Class Notes: 5/22/2016

John 8:32 Gal 5:1;The Doctrine of Freedom part 28

In our study of the doctrine of freedom. John 8:32: Gal 5:1; We have noted that positive volition to any aspect of God's Word of truth creates freedom because God imputes grace through the divine decree to bless positive volition to truth and discipline negative volition to truth. Lam 3:21-23; James 4:6;

We have noted that positive volition to divine establishment truth provides for temporal human freedom, positive volition toward the truth of the Gospel creates positional spiritual freedom and positive volition to the truth of Bible Doctrine creates experiential spiritual freedom and spiritual advance.

Under the principles of divine establishment every person has free volition so they have the right to be wrong but when their negative volition metastases to the point they meddle with and violate the God given freedom, privacy or property of others their free negative volition becomes criminal.

The internal enemy of freedom in the national entity is criminality and the external enemy of freedom in the national entity is criminal nations operating in power lust.

Free nations lose their internal freedom to criminals as the citizens reject truth and refuse or neglect to defend it because of negative volition to truth. As we have noted in our study. Freedom requires accurate thinking from doctrinal truth. Rom 12:2;

When we stopped last time we were noting the differences between human freedom and spiritual freedom that under girds, establishes and maintains human freedom.

We noted that establishment freedom is the heritage of physical birth and that spiritual freedom is the heritage of spiritual birth or regeneration.

Spiritual freedom functions with or without establishment freedom, depending upon the circumstances of life. Establishment freedom or lack of it is related to function of the nation, while spiritual freedom is from God and is invisible because it is related to the privacy of the believers royal priesthood under the filling of the Holy Spirit and the metabolization of God's Word of truth.

Establishment freedom is based on the function of human morality and virtue, both in thinking and action as illustrated by the function of the executive and judicial branches of government as well as law enforcement and the military establishment.

Spiritual freedom is related to the divine initiative of antecedent grace in eternity past and God's provision of the grace of the spiritual mechanics of the divine dynasphere so it is entirely non-meritorious.

Establishment freedom recognizes the principle that freedom without authority is anarchy and authority without freedom is tyranny.

The nations freedom is therefore the product of the virtue of its people combined with the integrity of its governmental authority.

Human freedom emphasizes self-determination in the function of human volition, and takes responsibility for one's own decisions. Human freedom therefore demands a personal sense of responsibility in all citizens, both believer and unbeliever, and subordination to all legitimate authority in life including. parents, coaches, teachers, professors, police officers, judges, senior officers, or bosses.

Human freedom is relative, it is based on the type of government and the policies of a nation or empire has for its citizens.

Human freedom is a merit system that depends on law enforcement, self-restraint, self-discipline, thoughtfulness for others, and freedom through military victory. Human freedom is no stronger than the thinking or mental attitude of leadership at the local, state, and national levels.

Spiritual freedom is an absolute. Only the believer who is filled with the Spirit actually possesses spiritual freedom the believer under OSN control of the soul aka the carnal Christian has the opportunity to possess spiritual freedom but has rejected it.

The greatest decision of human freedom is to believe in Jesus Christ for salvation. However spiritual freedom requires that believers make constant persistent decisions to reside in God's power system and to live in their very own spiritual life under the principle of "He who perseveres is a winner." Gal 6:9-10; Rev 21:7;

We have noted the passage in 2Cor 3:17-18; that describes the principle of the spiritual freedom that is the heritage of the Church Age believer.

v17 "Now the Lord is the Spirit (Holy Spirit), and where the Spirit of the Lord is (in the body of the believer and in the divine dynasphere), there is (spiritual) freedom.

v18 But we all (royal family), with an unveiled face (filling of the Spirit), beholding as in a mirror (Word of God) the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image Gal 4:19;

... from glory (humanity of Christ in prototype divine dynasphere) to glory (momentum of believer in the divine dynasphere), just as from the Spirit of the Lord (the power of God the Holy Spirit under the filling ministry of God the Holy Spirit)."

This passage starts out by informing us that the Holy Spirit is God. It is one of the rare passages that document the deity of the Holy Spirit. Here He is called "kurios," a Greek word for deity.

The filling of the Spirit is the means of living the Christian way of life, and/or the enabling power to execute the protocol plan of God. Gal 5:16, "Walk by means of the Spirit, and you will not fulfill the lusts of the OSN."

When we look into the mirror of the Word of God, it is not our reflection we see, but the mirror of the Word produces the reflection of Jesus Christ.

"Being transformed into the same image" is a reference to Gal 4:19;"My little children, I am sweating you out until Christ is formed in you." Christ being formed in you is the key to 2Cor 3:18;

Christ being formed in us is the result of the continuous persistent PMA of God's Word of Truth. Eph 4:13;

The only thing that mankind has in common with angels is his free volition. Human freedom is therefore an extension of the angelic conflict into human history. God created mankind to resolve the angelic conflict. That is why we exist and that is why we are left on the planet after we are saved.

The non-meritorious function of mankind's free volition resolves the issue of the integrity of God as the creator of all things.

Evangelism that is the message to express non-meritorious faith alone in the truth that the Lord Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the only way to be saved is the purpose for and the greatest issue that is to be addressed by human freedom. John 3:16; Acts 16:31;

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