Class Notes: 7/13/2016

Isa 14:13-14; The doctrine of revolution part 2

We are now in a study of the doctrine of revolution. Last time we launched from our study of the doctrine of the lie that becomes the evil basis of the public lie that subsequently metastasizes into conspiracy, insurrection and revolution in the malcontents.

We noted that Satan, the first malcontent, invented the first lie that became the first public lie in the angelic realm that led to the first conspiracy and the first revolution. Isa 14:13-14;

Dissatisfied people exist in every nationality and every organization. These people are called malcontents. Because of the trends of their OSN dissatisfied people inevitably function under the emotional and arrogance sins that become the motivation for manufacturing the public lie that leads to conspiracy and revolution.

When malcontents create a the public lie that rejects the principles humility (authority orientation, doctrinal orientation and grace orientation) and substitutes in their place the three arrogance skills, of the arrogance complex of sins (self-justification, self-deception, and self absorption), and the emotional complex of sins (jealousy, hatred, vindictiveness, implacability) there is great power for evil.

Together these comprise the propaganda that becomes the basis of the lie that becomes the public lie due to the arrogance of the public. Public opinion arrogance and lust creates a power vacuum that a demagogue will fill and use to forge the public into a weapon for revolution against God and His Word in its categories of divine establishment, the Gospel, and Bible Doctrine.

It creates a power that is without virtue, without truth, and without reason. Public opinion that is based on the public lie becomes an emotional power without facts and without reason, that is guided by emotional lust patterns of the OSN. James 1:14-16;

One of the public lies that is being used by today's rent a mob is "hands up don't shoot." This is the lie that was created by the malcontents in Fergeson, MO that was picked up by the media, the crusaders, and the liberal politicians and has become a public lie.

Demagogues take advantage of the public lie and public opinion arrogance to create revolutionary power from six sources of arrogance: institutional, crusader, blind, political, client nation, and antiauthority. This means that when public opinion becomes a power for revolution, it is a weapon that is forged from the strong delusion that occurs when truth is rejected. Rom 1:21;

God's Word of truth that is contained in the laws of divine establishment is the only protection the public possesses against this revolutionary arrogance. This applies to both believers and unbelievers.

There are three categories of truth that are replaced by the strong delusion of the public lie: the Gospel, Bible doctrine, and the laws of divine establishment. People who reject truth are enslaved by the propaganda of the public lie and become vulnerable to incitement to revolution.

John 1:14,17; tells us that Jesus Christ is truth and that grace and truth came through Him.

Because of this Jesus Christ always eventually disciplines everyone who rejects truth whither they are believers who reject doctrine or the laws of divine establishment or unbelievers who reject the laws of divine establishment.

The pattern for this is described in the ascendancy of the "lawless one" in the tribulation.

2Thes 2:9-12; "that is, the one whose presence shall be according to the modus operandi of Satan, with all power and by means of miracles, even wonder-miracles of the lie,

v10 and by means of all deception of unrighteousness to those who are being lead astray, because they did not receive a love for the truth (God's Word) in order that they might be delivered.

v11 And so for this reason God sends them the function of error (strong delusion) that they might believe a lie,

v12 in order that they all who would not believe the truth but instead took pleasure in evil (injustice, unrighteousness, deceitfulness, wrongdoing) may be condemned"

This "lawless one" will rule in the Tribulation but these same principles that he will function under during the tribulation are already operational right now in the Church Age.

These miracles are designed to support the same old lie that alleges that Satan has a program that is better than God's because it allegedly provides more equality and justice for the oppressed. The lie comes in every possible form and those who become involved in Christian activism do so because they believe the satanic lie.

A love for the truth is operation of the spiritual skills and the problem solving devices deployed as the doctrinal defense on the perimeter of your thinking. 1Thes 5:21;b 2Cor 10:5;

The truth brings every thought into compliance with Jesus Christ who is the personification of truth. John 1:17; John 14:6;

Crusader arrogance plus criminal arrogance leads to revolution. Crusading believers become criminal believers. For example, in the French Revolution the criminals used the Christian crusader activists as a cloak for their criminality.

The same thing is happening today where criminal mobs are using the "reverend" crusader activists who teach black liberation theology and crusade for so called "equality and justice" as a cloak for their evil attacks on establishment truth and those who enforce it and in the process destroy privacy, private property, and freedom in the client nation.

Revolution is defined as the forcible overthrow of an established government or a political system by the people governed. Revolution is the overthrow by violence of duly constituted legitimate authority, resulting in a fundamental change in political organization, constitution, or government that results in violence done to its legitimate leadership.

Revolution is the change in the political system from divine establishment to criminal crusader arrogance. Revolution involves lawless mobs of people who choose not to think, work, or achieve.

Criminals manipulate the mob. The mob becomes the weapon of the revolution, exploited by the crusader that is controlled by criminals who function in satan's cosmic system.

The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States demonstrate that the war of independence in America was not a revolution because there were no attempts made to overthrow or do violence against King George of England or his government in England.

Revolution is a form of conspiracy, that is an evil, unlawful, treacherous, and surreptitious plan, formulated in secret to overthrow government to remove legitimate establishment authority by means of violence.

Conspiracy is a combination of anti-authority people whose objective is evil. The carefully devised and secret plan of the conspirators is called a "plot," while the means of carrying out that plot is called "intrigue." "Machination" emphasizes the scheming or crafty development of the evil plan.

This brings us to a brief study on the doctrine of conspiracy. There are three categories of conspiracy. A plot is a carefully devised plan for the overthrow of authority. The plotters are few in numbers, brilliant of intellect, warped in mental attitude, and motivated by power lust.

Intrigue is a system of scheming involving petty and underhanded activity. The intrigue crowd is deceived by the plotters. Usually this type of conspiracy falls together by accident, as the malcontents who gathered together to criticize form a consensus. They are drawn together by intrigue and often deny that there is any organized conspiracy.

Machination is a crafty and torturous process of overthrowing establishment or doing harm to authority, as in a mob. This is generally the activity of those who don't have enough to do so they become busybodies. 2Thes 3:11-15;

The most deliberate category of conspiracy is the plot. The other two are successively inferior. Conspiracy is the cause satan's rebellion in the Angelic Conflict so God's Word records many conspiracies.

We have noted that Satan's conspiracy and rebellion against God as the first conspiracy. Isa 14:13-14;

David and Joab conspired to assassinate Bathsheba's husband Uriah. 2Sam 11:14-17;

Conspiracy was the basis of Absalom's revolution against David, 2Sam 15:12-13;

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