Class Notes: 7/10/2016

The doctrine of how the lie becomes the public lie of public opinion John 8:44; Rev 12:9; part 11 The doctrine of revolution part 1

In our study of how the lie becomes so pervasive that it becomes the public lie per Jesus' statement regarding satan the "father of lies" who deceives the entire world John 8:44; Rev 12:9; aka how satan uses the media, the academy and the political class to deceive the nations into believing that satanic viewpoint is superior to divine viewpoint.

We noted that through the institutions and the media the "progressives" have replaced divine viewpoint including establishment and doctrinal viewpoint with a collectivist communist statist atheistic "politically correct" demonic viewpoint. 1Tim 4:1

God permits this because he is permitting satan to use mankind in his attempt to make his case in the court trial that is the basis of the resolution of the angelic conflict

Without Bible doctrine circulating in the stream of consciousness under the mentorship of God the Holy Spirit, the believer has no capacity to believe the truth.

When believers fail to function under the ministry of God the Holy Spirit they become vulnerable to believing the public lie and whatever truth that remains in their stream of consciousness is suppressed by scar tissue of the soul. 1Cor 2:14-15;

When believers choose to believe the public lie they become spiritually blinded by scar tissue of the soul, blackout of the soul, emotional revolt of the soul, and garbage in the subconscious mind from suppressing the truth in their thinking. Eph 4:17-20;

If you live by the public lie, you will die by the public lie because scar tissue of the soul has no capacity for truth. There is soulish reflex motility but no spiritual life without truth. John 14:6;

Anyone can say anything about anyone else and someone will always believe it, especially if they have mental attitude sins toward that person. Those who fall for the lie are either those who never had any truth in their soul or those who have suppressed the truth with accumulated garbage from their subconscious mind because of their rejection of truth and mental attitude sins.

The originator or manufacturer of the public lie is either irrational from the emotional complex of sins (cosmic 1), evil from the arrogance complex of sins (cosmic 2), or insane because of mental illness.

Regardless of the cause the person's volition is involved so the law of volitional responsibility applies, even in the case of the mentally ill believer who has illusions, delusions, hallucinations, or any other persistent false mental perceptions that are divorced from reality and resistant to reason.

This means that anyone who manufactures the public lie is under liability for divine discipline. This liability to divine discipline also extends to those who believe the public lie.

The sins of the arrogance complex such as jealousy, bitterness, hatred, vindictiveness, implacability, or revenge motivation are often the reason for believing the public lie.

This means that there is evil sinful motivation in both the origin of and in the believing of the public lie.

The public lie is a place where evil people become compatible and function together in the production of every form of evil including blackout of the soul, emotional revolt of the soul, scar tissue of the soul, and garbage in the subconscious.

This is how conspiracies that lead to insurrection and revolution begin.

Power, approbation, and revenge lust motivate the inordinate ambition of those who create the public lie and they use the public lie to destroy their opposition or to control the people and circumstances of their environment.

Many people want to control and manipulate all the people in their periphery. They do this through the public lie and they start with the use of duplicitous hypocritical compliments. Psa 23:6-8;

The object of the public lie is to create an environment for the control and manipulation of others through character assassination.

The public lie exists in every category of life. In the spiritual realm when a jealous believer slanders another believer:

In the social realm when the implacable believer takes revenge on another believer.
In the political realm when those with inordinate ambition plus inordinate competition destroy an enemy through vilification.

In the realm of ideas, the public lie that communism is good, that socialism works, that ruining the environment will destroy the earth, that crime can be stopped without capital punishment, that freedom can exist without military victory, or that the Jews or any race are the cause of the world's problems.

If you believe the lie, you live by the lie, and your life becomes a lie and if you live by the lie, you will die by the lie. This is the status of the entire government of our nation at this time in history. This is not the first time a client nation has been destroyed in the manner. Isa 1:1-7;

Most people who live by the lie are emotionally immature people and believing the lie and living by the lie becomes a self-induced handicap for them.

Only consistent cognition and inculcation of God's Word of truth will break the power that this evil self-induced handicap has over them.

We have noted how the public lie becoming public opinion leads to conspiracy, insurrection and revolution so we will now take up a study of the doctrine of revolution.

Satan invented the lie that became the public lie that led to the first conspiracy and the first revolution. Isa 14:13-14;

Dissatisfied people exist in every nationality and every organization. These people are called malcontents. Because of the trends of their OSN dissatisfied people inevitably function under the emotional and arrogance sins that become the motivation for conspiracy and revolution.

The weapon formed for the revolution is always the general population starting with the malcontents. Korah, Dathan, and Abriam, and David's son Absalom were all malcontents who conspired to rebel against legitimate authority.

We see this in our nation today with the "black lives matter" rent a mob.

The lie contained in their propaganda was the allegation that the people are not being treated with equality and justice. The motivation for the conspiracy to revolution comes from disorientation to authority arrogance.

The leaders of the rebellion use propaganda to mold the common people into a weapon for rebellion. All revolutions start with a small hard-core group that branches out into the general population when people fall for the propaganda of the public lie because of the lust patterns of their OSN.

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