Class Notes: 7/27/2016

Isa 14:13-14; The doctrine of revolution part 6

Within our continuing study of the doctrine of revolution we noted the doctrine of conspiracy because revolution always involves plotting, intrigue and machination against establishment truth and those who enforce it.

All of this started with Satan, the first malcontent, who invented the first lie that became the first public lie that led to the first conspiracy and the first revolution in the angelic realm. Isa 14:13-14; God sentenced satan and those who followed him in the revolution to the lake of fire. Matt 25:41;

God's response to satan's allegation that God/s sentence is unjust was the creation of mankind to be a witness for or against God regarding the allegation that God is unjust.

Those who stand for the categories of truth testify for God. Those who choose to believe the lie and function in the evil of conspiracy and revolution testify for satan.

Previously we started a comparison between the Absalom revolution and what is occurring in the USA at this time.

We noted that right government demands right people to function properly. Ben Franklin stated this same concept when he said regarding the founding of our nation: "We have a republic if we can keep it."

Wrongs cannot be corrected with additional wrongdoing. This is the formula of activism, civil disobedience, criminality and revolution.

You do not overthrow the system of government because of the wrong people who improperly function in the system. You keep the system and remove and punish the wrong people who have abused the system.

In this country this is what the congress should have done and since they shirked their responsibility the voters have the responsibility to do it.

When abuses within a system are used as excuses for abolishing the system, then revolution destroys personal freedom and replaces it with the tyranny and violence of revolution.

When the system is right and the people who administer the system are wrong, the system should be preserved by punishing those who abuse the system. Punish those who abuse the system, but do not destroy the system itself.

The attempt to replace our system with socialism and communism is an attempt to throw out the entire system.

When the government is good and right and the people seek to destroy that government by activism, socialism, and revolution, it is a case of wrong people destroying what is right.

The lies of revolutionary propaganda imply that the judicial system is wrong so the people need a change/ The allegation is that they need a new ruler who has who understands them and has compassion for them.

Absalom used propaganda to create this type of public lie regarding the malfunction of the legal system in Israel. He sowed doubts in the minds of the people coming to the court thereby undermining the judicial authority of the courts. This lead to an increase in criminality.

The judiciary became overloaded because the increase of crime. Therefore, many trials had to be postponed or delayed and people had to wait their turn. This situation indicates that crime was extensive in Israel and Absalom used this to undermine king David's authority.

In order to win the favor of the people, Absalom appointed himself as judge, accepting hearsay as evidence and rendering decisions without facts. Absalom flattered the criminals by implying they were innocent.

You can never wink at criminality without condoning crime. You cannot condone crime without destroying the judicial system. You cannot destroy the judicial system without creating anarchy.

Arrogance attracts arrogance. Revolution is promoted in the environment of arrogance. Without national arrogance, revolution is impossible. Those who condone crime are just as criminal as those who perpetrate crime.

Those in authority who condone crime are actually worse than the criminals because they create an environment for criminality. Jesus stated this principle in Luke 11:45-48;

Absalom is the beneficiary of grace and freedom. He is standing at the gate maligning the very judicial system that made it possible for him to be there. . He was maligning the very system that has set him free. He was arrogant and unthankful and he was biting the hand that fed him.

David had pardoned Absalom for killing Amnon and restored him to his place in the palace thereby providing him a position from which to launch his revolutionary activity. 2Sam 14:21;

Functioning under the arrogance skills Absalom had no capacity for love or appreciation for the benefits of grace that he had received. When people have no capacity for appreciation of how they are graced out in life it is inevitable that they will resent and rebel against those who have been kind to them.

Absalom used the people to promote himself to king. His weapon was his expression of pseudo compassion for the criminals.

Anyone who rejects legitimate authority becomes a user because they are using the freedom they have received from legitimate authority to undermine the legitimate authority that gave them their freedom. This is why it is so insidious.

While Absalom pretended to have great interest in the people, like all arrogant people, his interest was only in using the people to promote himself not in actually helping the people. All arrogant people are users.

Only those with humility from grace orientation can avoid being exploited by the arrogant. Humility is part of that defense because humility is oriented to grace, truth and legitimate authority. Absalom's faux-interest in the people was simply was a means of self-promotion and acquisition of power.

The malcontented are the fertile field for revolution that will promote Absalom. Beware that some arrogant person does not exploit the real or imagined discontent and grievances in your life, so that you revolt against God and His plan for your life.

Beware of the condescending personality because hidden behind that facade of alleged sympathetic interest is an agenda of self-serving arrogant activism.

Discontented people are maladjusted to the legitimate authority of the law and vulnerable to exploitation by the arrogance of activism and by the hypocrisy of pseudo compassion. When people are upset or angry or disillusioned, they become suckers for pseudo compassion.

The malcontents dance to the tune of the pseudo compassion of their sympathizers. Today's flattery is tomorrow's exploitation because the exploiters tell you what you want to hear. They do not tell you the truth.

Booker T Washington spoke of this in our country when he said """"There is another class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public.

Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs -- partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays.

Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs...

There is a certain class of race-problem solvers who do not want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public."""""

This exploitation of people with no real intention to help them means bigger and bigger government that never solves the problem and results in more and more tyranny.

Anyone who disagrees with the exploiters and tells the truth is hated and vilified. Gal 4:16;

National arrogance is molding material for revolution. All you have to do is remove the restraints of establishment authority and revolutionary disaster is inevitable.

While Absalom is really a criminal, he pretends to be a crusader for justice. This results in his becoming the front man for the revolution. Crusader arrogance plus criminal arrogance equals revolution. Revolution always contains an atmosphere for the advancement of evil.

The advance of evil includes all forms of socialism, the welfare state, the redistribution of wealth through government plundering, the destruction of law by diluting it with social programs and environmental lies, the downgrading of the military establishment, and destruction of the authority of the police by refusing to properly prosecute criminals.

Sin plus arrogance equals evil but in addition human good plus arrogance also equals evil. Evil comes from two sources. It comes from human good and it comes from sin and it always comes from arrogance.

Human good plus sin plus the arrogance skills equals revolution. People are promised that they will gain from the revolutionary change but the reality is that the people always lose.

The people who are forged as a weapon of change or revolution always end up being the victims of change and revolution, because they are enslaved by the arrogance of power and approbation lust.

People who vote for change are voting for and willingly participating in the destruction of their freedom. They will destroy their freedom for a bowl of soup called the welfare state.

Three categories of people live in a nation where revolution becomes a potential threat to the destruction of freedom.

The first group of people is the hardcore revolutionists who use conspiracy, intrigue and machination to overthrow the existing government of the nation that is based on divine establishment principles. This group includes the crusaders and the criminals.

The second group is the general public who must be propagandized by the hardcore revolutionists as well as the leadership of the conspiracy. It is the general public who are formed into a weapon that is then manipulated by the revolution for the destruction of the government that is based on divine establishment that results in the imposition of tyranny and the loss of freedom.

The third group is comprised of those who do not fall for the deception contained in the lies of the propaganda of the hardcore revolutionists who are leading the conspiracy. These people see through their lies and deceit and remain uncorrupted by their lies and deceit.

This group is comprised of unbelievers who are influenced by the laws of divine establishment and believers who are consistent in the perception and metabolization of Bible doctrine.

The believers in this group are those who function in God's Word using the problem solving devices that insulate them against the strong delusion and lying propaganda of the deceivers.

God's Word refers to this group as "the remnant according to the election of grace." Ezra 9:8-9;

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