Class Notes: 7/3/2016

The doctrine of how the lie becomes the public lie of public opinion John 8:44; Rev 12:9; part 9

In our study of how the lie becomes so pervasive that it becomes the public lie per Jesus' statement regarding satan the "father of lies" who deceives the entire world John 8:44; Rev 12:9; aka how satan uses public education, the media and the political class to deceive the nations into believing that satanic viewpoint is superior to divine viewpoint.

We noted that through the institutions and the media the "progressives" have replaced divine viewpoint including establishment and doctrinal viewpoint with a collectivist communist statist atheistic "politically correct" viewpoint.

God permits this because he is permitting satan to use mankind in his attempt to make his case in the court trial that is the basis of the resolution of the angelic conflict.

The choices people make becomes their testimony in the court trial of the angelic conflict. People therefore have a right to be wrong and testify for satan and his nefarious agenda. Most are so deceived they are unaware of the fact that their choices are evil.

When we left off last time we were looking at the example of the operational public lie in the Exodus generation of Israel where Korah, Dathan, and Abriam led an insurrection against Moses and Aaron and as a result they and everyone and everything associated with them was swallowed by the earth.

We noted that the pattern of the public lie is found in Psa 119:69; "The arrogant ones have smeared me with lies; But with all my heart I will observe Your doctrines."

Arrogant people are the source of the public lie. The most flawed people you will ever find are those in the media and politics who propagandize through the public lie.

Those who create and promote the public lie are motivated by power lust, monetary lust and approbation lust. Their strong insatiable lust to control others feeds their revenge motivation.

Vindictive and implacable people are always ready to believe anything about someone they despise and hate, or someone they think is in opposition to their controlling people.

The only protection you have against the public lie is to stand your ground by holding onto and keeping God's Word of Truth. The purveyors of the lie are so locked into deception that no attempt to set them straight will be believed.

They won't believe you no matter what you say in your attempt to explain the truth to them. You have to have the courage from doctrine to wait on God for His defense. Isa 40:31; Isa 54:17; Rom 12:19;

Isa 44:20a; "He feeds on ashes; a deceived heart has turned him aside. And he cannot deliver himself, nor say, `Is there not a lie in my right hand?'"

Ashes represent the results of the fire of jealousy. The person who uses the public lie mixes a little truth with lies and distortions. People who manufacture the public lie almost never recover; they usually die the sin unto death because nothing can penetrate their locked in negative volition to truth.

Isa 44:20b; He has a deceived heart from negative volition. He has so much scar tissue of the soul, emotional revolt of the soul, and blackout of the soul that he cannot learn and recover by use of the problem solving devises.

Isa 44:20c;"Is there not a lie in my right hand?" means that he cannot admit that he is wrong.

Jer 27:10; "For they preach a lie to you, in order to remove you far from your land; and I will drive you out, and you will perish." This passage tells that us the lie is used to defeat and destroy.

Jer 27:14-15; "So do not listen to the words of the prophets who speak to you, saying, `You shall not serve the king of Babylon,' for they prophesy a lie to you;

v15 for I have not sent them," declares the Lord," but they prophesy falsely in My name, in order that I may drive you out, and that you may perish, you and the prophets who prophesy to you."

The public lie was a part of the administration of the fifth cycle of discipline to the southern kingdom of Judah. Whenever the public lie is operational, it always has an evil purpose.

The public lie is an evil device that is used to eliminate rivals or enemies or those who stand in the way of fulfilling the power, monetary, and approbation lust of the purveyors of the lie. Those who communicate the public lie preach it as a means of destroying you.

Jeremiah told Zedekiah not to listen to those preaching the public lie and to submit to the authority of Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon.

But instead of listening to Jeremiah, Zedekiah believed the public lie and rebelled against Nebuchadnezzar and as a result Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the kingdom of Judah in 586 B.C.

Since Zedekiah had no spiritual courage from doctrine he could not keep his own promise to Nebuchadnezzar. Zedekiah revolted, was betrayed, captured by Nebuchadnezzar, watched his sons die before his eyes, and then had his own eyes gouged out.

Jer 29:21-22; "Thus says the Lord of the armies, the God of Israel, concerning Ahab the son of Kolaiah and concerning Zedekiah the son of Maaseiah, who are prophesying to you falsely in My name, `Behold, I will deliver them into the hand of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, and he shall slay them before your eyes.'

v22 And because of them a curse shall be used by all the exiles from Judah who are in Babylon, saying, `May the Lord make you like Zedekiah and like Ahab, whom the king of Babylon roasted by fire.'"

Jer 29:31-32, "Send to all the exiles, saying, `Thus says the Lord concerning Shemaiah the Nehelamite,' "Because Shemaiah has prophesied to you, although I did not send him, and he has made you trust in a lie,

v32 " therefore thus says the Lord, "Behold, I am about to punish Shemaiah the Nehelamite and his descendants; he shall not have anyone living among this people, and he shall not see the prosperity that I am about to do to My people," declares the Lord, "because he has preached rebellion against the Lord." '

We see from this that in the process of vindicating Himself God causes terrible things happen to both those who proclaim and those who believe the public lie.

God ultimately always makes war against the arrogant and gives grace to the humble James 4:6; In the mean time since sentence against evil is not executed quickly men continue to function in evil. Eccles 8:11;

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