Class Notes: 6/22/2016

John 8:44; Rev 12:9; The doctrine of how the lie becomes the public lie of public opinion part 6

In our study of how the lie becomes so pervasive that it becomes the public lie per Jesus' statement regarding satan the "father of lies" who deceives the entire world John 8:44; Rev 12:9; aka how satan uses public education, the media and the political class to deceive the nations into believing that satanic viewpoint is superior to divine viewpoint.

We noted that through the institutions, the media the "progressives" have replaced divine viewpoint including establishment and doctrinal viewpoint with a collectivist communist statist atheistic politically correct viewpoint.

The progressive communist "long march through the institutions" has accomplished the task of transforming the population from a well-educated upwardly mobile, spiritually astute, traditionalist oriented electorate into a mind-numbed, Balkanized mob of narcissists who are self-absorbed, and ignorant.

Unable to effectively function in a free society they demand government handouts. They have become nihilists who will follow anyone who promises them a free lunch, free college tuition, and free health insurance, and whatever else that they want for free.

They want "something for nothing," and that "something" is government money and the "nothing" is their effort to earn it.

The means of selling an entire population "the lie" is to promise anything and everything for free while advancing the hidden agenda of plundering private property and destroying freedom in order to pay for it

It is a conspiracy, but it is satan's conspiracy, because most of the human participants are unaware of it. They are simply mind-numbed robots locked in step with satan because of the OSN. This is why the warfare is spiritual. 2Cor 10:5; Eph 6:12;

All modern-day conspiracies hide behind the fašade of an ideology based on a public lie that when shouted long enough and loud enough becomes public opinion.

The way "progressive" ideology works can be understood by referencing Karl Marx's definition of ideology as a pseudo-philosophical, rhetorical veil that conceals while advancing the economic interests of a class.

When applied to cultural Marxism it would be described as a pseudo-philosophical rhetorical veil that conceals while advancing a hidden agenda.

All conspiracies have leaders whose objectives are power and control. They only need an ideology that they can hide behind so they can conceal while advancing their hidden agenda.

They do this by finding what they consider to be "vulnerable" minorities who can be manipulated by approbation lust, pseudo-compassion, or anger. These special interest groups who are already functioning in the crusader arrogance of cosmic one so they are easy targets for deception by false promises and flattery.

The conspiracy's leaders feed the lust pattern of the crusaders by assuring them that their valid special interest is being ignored by the status quo. Flattery is the catalyst that unites the crusaders with the conspirators.

As pawns in the plot to reach the unstated hidden agenda of the conspirators the crusaders become the mouthpiece of the conspiracy.

An example of this is the global climate change lie where the conspirators sell the lie of "global climate change" to whoever is willing to buy it by selling it as a "crisis." They support their "crisis by fudging the climate data and using inaccurate computer models.

Those who buy the lie become the crusaders who are then organized by the conspirators into special interest groups with a stated public agenda that is really a rhetorical veil to clean up the environment that greedy capitalists and privileged people have desecrated.

The conspirators including academia, the media and the political class enable the crusaders by authenticating the lie and providing outlets to communicate it.

The academy teaches the lie, media spreads it, the politicized courts uphold it, and the politicians get in line at the government teat by creating subsidies for companies that produce the products associated with their agenda that in the case of the global warming lie are ethanol, windmills and solar panels.

These companies rarely make a profit but their expenses are paid for by government mandates, and tax credits.

Companies who make energy products that don't comply with the "global climate change" initiatives because they are "nonrenewable" have their profits confiscated by excessive taxation and over regulation.

The cost of producing "nonrenewable" energy is artificially driven up and the cost of producing so called "renewable" energy that is dependent on the sun and wind is artificially reduced so cash strapped consumers have little choice but to buy the "renewable" energy.

The lie can be advanced as long as the actual use of "nonrenewable" energy greatly exceeds the use of "renewable" energy but the entire system implodes with rolling black outs and brown outs when the sun and wind based "renewable" energy becomes a significant part of the total production portfolio.

But even that does not stop the crusaders who remain motivated to move their agenda forward by the mantra, "the earth must be saved for future generations at any cost." They believe the end is so righteous that they are justified in using any and all means necessary including criminality to pursue their agenda.

Don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with "renewable" energy systems because they have their place in the market but they should only be adopted by uncoereced free volition in a truly free market under the principles of free enterprise.

Government sponsored corporatism hurts the poor the most because their policies artificially raise prices. The oil and gas and the coal industry have all been hurt by evil government policies ever since Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger figured out they could borrow back the oil dollars from the Saudi's in the 1970s.

The result of using the trade deficit caused by excessively high energy prices to fund the national budget deficit that combined with the EPA (another Nixon agency) with its draconian environmental fascism was to lock in artificially high energy prices for decades until the recent collapse that occurred because lies are ultimately unsustainable.

Poor people are helped more by having jobs and low prices than they are by receiving government subsidies (handouts). Our economy has been destroyed by evil government policies for decades and now nearly 1/2 of the population is receiving some kind of government subsidy (handout). These socialist lies are also unsustainable so they will ultimately also fail miserably.

This is why God's indictment against Israel's leaders applies to the political class in the USA today. Isa 10:1-4;

The conspirators' hidden agenda is an attack on divine establishment freedom through the seizure of private property by over regulation that prevents development and plundering taxation in the guise of so called carbon credits that are in essence a tax on everyone who breathes.

When implemented the progressive conspirators will have stolen the power and control they wanted with almost no opposition. They can now limit private property and capitalism, and reinvent society in any manner that they choose by controlling everyone with a massive central government that regulates everything and compel everyone to comply them under penalty of "law."

This is how "the lie" becomes the public lie contained in public opinion. Under the direction of satan and his demon army the conspirators are simultaneously advancing different lies into the public lies of public opinion on many fronts.

Whatever the crusade, its pseudo-philosophical rhetorical veil conceals while advancing the hidden agenda of satan's plan of establishing a globalist dictatorship under his control on the earth. In order to do this he must first destroy client nation USA.

The present "hidden agenda" of the satanic progressives in the is conversion of the American culture into a culture that is egalitarian, secular, libertine, and collectivist.

The progressives profess to offer the citizens more freedom however, the "freedom" they actually do offer actually has to do more with removing the internal restraint of the basic principles of Divine Establishment morality while imposing tyrannical system of external restraints on freedoms that a truly free society actually requires to maintain freedom.

The satanically inspired progressive conspirators are advancing their tyranny by:
(1) limiting the freedom to express what they consider to be "politically incorrect" speech;
(2) limiting media access to those who oppose their egalitarian libertine agenda;
(3) eliminating the natural right to comply with Jesus' mandate to keep and bear arms;

(4) destroying personal wealth through the confiscatory taxation that is required to sustain socialist government social programs that transfer wealth;
(5) confiscating private property through illegal judicial rulings that prevent development and the abuse of eminent domain to increase tax revenue;

(6)destroying capitalism through "international laws" that are established based on the "global climate change" lie by imposing confiscatory taxes in the form of carbon credits, first on corporations, later on individuals. This is being advanced in congress with trade deals under the guise of "free trade,"

(7) and destroying the culture by the unrestricted immigration of unvetted people who do not want to assimilate and do not share the foundational Divine Establishment values that are the basis of the nations prosperity from God's blessing.

Each of these is simply a means designed create a crisis with the objective of achieving the desired ends of fundamentally changing the USA from a country based on divine establishment truth into a country that is based on socialist corporatist secular atheistic lies.

By using Hitler's propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbel's, principle of stating a big enough lie long enough and loud enough the progressives are establishing their lies as public opinion.

The nation has been divided and betrayed by the progressives who have used our own laws to destroy us by hiding behind our immoral minorities in the name of "equality."

We have a republic but we cannot sustain it because of our immorality.

God permits this because he is permitting satan to use people in his attempt to make his case in the court trial that becomes the resolution of the angelic conflict.

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