Class Notes: 7/24/2016

Isa 14:13-14;The doctrine of revolution part 5

Continuing in our study of the doctrine of revolution after a brief side trip into the doctrine of conspiracy because revolution always involves plotting, intrigue and machination against establishment truth and those who enforce it.

All of this started with Satan, the first malcontent, who invented the first lie that became the first public lie that led to the first conspiracy and the first revolution in the angelic realm. Isa 14:13-14; God sentenced satan and those who followed him in the revolution to the lake of fire. Matt 25:41;

God's response to satan's allegation that God/s sentence is unjust was the creation of mankind to be a witness for or against God regarding the same issue. Those who stand for the categories of truth testify for God. Those who buy the lie and function in the evil of conspiracy and revolution testify for satan.

Last time we noted that God's Word condemns revolution. We have noted the revolution against Moses and Aaron described in Num 16, that was a rejection of divine establishment and the priestly ministry that God had established for tribe of Levi. Numbers 3:41-45;

Korah, one of the revolutionary leaders who was in the tribe of Levi was the cousin of Moses and Aaron. He was jealous and therefore disoriented to their authority. He resented being assigned to service in the tabernacle.

Dathan and Abiram, the other conspirators were from the tribe of Reuben. They thought they should rule instead of Moses. But God had refused to give leadership to the tribe of Reuben. Gen 49:1-4;

We noted that God destroyed the conspirators with an earthquake and with fire, Num 16:31-35; In the plague judgment that followed God killed 14,000 of the general public who had been sucked into the revolution by their arrogance. Jude 11;c

Since God is the author of the laws of divine establishment, revolution is always anti-God, Isa 31:6, "Return to Him from whom you have revolted and defected, O citizens of Israel."

We have already noted Absalom's revolution against David but it is worthwhile to look at the series of events that set the stage for the revolution and contrast it with what the democrats have done to our country.

In our comparison King David corresponds to those who support the constitution and divine establishment principles in the USA and Absalom corresponds to those who oppose the constitution and divine establishment principles.

Our country has been under assault by anti constitutional and anti divine establishment viewpoint for decades but it recent events seem to indicate that that the nation may succumb to the assault.

2Sam 15:1-6; "Now it came about after this that Absalom provided for himself chariots and horses, and fifty men acting as couriers.

v2 Now Absalom would get up early in the morning and stand beside the castle gate road, so that any one who had a grievance, who came to the king for a judicial decision, then Absalom would call to him and say, `From what city are you?' Again he would say, `Your servant is from one of the tribes of Israel.'

v3 Furthermore, Absalom would say to him, `Look, your case is good and right, but you have no one appointed by the king to judge your case.'

2Sam 15:4; Then Absalom would add, `Who would appoint me judge in the land, then everyone who had a grievance or a legal complaint would come to me, and I would see to it that he received justice.'

v5 Furthermore, it came to pass when anyone approached to greet him, he would extend his hand and take hold of him and kiss him.

v6 Consequently, Absalom behaved in this manner to all Israel who came to the king for the administration of justice; and so Absalom stole the hearts of the men of Israel."

The couriers who were Absalom's co-conspirators were Absalom's agents of intrigue (hope and change). Absalom provided them with transportation to travel throughout the country to undermine David's authority and to extend a plot against David.

The couriers comprised a fifty-man clique that was, totally anti-government because they rejected the legitimate authority of King David and accepted Absalom's illegitimate presumption of authority.

Absalom only needed three things to start the revolution: recognition from his father David, (the kiss of David), transportation for the couriers who were the hardcore conspirators who became his agent provocateurs.

As the leader of the revolution, Absalom became a criminal, when he burned Joab's field of barley. 2Sam 14:30; Crusader arrogance plus criminal arrogance equal evil and revolution.

Crusader arrogance provides the motivation and justification for revolution. Criminal arrogance provides the leadership for revolution. Dissatisfied people who function under the arrogance skills provide the power for revolution.

The public lie that creates public opinion arrogance combine with power lust to create power without virtue, facts or reason. There is a great power for evil when public opinion rejects the principles of authority orientation and substitutes the arrogance skills, the arrogance complex of sins, and the emotional complex of sins.

Public opinion arrogance plus power lust creates power without virtue, facts without reason. Therefore, when public opinion becomes a power for revolution, it is a weapon forged from strong delusion from the public lie.

As always, the weapon of revolution is the people who are deluded by the public lie.

Truth related to the laws of divine establishment is the only protection the public has against the public lie and the arrogance skills. Because the truth always precedes the lie the public is responsible to know better and reject the lies and deceit.

Absalom placed himself in a strategic location so he could engage with the discontented, those who had real or imagined grievances, and those who were criminals.

Absalom parlayed the malcontents' grievances into revolutionary fervor and vigor. Absalom used empathy, pseudo compassion, his charming personality and his appeal to destroy king David's authority. But he did not attack king David directly.

When you want to undermine and destroy a government, you do not attack its leaders, you attack its laws. If you haven't noticed this is exactly what is presently happening in the USA. The socialist communist "liberals" are pandering to the malcontents and using them to attack the law and those who enforce the law.

The inspiring and attractive personality of Absalom motivated the people so he was able to seduce them and acquire power over them. Absalom used his hypocritical facade of concern and pseudo compassion, to mold the people into the weapon of revolution.

To enlist support for the revolution, Absalom must flatter the malcontented people with pseudo compassion. This gives the malcontents a chance to talk about themselves under the arrogance skills of self- justification, self-deception self-absorption, denial and projection.

Absalom exploited the malcontents' arrogance skills. Since the malcontent is preoccupied with his grievance, he is also preoccupied with himself and his circumstances. Absalom exploited the instability of these people by expressing empathy for them. Revolution always exploits unstable people.

Those who express pseudo compassion are hypocrites. The malcontent is happy to talk about himself, especially to someone important, whose friendliness and attractiveness is really temporary therapy to their condition.

The malcontent can go home and tell his family and friends he met someone important. Absalom undermined the authority of the king by stealing the hearts of the people who lived under this slimy facade of pseudo compassion.

By sympathizing with those who were going to court, Absalom maligned the judicial system. Therefore, Absalom undermined the authority of the king's judicial system that was where king David's authority was executed.

Claims and grievances cannot be settled by emotion, nor can they be settled by violence; only by the tenets of a legal system where hearsay is not admissible in the courtroom.

It is the law that protects human freedom, not emotion, not violence, not sympathy for the criminal. Sympathy for the criminal is pseudo compassion, and pseudo compassion is being used to destroy our country at this very moment.

Power lust made Absalom a lawless person. Therefore, he sympathized with other lawless people. The victims were forgotten and true issues were submerged in a sea of emotional and irrational nonsense.

Crusader arrogance and criminal arrogance make a person a revolutionist. Approbation lust made Absalom a crusader. Power lust made Absalom a criminal. Crusader arrogance plus criminal arrogance create the environment for revolution.

Lawless people find it easy to sympathize with other lawless people. The weapon of revolution is forged from lawlessness in the people. The hypocrisy of concern for others becomes a system of stealing power from legitimate authority.

A right governmental system requires a right person to run it properly. King David was the right person, Absalom was the wrong person because he used pseudo compassion to undermine the authority of jurisprudence. All revolution begins by successfully undermining legitimate authority of established law.

Respect for the law must be destroyed to pave the way for successful revolution. The right governmental system is good law. There is nothing wrong with law enforcement and the legal profession as guardians of our freedom, and those who protector our privacy, property, and lives.

The hypocrisy of concern for lawless malcontents is a system for stealing power from the legitimate authority of the law. Pseudo compassion for the criminal forgets the victim of crime and the true issues are submerged in a sea of emotional and irrational nonsense.

By sympathizing with those who had not yet entered the court system to receive a decision based on the law, Absalom was undermining the authority of jurisprudence thereby stealing power and authority from established law to create a lawless revolution.

Wrong people like Absalom reject the right governmental system. Revolution succeeds to the extent that it destroys and undermines the authority of law.

The wrong people destroying a right system in government are the most devious and insidious criminals in all of human history. This is exactly what has happened in the USA in recent years.

Right government demands right people for right function. You cannot right wrongs by wrongdoing. This is the formula of activism, civil disobedience, and revolution.

You do not overthrow the system because of wrong people functioning in the system, you keep the system and punish the wrong people who have abused the system. This is what we need to do in this country.

When abuses within a system are used as excuses for abolishing the system, then revolution destroys personal freedom and replaces it with tyranny and the violence of revolution.

When the system is right and the people who administer the system are wrong, the system should be preserved by punishing those who abuse the system. Punish those who abuse the system, but do not destroy the system.

Do not throw out the system, which is exactly what happens with socialism and communism.

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