Class Notes: 8/14/2016

Isa 14:13-14;The doctrine of revolution part 11

In our study of the doctrine of revolution we have seen that revolution always involves plotting, intrigue and machination against establishment truth and those who enforce it.

All of this started with Satan, the first malcontent, who invented the first lie that became the first public lie that led to the first conspiracy and the first revolution in the angelic realm. Isa 14:13-14; This was the beginning of the Angelic Conflict.

God sentenced satan and those who followed him in the revolution to the lake of fire. Matt 25:41;

Satan then alleged that God's sentence was unjust so God created mankind to testify for or against God regarding satan's allegation that God was unjust.

This means that during human history those who stand for the categories of truth testify for God. Those who choose to believe the lie and function in the evil of conspiracy and revolution testify for satan.

This is the invisible war that is a spiritual battle and the reason overt warfare often breaks out during the course of human history. Eph 6:12; Matt 24:6; James 4:1-4;

Those who foment and engage in revolution use the freedom they have received from divine establishment policies to destroy the very freedom they possess through social engineering, activism, socialism, and civil disobedience.

In essence revolution bites the hand that feeds it because it rejects and rebels against the policies that actually create and maintain freedom.

Religion, immorality, socialism, internationalism, and environmentalism are forms of evil that cause conflict and destroy freedom because they reject the divine establishment principles that create and maintain freedom.

We are presently looking at Absalom's rebellion against David where we see Absalom using his position, his attractiveness, his personality combined with the arrogance skills and hypocrisy to change the allegiance of the people from David's legitimate authority and power to Absalom's evil illegitimate power.

The inspiring personality, that can motivate people, can also possess evil power over people. Loyalty to evil power contradicts the true biblical concept of integrity, honor, and virtue. These distortions, distractions, and deceptions are resolved by making Bible doctrine number one priority in the life.

We noted that Absalom used religion as a cloak for his evil intentions. This is also a big factor in the events of our world today where Islam uses religion as a cloak for its agenda of world domination.

When we left off last time we were looking at David's attitude while he was retreating from Absalom's initial assault as recorded in Psalms 23 and Psalms 62.

Psa 62:12, "And grace belongs to You, O Lord, For You will prosper each person on the basis of his production."

David understands that God is the ultimate judge who in the final analysis makes sure everyone reaps what they sow.

We also see David's thankful grace oriented attitude toward God displayed in Psa 23:5-6; "You have deployed a table in front of me for my benefit in the sight of my enemies. You have anointed my head with oil. My cup overflows.

v6 Without a doubt, good (prosperity, blessing and happiness) and grace shall pursue me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever."

David's grace oriented attitude is demonstrated by his response to Shimei's false accusations as David was retreating from Jerusalem. 2Sam 16:5-13;

David was a winner before the battle began because he deployed the problem solving devices on the FLOT line of his soul. He was a winner because doctrine in his soul made him a recipient of God's initiative of antecedent grace.

Absalom's revolution cannot not cause David to lose God's overflowing cup. David's escrow blessings for time and eternity remain intact because immutable God is their source so they are irrevocable.

David the soldier will not lose the battle. David the king will not lose his throne. David the mature believer will not lose the blessings from God that accrue to him and overflow.

This is an aspect of the principles that belong to every believer. Paul describes them in Rom 11:29; and Rom 8:37-39; and John describes in 1John 4:4-6;

There are three analogies in this metaphor: the table represents the FLOT line of the believer's soul, the food on the table is metabolized Bible doctrine, the eating of the food is analogous to application of the problem solving devices.

The table represents the problem solving devices that are deployed on the FLOT line in the soul stands between David and his enemies blocking them so they are not able to reach him.

The principle is that the problem solving devices arrayed on the FLOT line of the soul protect the believer from stress in the soul in the midst of the adversity that comes from the devil's world.

The second metaphor is the anointing that represents the principle of blessing that God conveys to every believer in Jesus Christ, in this case the believer is David.

The overflowing cup is the third metaphor and represents the blessings of the believer in the application of doctrine to experience through the problem solving devices on the FLOT line.

Verse five is the battle of the soul. The internal battle of the soul must be won before the external crisis occurs. This is the principle of adversity is inevitable but stress is optional. Adversity is what circumstances do to you stress is what you do to yourself.

You win the victory in advance of the battle by the consistent and faithful function of the spiritual skills. David won the battle with Goliath before the battle when he said, "The battle is the Lord's."

The problem solving devices deployed on the FLOT line of the soul are the basis for victory in the invisible spiritual battle of the soul that occurs before the overt visible adversity arrives.

Believers often fret about things that never happen. When they do they are losing the battle in the soul because of their failure to recall Gods Word and apply it to their situation.

Before any crisis, God always provides plenty of time to win the four different battles: the battle of stress in the soul, the battle of sin in the soul, the battle of false doctrine in the soul, and the battle related to the use of human defense mechanisms rather than God's problem solving devices.

Once the invisible spiritual battle is won, the overt battle is a fait accompli.

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