Class Notes: 7/20/2016

Isa 14:13-14; The doctrine of revolution part 4

We have launched from our study of the public lie into the study of the doctrine of revolution and taken a brief side trip into the doctrine of conspiracy because revolutions always involve plotting, intrigue and machination.

All of this started with Satan, the first malcontent, who invented the first lie that became the first public lie in the angelic realm that led to the first conspiracy and the first revolution. Isa 14:13-14;

These types of evil are a normal part of life in satan's world and are and will continue to be the status quo in the world until Jesus comes and removes satan and his progressive liberal do-gooder followers from their position as rulers of the world. John 8:44;

When we stopped last time we noted that since God is the author of the laws of divine establishment, revolution is always anti-God because it is anti legitimate authority, as was the case of the French revolution and the Russian revolution.

Jer 5:23; "But this people have a calloused and revolutionary heart. They have turned aside from doctrine and departed from establishment principles."

Pre-revolutionary activity is the key to understanding revolution. Pre-revolution activity indicates dissention and unrest from locked in negative volition in a client nation to God that often ends in disaster to the nation under God's administration of the fourth and fifth cycles of discipline. Jer 5:1-Jer 6:1; NET

This is what is coming to the USA if we don't have a collective change of thinking about God's Word of truth. 2Chron 7:14;

Isa 59:13; "Transgressing (rejection of establishment truth) and denying the Lord (rejection of the Gospel), and turning away from God (rejection of Bible doctrine). Speaking oppression and revolution, uttering the lies that have been conceived in the thinking."

This passage connects the rejection of God's Word of truth with the public lie that that results in revolution.

In a legitimate government, the laws of divine establishment provide a correct balance between authority and freedom. If you attack either one the balance is destroyed.

Freedom without authority is anarchy and authority without freedom is tyranny. This balance must be maintained because when you destroy the balance, you get anarchy and tyranny and revolution.

Socialism carried to its logical conclusion is authority without freedom because bureaucrats are never responsible to elected representatives. They are responsible to those in the executive branch who established the bureaucracy.

Bureaucracy is responsible only to the tyranny that forms it. The legitimate elected representatives in Congress who are responsible for establishing law do not vote for the evil that becomes "law" that is imposed on the nation by the bureaucrats.

This tyranny is what is the source of much of the unrest that is occurring in our country at this time.

By shirking it's responsibilities and passing large omnibus bills the Congress has failed in its responsibility to exercise oversight over the bureaucratic laws, and exercise control over the spending and tyranny of the government bureaucracy.

Jesus faced this same kind of bureaucratic tyranny from the Jewish leaders that governed Judea during His first advent using their oral "law instead of God's Word. Matt 15:1-9; His rejection of their "oral law" was the reason they hated Him and conspired to kill him. John 5:16-18;

Most people don't recognize it as such but Christians are facing this same kind of conspiracy from the bureaucracy in our country today as their rulings and policies conflict with the establishment principles of God's Word of truth.

Revolution uses freedom to destroy freedom. The laws of divine establishment never separate freedom from legitimate authority and law.

Revolution is therefore anti-authority, anti-establishment, anti-law, and anti-God. The laws of divine establishment provide a government whose function provides law and order to protect human volition, privacy, and recognize the sacredness of property and human life.

We saw how Absalom used his freedom to set aside the law and undermine the authority of David.

The conspirator and revolutionist always suffer from anti-authority arrogance and as a result the revolutionist rejects the principles of authority that are the sine que non of freedom.

Arrogance cannot separate the principle of legitimate authority that is sacrosanct from the person who possesses authority who may abuse and misuse it to create tyranny.

For example in our nation we must always respect and honor the office of the president even when an evil person possesses that office. We must always lawfully replace the evil person without destroying the office and if we cannot we must wait for Jesus Christ to do it.

This is the lesson we learn from David when he could have killed Saul as he was trying to capture David so he could kill him. 1Sam 26:6-11;

Lack of authority orientation starts in the home where disobedience to parents destroys capacity for life and replaces it with the interlocking system of arrogance. Revolution destroys both the principle of authority and the person who possesses authority.

Mobs are forged into a weapon of destruction removing both the legitimate principle of authority along with person who possesses that authority resulting in the removal of legitimate authority that is the aegis for freedom.

This is what the "black lives matter" mobs and those who control them are doing with their attacks on local law enforcement in our country at this time.

If this is left unchecked the local and county law enforcement officers who are the aegis for establishment freedom in our nation will be replaced by a national police force like the SS in Hitler's Germany or the stasi police in communist East Germany that were both an aegis for tyranny.

When you hear of calls for a national police force the German SS and the East German stasi are what should come to mind. Remember satan's objective is to rule the world and the only way he can do that is with the tyranny of centralized power so and any time centralized power and control are established satan is one step closer to his objective.

The laws of divine establishment emphasize freedom and self-determination that always results in inequality within a nation. Revolution emphasizes the public lie of equality that always destroys both authority and freedom.

Freedom never guarantees equality, in fact because of free volition and self-determination freedom always guarantees inequality.

Forced "equality" is the policy of totalitarianism, it is the propaganda of those who will be tyrants and dictators. Forced equality leads to revolution. Utopian socialism is the evil redistribution of wealth by the government through the plundering of private property through excessive taxation in the name of equality.

The sentimental pseudo compassion of socialism and communism leads all kinds of evil governmental plundering and exploitation.

The call for "equality" is the lying propaganda of the revolutionist who seeks to gain power and control over the masses by exploiting their arrogance, their strong delusion, and the lust patterns of their OSN.

The Absalom revolution undermined the authority of his father David who was as the greatest king in the history of Israel. David, is generally accepted as one of the most gifted and versatile leaders in the history of Israel.

Moses is the only leader of Israel who surpasses David in ethical greatness and historical importance. In forging Israel into a great nation David completed what Moses began with the Exodus.

The American war of independence that is often called a revolution was not a revolution. There was no anti-establishment, anti-God movement. The founders did not overthrow the establishment of English government. They did not depose or kill the king or harm one Member of Parliament. The established government in England was not hurt in any way.

It was a war for independence. It was a fight for freedom and divine establishment rather than the overthrow of establishment in the name of "liberty, equality and fraternity." as was the case of the French Revolution.

Liberty or Freedom is actually canceled by equality and fraternity. The war of independence was not a revolution and should never be called a "Revolutionary War."

Establishment in England was not actually vested in King George. The parliament ruled the county, not the king. Authority was in the House of Commons, not the House of Lords.

The colonies were taxed without consent and without representation. They initially they sought to gain seats in Parliament but they were denied. Through victory in a war of independence a new autonomous government was established in what was to become client nation USA.

God's Word condemns revolution. We have noted the revolution against Moses and Aaron described in Num 16, that was a rejection of divine establishment and the priestly ministry that God had established for tribe of Levi. Numbers 3:41-45;

Korah, one of the revolutionary leaders who was in the tribe of Levi was the cousin of Moses and Aaron. He was jealous and therefore disoriented to their authority. He resented being assigned to service in the tabernacle.

Dathan and Abiram, the other conspirators were from the tribe of Reuben. They thought they should rule instead of Moses. But God had refused to give leadership to the tribe of Reuben. Gen 49:1-4;

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