Class Notes: 8/24/2016

Heb 12:2; Rev 2:7; The doctrine of the winner part 2

Last time we started a study of the doctrine of the winner believer. Heb 12:2; Rev 2:7; We noted that winner believers are the unknown, unsung heroes of history. They have partaken of God's Word of truth that is the tree of life and parlayed that information along with logistical grace into supergrace during their advance to spiritual maturity.

During the course of human history in the devil's world the winner is the secret to national blessing and prosperity.

In the Millennium when Jesus Christ rules the earth winners will have a prominent place in His government. At the exit resurrection or rapture, they receive a "white pebble", that is, a resurrection body with a new name of knighthood. These believers have the greatest and most permanent fame for all eternity.

The winner is a mature believer who receives the distribution of the escrow blessings for time that is a guarantee that there will be distribution of escrow blessings for eternity.

Eph 1:3-4; teaches that before time existed God the Father, the grantor, deposited greater blessings into escrow for every believer. These greater blessings are available to be conveyed to every believer for both time and eternity.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, the escrow officer, distributes these escrow blessings in time and in eternity at the Judgment Seat of Christ to those who have capacity from their application of God's Word of truth. This results in the winner having phenomenal impact and blessing in time as well as rewards in eternity.

In our country at this time those who have negative volition, those who hate God and Jesus Christ and are unaware of why God conveys blessings refer to these blessings pejoratively as "white privilege."

The invisible hero is a mature believer who has a dynamic impact in history. During the times of the Gentiles aka the Church Age, the greatest historical impact is not recorded in man's history books because it is related to the invisible impact of mature believers.

Mature believers have a tremendous influence on every facet of life on this planet. They have an influence on the establishment principle of freedom through military victory.

They have an influence on law enforcement, from the judge on the bench to the police officer who enforces the laws that protect privacy and private property. They have an influence on the economy.

They have an influence on the general life and culture. They have an influence in Christianity through their support of evangelism, Bible teaching, and missionary activity.

When the pivot of mature believers shrinks, the cycles of discipline begin. Then the only solution is found in an enlarged pivot of believers who use their free volition to choose to attain spiritual maturity and execute the protocol plan of God.

Invisible God plus invisible assets plus invisible power equals invisible heroes and blessing from God. No one can become an invisible hero apart from post-salvation renovation of the thinking from spiritual growth.

This requires consistent and persistent perception, metabolization, and application of God's Word of truth under the teaching ministry of God the Holy Spirit.

The mystery doctrine of the Church Age cannot be perceived or metabolized apart from the filling ministry of God the Holy Spirit or spirituality.

No believer can execute the protocol plan of God and become an invisible hero and glorify God apart from the teaching ministry of God the Holy Spirit and the communication gift of the pastor-teacher. Eph 4:11-13;

This shows the importance of the pastor's exegetical, isagogical, categorical expository teaching of the mystery doctrine that belongs exclusively to the Church.

In the client nation visible heroes are related to the laws of divine establishment, their implementation by political leaders and their enforcement by the military and law enforcement while invisible heroes are related the invisible pivot of mature believers that are in the church.

Visible heroes are ineffective without invisible heroes under the principle of grace that mandates that as goes the believer, so goes the client nation to God.

We see from this that the church is inextricably connected to the security and prosperity of the client nation. In fact the church is the essential element or sine que non of the client nation. At his time in history most people don't understand this fact.

Since the winner is characterized by grace, maximizes God's grace and becomes the target of God's grace we will now take up a study on the doctrine of grace in the context of being a winner.

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