Class Notes: 8/7/2016

Isa 14:13-14;The doctrine of revolution part 9

In our continuing study of the doctrine of revolution we noted the doctrine of conspiracy because revolution always involves plotting, intrigue and machination against establishment truth and those who enforce it.

All of this started with Satan, the first malcontent, who invented the first lie that became the first public lie that led to the first conspiracy and the first revolution in the angelic realm. Isa 14:13-14;

God sentenced satan and those who followed him in the revolution to the lake of fire. Matt 25:41;

God's response to satan's allegation that God's sentence is unjust was the creation of mankind to be a witness for or against God regarding the allegation that God is unjust.

Those who stand for the categories of truth testify for God. Those who choose to believe the lie and function in the evil of conspiracy and revolution testify for satan.

We are noting Absalom's revolution against King David. Last time we saw that 200 men naively went with Absalom to Hebron where he initiated his revolution. 2Sam 15:11;

The two hundred men from Jerusalem were Absalom's aristocratic friends who were sycophants who got caught up in Absalom's prestige and fame.

Absalom simply used them. They were attracted to Absalom's position and personality. They were social butterflies, who wanted attention, and they were proud of their friendship with him.

In their emotion, they were unaware that they were being led into a revolutionary trap. The stupid of life never have the Bible doctrine necessary to provide discernment and to avoid the allure of physical attractiveness or mental attractiveness or the attractiveness of idealism.

The principle is found in Jer 17:5; "Cursed is the man who puts his trust in man, who depends on the flesh for his strength, and whose thinking turns away from the Lord."

To be friend of Absalom one had to neglect God's Word. Although often disregarded, cursing by association is a real principle in life. Your friend's evil, arrogance, and bad decisions become your bad decisions and you become cursed by your association with them.

These two hundred men would be comparable to big businessmen and industry leaders today. When big business is on the side of socialism it destroys freedom, it destroys the nation's economy and it destroys itself.

This is how the so-called "conservative" business owners are seduced by liberal policies because they support their greed.

The liberals pander to big business with crony corporatism that is misnamed as crony capitalism because it is not capitalism at all.

It is socialism because the government manipulates what is produced by doling out subsidies and tax credits while at the same time taxing other commodities out of existing. A good example of this what is happening in the energy business with solar and coal.

A lot of these people have shown their real colors this election year. They are not for free market capitalism at all what they want is big government, no borders, cheap labor and government subsidies. They have sold themselves out to evil government policies that are destroying free enterprise.

These are the same corporatists who support the beast dictator and international religion of the tribulation so they become rich and who will mourn when Jesus Christ returns and destroys satan's tyrannical international government. Rev 18:11-16;

The men from Jerusalem made the decision to accompany Absalom to Hebron from their own free will. No one forced them to go but they made their decision in ignorance.

God holds us responsible for decisions we make in ignorance as well as in cognizance. Ignorance of truth is the basis for the evil of human good. Ignorance of truth sets up a vacuum that sucks in human good. Many believers fall into this trap. It is one of the reasons the anti-establishment conspirators and revolutionists are so successful in our nation today.

Absalom's power over these two hundred men was an evil power that inspired an evil loyalty. To break away from Absalom's evil power each of the men must be flexible, humble, apply the truth, and recognize the great danger they were in because of their evil association with Absalom.

Extrication is much more complicated than implication. We are often delivered by what we avoid rather than what we accept. Prov 14:27;

This was a good time to avoid Absalom and if they hadn't initially avoided him it was a good time for them to leave him. 1Cor 15:33;

Sincerity is not a virtue it is an emotion. You can be as sincerely wrong as you are sincerely right. Sincerity is an emotional state that does not involve rational thought..

Some principles that come from our study of the doctrine of revolution include: Revolution is both anti-authority and anti-establishment, which explains why revolution is always anti-God.

The propaganda and motivation of revolution emphasizes the goodness and equality of mankind, while the doctrine contained in God's Word of truth emphasizes the freedom of self-determination that results in human inequality because of volitional choices.

Freedom cannot manufacture nor guarantee equality in the human race. Freedom actually guarantees inequality because different people will make different choices and some will succeed and some will fail.

Socialism destroys freedom because it attempts to create a forced equality regardless of bad choices. It prioritizes equality of result rather than personal freedom by attempting to mitigate the consequences for making bad decisions. It pays for its policies by plundering those who make good decisions.

Revolution uses the freedom it has received from divine establishment policies to destroy the very freedom it enjoys through social engineering, activism, socialism, and civil disobedience.

Immorality, socialism, internationalism, and environmentalism are forms of evil that destroy freedom because they reject the divine establishment principles that create and maintain freedom.

Absalom will use his position, his attractiveness, his personality combined with the arrogance skills and hypocrisy to change the allegiance of the people from David's legitimate authority to Absalom's evil illegitimate power.

The inspiring personality, that can motivate people, can also possess evil power over people. Loyalty to evil power contradicts the true biblical concept of integrity, honor, and virtue. These distortions, distractions, and deceptions are resolved by making Bible doctrine number one priority in the life.

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