Class Notes: 5/15/2016

John 8:32 Gal 5:1;The Doctrine of Freedom part 26

In our study of the doctrine of freedom. John 8:32: Gal 5:1; We have noted that positive volition to any aspect of God's Word of truth creates freedom because God imputes grace through the divine decree to bless positive volition to truth and discipline negative volition to truth. Lam 3:21-23; James 4:6;

We have noted that positive volition to divine establishment truth provides for temporal human freedom, positive volition toward the truth of the Gospel creates positional spiritual freedom and positive volition to the truth of Bible Doctrine creates experiential spiritual freedom and spiritual advance.

We see from this that establishment truth is what establishes freedom within the national entity in the midst of the chaos of the devil's world.

Under the principles of divine establishment every person has free volition so they have the right to be wrong but when their negative volition metastases to the point they meddle with and violate the God given freedom, privacy or property of others their free negative volition becomes criminal.

The internal enemy of freedom in the national entity is criminality and the external enemy of freedom in the national entity is criminal nations operating in power lust.

Free nations lose their internal freedom to criminals as the citizens reject truth and refuse or neglect to defend it because of negative volition to truth. As we have noted in our study. Freedom is based on content of thought that is accurate and true.

When we stopped last time we were noting that human freedom demands separation of the military and law enforcement and the state and the separation of business enterprise and the state.

This separation is crucial to the proper function of free enterprise, without which there is no successful economy. Our economy is being destroyed because of consequences of government meddling in the affairs of business because government meddling is destroying the freedom that is necessary for free enterprise to function. The more the government meddles the more jobs are lost.

Unless it is criminal, every business has every right to be successful, to make as much money as possible, and to be as efficient as possible without government interference or plundering.

Exod 20:1-17; the Ten Commandments, list God's mandates for the preservation of human freedom.

Just as temporal establishment freedom is the heritage of physical birth, spiritual freedom is the heritage of the new birth or regeneration aka being "born again."

2Cor 3:17-18; "Now the Lord is the Spirit (God the Holy Spirit is deity), and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

v18 But we all, with an unveiled face looking into a mirror to produce a reflection of the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into that same image from glory to glory, as it were from the Spirit of the Lord."

Spiritual freedom is the environment for all believers to execute the greatest spiritual life of all of human history that our Lord pioneered while he was on this earth in his unglorified humanity. Heb 12:2; Gal 5:1;

Any believer who is not executing God's plan and advancing toward the objectives of the Christian way of life is hurting the nation. We noted this principle in 1Pet 2:16;

Believers must use their spiritual freedom to advance through their use of the spiritual mechanics of the protocol plan of God and thereby attain the tactical and strategic objectives of the spiritual life.

2Cor 3:18; The "unveiled face" is the positive believer in the consistent function of the two power options: the filling of the Spirit and metabolized doctrine in the stream of consciousness.

The mirror is the word of God. We look into the word of God to produce the reflection of the humanity of Christ in hypostatic union. Gal 4:19 summarizes this concept with the statement, "until Christ is formed in you."

Spiritual freedom is for believers only. It is the function of spiritual freedom that is the basis for the execution of the protocol plan of God for the Church.

The function of spiritual freedom is based on the cognition of and application of the spiritual skills: the filling of the Spirit, metabolized doctrine in the stream of consciousness, and the ten problem solving devices that are deployed on the FLOT line of the soul as the believer learns the thinking of Christ that is comprised of the mystery doctrine of the Church Age.

Both human freedom and spiritual freedom require positive volition toward and compliance with God's Word of truth. Spiritual freedom is only for believers because unbelievers are slaves to the OSN. This means that there is there is no capacity for spiritual freedom apart from the decision to believe in Christ.

After salvation believers must make thousands of daily decisions to live inside the divine dynasphere, under the enabling power of the Holy Spirit where momentum from metabolized doctrine is developed.

Spiritual freedom only exists under the mentorship of God the Holy Spirit inside God's power system aka the divine dynasphere. Gal 5:16;

The moment anyone believes in Christ, God the Holy Spirit immediately enters them into God's power system that is the only place where spiritual freedom exists. Rom 6:17-18; As unbelievers we were slaves to the OSN but now as believers we have been freed from the OSN.

Personal sin that grieves the Holy Spirit in cosmic one, or quenches the Holy Spirit in cosmic two removes the believer from God's system and places them back into Satan's system of slavery to the OSN where there is no spiritual freedom because you are experientially back under the control of the OSN in Satan's dungeon aka the cosmic system. John 8:34; Rom 6:16;

Spiritual freedom is the basis for equal privilege and opportunity for every Church Age believer to execute the protocol plan of God for the Church.

Every believer has the same equal spiritual assets and every believer is free to succeed or fail with the freedom God has provided according to their own volition

Spiritual freedom is destroyed by the function of the arrogance skills of self-justification, self-deception, self-absorption, denial, and projection.

The believer can live and function in God's protocol plan without temporal freedom, but cannot execute God's protocol plan without spiritual freedom.

Believers who consistently function in spiritual freedom eventually form a pivot that creates a client nation where temporal freedom is established.

This is what happened when the pivot fled the tyranny of the integration of church and state in Europe to North America and what became the USA thereby transferring the client nation from Western Europe to North America.

Without God's Word of truth the people of a nation function under immoral and moral arrogance. This causes their nation to be beset by immoral and moral degeneration. The level of the degeneration of either type varies according to the zeitgeist of the nation.

Power oriented nations such as Russia, China, North Korea and the Islamic nations have very strict laws and law enforcement so they have for the most part eliminated low level criminal evil on the street but their criminal evil operates on a much larger scale within the government so they perpetrate much greater atrocities. Nations of this type can be called "evil one."

On the other hand, freedom oriented nations that were formerly or are presently a client nation or closely associated with one such as the USA, Canada, Australia and the nations of Western Europe have "grass roots criminal evil."

Grass roots evil is characterized by the all-ruling "public opinion."

Do-gooders in the media, the government and special interest groups sway public opinion. Public opinion determines what is considered acceptable or politically correct but it lacks intelligence and understanding of any kind. Politically correct public opinion creates relativism, bureaucratic pettiness and tyranny.

As a result, the current zeitgeist in the USA and other freedom-oriented nations is evil.

Examples of this evil include the global climate change anti-freedom lie, the no borders anti-nationalism lie, the economic equality injustice lie, the black lives matter anarchy lie, the homosexual anti-marriage lie and the transsexual anti-privacy lie just to name a few.

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