Class Notes: 7/31/2016

Isa 14:13-14;The doctrine of revolution part 7

In our continuing study of the doctrine of revolution we noted the doctrine of conspiracy because revolution always involves plotting, intrigue and machination against establishment truth and those who enforce it.

All of this started with Satan, the first malcontent, who invented the first lie that became the first public lie that led to the first conspiracy and the first revolution in the angelic realm. Isa 14:13-14;

God sentenced satan and those who followed him in the revolution to the lake of fire. Matt 25:41;

God's response to satan's allegation that God's sentence is unjust was the creation of mankind to be a witness for or against God regarding the allegation that God is unjust.

Those who stand for the categories of truth testify for God. Those who choose to believe the lie and function in the evil of conspiracy and revolution testify for satan. Revolution always opposes Divine Establishment.

Previously we started a comparison between the Absalom revolution and what is occurring in the USA at this time Absalom rebelled against the establishment authority of King David. In the USA today the political class, the media and the academy are rebelling against the establishment authority of the Constitution.

Last time we noted the three categories of people that live in a nation where revolution becomes a potential threat to the destruction of freedom.

The first group of people is the hardcore revolutionists who use conspiracy, intrigue and machination to overthrow the established government of the nation that is based on divine establishment principles. This group includes the crusaders and the criminals.

The second group is the general public who must be propagandized by the hardcore revolutionists as well as the leadership of the conspiracy.

It is the general public who are deceived by the propaganda and then formed into a weapon that is then manipulated by the leadership of the revolution for the destruction of the government that is based on divine establishment resulting in the imposition of satanic tyranny and the loss of freedom.

The third group is comprised of those who do not fall for the deception contained in the lies of the propaganda of the hardcore revolutionists who are leading the conspiracy. These people see through their lies and deceit and remain uncorrupted because the see what is really going on.

This group is comprised of unbelievers who are influenced by the laws of divine establishment and believers who are consistent in the perception and metabolization of the Bible doctrine contained in God's Word of truth.

The believers in this group are those who apply God's Word using the problem solving devices that insulate them against the strong delusion and lying and deceitful propaganda of the deceivers.

This is the pivot of mature believers who are the invisible heroes of the Church Age. God's Word refers to this group as "the remnant according to the election of grace." Ezra 9:8-9;

The hardcore revolutionists and the general public follow the deceitful person, but those who are incorruptible follow the principles and immutable absolutes of the infallible word of God.

The hardcore revolutionist is a combination of the crusader and the criminal who functions under of the lust patterns of the sin nature. The lust patterns of the hardcore revolutionist include power lust, approbation lust, crusader lust, criminal lust, inordinate ambition and greed.

The deceitful propaganda of crusader arrogance is "equality". The deceitful propaganda of criminal arrogance is "justice".

The crusader alleges to offer "equality" and the criminal alleges to offer "justice." Equality and justice are promised to the deceived public but neither is ever provided because the revolutionaries are empowered by the mal-contentment.

Crusader arrogance functions through socialism, which destroys the economic benefits of freedom. Criminal arrogance functions through a system of unlawful confiscation and violence that destroys both spiritual and establishment blessing that comes from God.

An arrogant nation is vulnerable to revolution because national arrogance produces national instability and division and national irrationality that comes from emotional revolt of the soul that functions without restraint without the laws of divine establishment.

When God's Word of truth is rejected human freedom is vulnerable to deception. Therefore, crusader arrogance plus criminal arrogance equals evil and revolution.

Revolution and evil are opposite sides of the same coin because revolution is equivalent to evil and evil is equivalent to revolution. Both are satanic because he invented them.

Revolutionary leadership practices demagoguery by gaining power and popularity by arousing the emotions, the passions, and the prejudices of the deceived people.

This includes telling the people what they want to hear and promising to the crowd what it wants to have but never delivering on the promise. You cannot pander to the people and at the same time lead the people.

You cannot agree with the mob and at the same time lead the mob. You cannot rule the public and at the same time be ruled by the public lie.

You have to be ruled by the immutable principles of Divine establishment regardless of what the people think. Integrity, honor, and justice are required to rule the people, not flattery, arrogance, and deception.

In order to lead a leader must have moral courage, not immoral ambition and greed.

When the arrogance skills dominate the people, so that strong delusion is created in the populace revolution is inevitable. Only a people with humility from establishment and doctrinal truth remain uncorrupted so they are not influenced by the lies and deceit of the propaganda.

Revolution cannot advance beyond the arrogance of the people. When revolution does advance, it is because the people are arrogant and self absorbed.

The crusader gains adherence by promising, "hope and change." The criminal gains adherence by promising "equality and justice".

But their kind of hope and change, and equality and justice will never ever bring the happiness that the people want because happiness only comes from God's Word of truth that is in opposition to their lies and deceit.

Through political arrogance and flattery Absalom undermined the authority of king David. The people who rejected David's authority had already rejected all three categories of God's Word of truth.

This includes the laws of divine establishment, the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and Bible Doctrine. This includes the 10 Commandments that are the Decalogue of establishment freedom. All revolutions are anti- authority, anti grace, and anti truth and therefore anti God.

Arrogance appeals to arrogance, so that arrogance is vulnerable to arrogance. Part of blind arrogance is to be deceived by the arrogance of others, especially their hypocrisy of pseudo compassion.

The reason the "progressives" in the west will not acknowledge or condemn islam and its evil is because of irrationality that is created by their mutual arrogance. They are deceived by their arrogance so they are insane.

Because the people were arrogant they perceived Absalom's political arrogance to be humility. An arrogant person will only accept an arrogant leader.

Arrogant skills combine with defense mechanisms to create strong delusion in the thinking of the people, so that the people are easily deceived by the hypocrisy and condescension of arrogant leaders.

Arrogance destroys both the ability to lead and the ability to follow legitimate authority. Therefore, the people traded the great leadership of David for the evil leadership of Absalom.

The arrogance skills of the people responded to the arrogance skills of Absalom, causing them to be vulnerable to all kinds of deception so they believed the lie. Their arrogance and emotional sins take them from deception into strong delusion.

This is the process that is described in 2Thes 2:7-12; and 2Tim 4:3-4;

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