Class Notes: 8/17/2016

Isa 14:13-14; The doctrine of revolution part 12

In our study of the doctrine of revolution we have seen that revolution always involves plotting, intrigue and machination against establishment truth and those who enforce it.

We have been noting Absalom's rebellion against David and in our last couple of classes we've been noting David's response as he was forced to flee from Jerusalem to avoid being killed by Absalom's forces

We saw that David had a humble attitude comprised of Grace and Truth. His attitude is expressed in Psa 62 and Psa 23 we see that he was occupied with Christ during his escape and that enabled him to think clearly without any emotional or arrogance sins.

Psa 23:5; describes the internal battle of the soul that must be won before the external crisis envelops us. This is the principle of adversity is inevitable but stress is optional. Adversity is what circumstances do to you stress is what you do to yourself.

Believing, remembering and recalling God's Word enables the believer to have an internal state of tranquility while the battle is waging all around them. No adversity is greater than God's Word of truth. David understood this, believed it, had confidence in it and rested in it.

He deployed faith rest on the FLOT line of his soul. You win the victory in advance of the battle by the consistent and faithful function of the spiritual skills. David won the battle with Goliath before the battle when he said, "The battle is the Lord's."

The problem solving devices deployed on the FLOT line of the soul are the basis for victory in the invisible spiritual battle of the soul that occurs even before the overt visible adversity arrives.

Believers often worry and fret about things that never happen. When they do they are losing the battle in the soul because of their failure to recall Gods Word, believe it, and apply it to their situation using the faith rest drill.

Before any crisis, God always provides plenty of time to win the four different battles: the battle of stress in the soul, the battle of sin in the soul, the battle of false doctrine in the soul, and the battle related to the use of human defense mechanisms rather than God's problem solving devices.

Once the invisible spiritual battle is won, the overt battle is a fait accompli. David had done this before when he faced Goliath without the use of the normal weapons of warfare.

He recalled the promises that the Lord of the Armies aka the Lord Jesus Christ had given to Israel. Deut 11:22-27;

He had absolutely no doubt that God would come through for him as promised. He understood that God honors his Word and that God's Word is the issue in life.

1Sam 17:45; Then David said to the Philistine, "You come to me with a sword, a spear, and a javelin, but I come to you in the name of the Lord of the armies, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have taunted.

Remember that every battle you face is the Lord's battle. Remember this when you are slogging through the adversities that God permits you to have in your life no matter how difficult they are.

Psa 23:6; describes God's victory where Grace and prosperity pursued David all the days of his life. Grace and prosperity pursue as a result of the deployment of truth in the form of the problem solving devices on the FLOT line of the soul.

The result of the deployment of the problem solving devices is maximum orientation to truth and its application of living grace and maximum blessing in dying grace.

The success of a revolution depends on the strong delusion from satan's lie because people must reject God's Word of truth before they can become vulnerable to the satanic propaganda of revolutionists.

God always provides truth before revolution. This means that revolution is the consequence of a maximum number of people using their free volition to reject God's Word of truth.

No revolution can gain momentum apart from its involvement with the cosmic system. The cosmic system produces discontent with life in all categories and types of people it involves everyone not just the poor and the malcontented.

Arrogance and strong delusion are required for revolutionary ideas to gain momentum with the general public.

The general public therefore becomes the weapon forged by what they choose to believe. If the general public believes the satanic lies of the revolutionist it becomes a weapon that is wielded for change by the hard-core revolutionist.

If the general public holds on to the establishment principles of God's Word of truth it becomes a weapon that is wielded by those who stand for establishment truth because they have God's Word of truth in their thinking.

There will always be hard-core revolutionists and conspiracies but they cannot succeed without arrogance and strong delusion from the public lie becoming the public opinion of a majority of the people. This is the battle of the soul that is being waged in our nation at this time.

Most revolutions also involve a civil war that becomes a struggle for power, violence or both. The Absalom revolution resulted in a civil war, as did the French, and Russian revolutions.

If those who are engaging in the revolutionary change do not gain enough support from the general public, then civil war is inevitable because the civil war is ultimately waged between the forces that are seeking to usurp power, authority and control from those with establishment truth who possess it.

Revolution is not the only cause of civil war. Politics is another cause. When politics starts a civil war, the issue is freedom. When revolution starts the civil war the issue is truth.

The abolitionist revolutionaries whose cause was taken up by the northern politicians incited the American civil war. The ultimate decision was determined by the outcome of the civil war.

In the case of the war between the states secession was rejected and owning slaves as property was outlawed.

Politics is on the verge of causing another civil war in our country. This time the issue is internationalism, socialism, and a cradle to grave nanny state versus nationalism free enterprise capitalism and the freedom of self-determination.

No matter how the civil war starts components of both revolution and politics involved are involved. In the case of the Absalom and David the civil war was started by revolution. Therefore, the issue in that war was truth.

In this situation those who believed in truth in any of its three categories eventually rallied around David and followed him. Those involved in the arrogance of the cosmic system and who succumbed to the strong delusion from the public lie because they had rejected truth followed Absalom.

After David gathered his troops together 2Sam 18:1-2; David's forces defeated Absalom's forces and Absalom was killed ending the revolution. 2Sam 18:14-18;

When the public loses establishment thought and cannot see the difference between authoritarian government and totalitarian government revolution is inevitable.

Because of their acceptance of criminality the Black lies matter mob cannot distinguish between authoritarian government and totalitarian government. This loss of thought is another factor that is causing dissension and potential for civil war in our country at this time.

Authoritarian government provides the balance between authority and freedom in compatibility with the laws of divine establishment.

Totalitarian government destroys freedom with the total ascendancy of one party or group, thereby creating tyranny.

Both types of government can exist under different systems. The systems can include monarchy, oligarchy, republic, dictatorship, and democracy.

Any of these can function under the laws of divine establishment and provide for the protection of freedom through authority.

Democracy is the easiest form of government to revolt against because initially the people possess the power until they are deceived by the public lie and cede their power to a totalitarian oligarchy or dictator by revolting.

This is what the progressive politicians are trying to accomplish with their goading of the malcontents into attacking the police who enforce the laws of our establishment based authoritarian government.

Revolution usually results in the destruction of the authoritarian government and replacing it with a totalitarian type government that is a highly centralized government under the control of one political group,

Examples of this are the communist revolutions in Russia, China, Korea, and Vietnam.

It is imperative to distinguish between authoritarian government that secures the freedom of the individual, and totalitarian government that secures the power of the party and in the process destroys both personal and national freedom.

Communism, Socialism and the welfare state always destroy freedom so they are always totalitarian. Establishment government provides authority for the protection of freedom.

In authoritarian-type government, the laws of divine establishment provide the principles that authority functions under so the balance between freedom and authority is maintained.

There are two categories of freedom. Temporal freedom that results when God imputes human life when one is born as a human being at first birth and spiritual freedom results when God imputes eternal life when one is born again at second birth.

The laws of divine establishment define the correct protocol for temporal freedom and the royal family honor code defines the correct protocol for spiritual freedom.

The laws of divine establishment never divorce freedom, privacy and property from authority, so that a good government always uses the laws of divine establishment to provide a system of authority that protects the freedom, privacy, and property of the individual.

Totalitarianism uses the satanic lie of the "equality of mankind" as propaganda. If the general public is functioning in the arrogance this idea always appeals to them. This is the situation in the USA at this time.

Revolution uses freedom to destroy freedom by attacking legitimate authoritarianism and replacing it with totalitarianism.

The revolutionist uses the lying propaganda of "Equality", to attempt to gain power over the masses by exploiting their strong delusion in a coup d'etat that removes the legitimate power of legitimate authority and replaces it with tyranny.

The citizens of our nation have very important choices to make and the consequences of those choices will either be freedom from God's word of truth or tyranny from satan's lie.

Because of the perpetuation of the Angelic Conflict throughout the course of human history the citizens of every nation in every generation must choose.

The present generation of our nation is making this choice right now and the results of the choice will have serious consequences. Deut 30:15-20; Joshua 24:14-15;

Because God always honors His Word under the principle of sowing and reaping good choices enhance and improve future options, bad choices limit and reduce future options.

This brings us to a study of those who choose to make good choices based on God's Word of truth regardless the pressures from of adversity or prosperity, the Doctrine of the Winner.

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