtue of confidence toward God exists to sustain it and protect it from disillusionment because of failure to meet expectations.

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