Class Notes: 2/8/2017

Heb 12:2; Rev 2:7; The doctrine of the winner part 39

Lam 3:21 -25; I recall this (doctrine) to my mind, and it gives me confidence. Because The Lord's mercy never fails; His grace provisions never cease, they are renewed every morning; Great is Your faithfulness... Therefore I have hope in Him. The Lord is good to those who wait silently on Him.

In our study of the doctrine of the winner believer. Heb 12:2; Rev 2:7; We have noted that winner believers are the unknown, unsung heroes of history. 2Cor 6:9; who are the targets of God's grace imputations and the reason that God continues to support the human race.

We are now in a segment where we are discussing the doctrine of church age spirituality because the winner understands what spirituality is and what it is not. We will see that spirituality is not only related to what you do, but how and why you do what you do.

We will also see that God defines what spirituality is and what it isn't. Satan has deceived the world into believing that there is no single correct way to live. Satan's multicultural lie is that all cultures and belief systems are equally acceptable and result in the same outcome.

God's Word of truth tells us that there is only ONE way to a relationship with God and that is exclusively by faith in Jesus Christ. John 14:6; Acts 4:12; John 3:16,18,36;

God is perfect so there can be no contradictions in His perfect plan. The problem is that mankind is imperfect. The technical theological term for this status of imperfection is depravity.

In this context depravity means that there is nothing that mankind can ever do that is acceptable to God. Isa 64:6; Rom 3:10-18;

This means that if we are to function in His perfect plan we need something from God. That something from God is His righteousness and the spiritual power system that Jesus pioneered and perfected in His unglorified humanity under the kenosis protocol.

All contradictions are the result of negative volition that is expressed as sin, human good and dead works that are parlayed into the dead works of human good and evil. This is what mankind produces by default when functioning outside of God's perfect plan.

To resolve this issue God provided Jesus Christ who not only resolved the issue of imperfect mankind being incompatible with God's perfection but at the same time Jesus pioneered the spiritual life that enabled Him to live on the earth in the devil's world in unglorified humanity under maximum pressure from adversity without ever sinning or producing the dead works of human good or evil that would compromise His relationship with God. Rom 5:8; 2Cor 5:21; Heb 4:15;

God's prototype system required the deployment of God's Word of truth under filling of ministry of God the Holy Spirit. Heb 12:2;

The initial gateway into God's perfect system is to be "born again" by means of the Spirit by agreeing with God and believing that that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. John 3:3,5-7,16;

The moment a person is born again they receive at least 40 grace gifts from God including the indwelling of and the filling ministry of God the Holy Spirit. This is the power that enables the believer to function within God's perfect system.

Inside God's power system the believer is controlled by God the Holy Spirit under the principle of Eph 5:18; " stop sinning and keep on being filled with the Spirit" and Gal 5:16; "walk by means of the spirit and you will not carry out the lust patterns of the old sin nature."

Spirituality is the term used to describe this "filling of the Holy Spirit." Therefore, when we are in a state of sin and producing human good, or evil so we are not spiritual.

When we are outside of God's perfect system the sin nature controls the soul and we are producing sin and death. Rom 8:7-8; Gal 5:19-21;

Inside God's system believers produce divine good because God the Holy Spirit controls them. Gal 5:22-23;

The filling of the Holy Spirit (or spirituality) is an absolute. At any given point of time either the Holy Spirit controls believer or the sin nature does. This means that spirituality and carnality are mutually exclusive.

In the believer's life, spirituality and carnality are positional absolutes for believers as members of the new spiritual species. 1John 1:6-7; 1John 2:10-11; 1John 3:4-9.

At any given moment you are either filled with the Holy Spirit or you are not. At any given point you either reside in God's spiritual power system or in satan's cosmic power system.

At any given moment depending on which power system you are functioning in you are either producing divine good or sin, human good and evil.

Every time a believer uses their volition to sin they step outside of God's system and enter either into either cosmic one or cosmic two of satan's cosmic system.

When cosmic one (arrogance) is challenged and there is no repentance from humility it metastasizes into cosmic two (hatred). This is what is on display from the progressive liberal communist do gooders aka democrats in our country today.

In cosmic one the believer is functioning in their own plan that is described as grieving the Holy Spirit in arrogant self-indulgence, self-justification, self-deception, denial, and projection. In cosmic two the believer is described as quenching the Holy Spirit in vindictive implacable hatred and opposition to God and God's plan of grace.

We see from this that spirituality and carnality are mutually exclusive absolutes. This means that if you are in status quo spirituality you are filled with the Spirit and are performing divine good works, on the other hand, if you are in the cosmic system and you are not spiritual and you are committing sin, human good and evil.

God's Word describes the believer as being spiritual when the Holy Spirit controls their soul. God's Word describes the believer as being carnal when the old sin nature controls their soul.

God doesn't do anything partially. He either does it, or He does not do it. This means that God the Holy Spirit either completely controls your soul or He does not control it at all.

The believer is therefore only spiritual when residing under the ministry of God the Holy Spirit inside God's power system. It is only under the ministry of God the Holy Spirit that the believer can function according to God's protocol.

The believer is cosmic or carnal when functioning under the control of the OSN inside satan's cosmic system. When in satan's system the believer cannot function according to God's protocol.

These systems are mutually exclusive and they are constantly at war with each other. Gal 5:17; Rom 7:23; Rom 8:5; This internal conflict eventually breaks out and is the basis of the wars that occur between people, interest groups and nations.

This is why Jesus said that He did not come to bring peace instead He came to bring war. Matt 10:34-36; The war is between those who believe God's Word of truth and want to live by God's policies and those who believe satan's lie and hate God's policies.

The believer in fellowship with God is described as spiritual in the sense that the Holy Spirit controls his soul and he lives inside God's power system.

The believer functioning in this manner can also be described as a protocol Christian in the sense that, when he is living inside God's power system he is executing the protocol plan of God and gaining momentum from reception, retention and recall of God's Word of truth (Bible Doctrine).

The believer who is out of fellowship can be described, as a carnal Christian because their thinking is controlled by the old sin nature or as a cosmic Christian because they reside inside the arrogance and antagonism of satan's cosmic system.

Spiritual maturity varies according to spiritual growth from positive volition to God's Word of truth. Reversionism varies according to spiritual decline from negative volition and rejection of God's Word of truth. Both are relative.

When believers are filled with the spirit you cannot accurately describe one believer as being more spiritual than the other because every believer who is filled with the Spirit is as spiritual as any other believer is.

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