Class Notes: 2/15/2017

Heb 12:2; Rev 2:7; The doctrine of the winner part 41

Lam 3:21 -25; I recall this (doctrine) to my mind, and it gives me confidence. Because The Lord's mercy never fails; His grace provisions never cease, they are renewed every morning; Great is Your faithfulness... Therefore I have hope in Him. The Lord is good to those who wait silently on Him.

In our study of the doctrine of the winner believer. Heb 12:2; Rev 2:7; We have noted that winner believers are the unknown, unsung heroes of history. 2Cor 6:9; who are the targets of God's grace imputations and the reason that God continues to support the human race.

We are now in a segment where we are discussing the doctrine of church age spirituality. Last time we noted the absolute concept of spirituality that God's Word defines as being filled with or by means of the spirit.

Spirituality is thinking God's Word of truth that is the mind of Christ under the mentor ministry of God the Holy Spirit. 1Cor 2:16; Phil 2:5; 1John 2:27;

Last time we posed the question that since we are filled with the Spirit at the moment we are saved, why does God command in Eph 5:18; that we stop sinning and keep on being filled with the Spirit?

We noted that the only reasonable explanation for this seeming contradiction is that the first time the believer commits a sin after salvation the filling ministry of God the Holy Spirit is rescinded because of the believer's volitional choice reject the ministry of God the Holy Spirit and sin because we have chosen to follow the lust patterns of the OSN. James 1:14-16;

In the status of functioning in post-salvation sin, God the Holy Spirit irrevocably indwells the believer's body, but He no longer controls the thought processes that occur in the believer's soul because the believer has rejected His ministry.

God the Holy Spirit therefore reverts back to His convicting and convincing ministry in an attempt to get the believer to change their mind or repent and come clean with God by admitting any sin they can remember.

The filling ministry of the Holy Spirit is recovered through the believer's non-meritorious volitional choice to evaluate their situation and make the appropriate adjustment to the justice of God. 1Cor 11:31;

Since the believer has no capacity to apply doctrine without the filling ministry of the Holy Spirit recovery is accomplished through by the non- meritorious decision to simply acknowledge any known sin to God. 1John 1:9;

The technical term we use to describe this volitional choice is "rebound" because the believer is recovering what has been lost by the volitional choice to sin.

Being restored fellowship with God the Holy Spirit through rebound means that we are restored to life inside God's spiritual power system and have recovered of the filling and teaching ministry of God the Holy Spirit.

Believers reject the filling ministry of the Spirit by committing post-salvation personal sin. They recover the filling ministry of the Spirit by judging themselves and acknowledging any known personal sin to God 1Cor 11:31; 1John 1:9;

This is described as "rebound" because the believer was initially filled with the spirit at the moment they believed in Jesus Christ as savior, they lost the filling ministry of the Spirit by committing any known or unknown personal sin.

They recover the filling ministry of the Spirit when they comply with the mandate in God's Word to acknowledge to God alone any sin they recognize that they have committed. Psa 51:4a;

At that that point God purifies them because they have "come clean "with God. 1John 1:9;

The purpose of the filling of the Holy Spirit is for the deployment of God's power from the perception and application of Bible doctrine that results in the execution of the protocol plan of God for the Church.

God is glorified when the believer uses God's spiritual power system in the same way that Jesus did to become an invisible hero and a winner.

The ministry of the Holy Spirit is required because the person who does not have the filling ministry of God the Holy Spirit cannot know, understand or accept the things of God and He thinks that believing in God and His Word is foolish 1Cor 2:14; 1Cor 1:18;

A question that could be asked is "why is the Holy Spirit given to every believer?" The answer is for the purpose of learning applying God's Word of truth (Bible doctrine) that is the life of the new spiritual species. Matt 4:4b; for the purpose of re-presenting Jesus Christ. 1John 3:2-3; NET

The residence and function of God's Word of truth in the soul's stream of consciousness is required for the execution of God's protocol plan. It is impossible to execute God's plan with human IQ no matter how smart the person is.

No one can understand God's Word of truth apart from the filling of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit provides the divine omnipotence and the divine IQ, that is required for one to learn, understand and apply God's Word of truth.

There are no degrees of spirituality because the filling of the Spirit is an absolute positional reality. You are either in the state of being filled with the Spirit or you are in the state of being controlled by the OSN.

Carnality and the filling of the Spirit are therefore mutually exclusive.

The relative concept of the Christian life is the cognition, inculcation, and application of God's Word under the ministry of God the Holy Spirit resulting in capacity to function in the various stages of spiritual maturity.

The carnal believer aka the believer in Christian degeneracy cannot lose his salvation. The forty things God gives to every believer at salvation can never be cancelled by the believer's failure. Rom 11:29; 2Tim 2:13;

In 2Cor 3:3; Paul explains that the issue in s spirituality is imitation. The spiritual believer imitates the unglorified humanity of Jesus as He functioned under the ministry of God the Holy Spirit during the dispensation of his unglorified humanity in hypostatic union.

Spirituality is therefore imitating God, 2Pet 1:4. Eph 5:1; "Therefore, become imitators of God as beloved children." It is impossible to imitate God without the filling ministry of the Spirit

Under OSN control of the soul the carnal believer imitates the unbeliever. It is impossible to distinguish between the unbeliever and the believer out of fellowship.

Carnal and reversionistic believers imitate the unbeliever who imitates satan, 1Cor 3:3; Gal 5:19-21; 1John 1:6; John 8:44;

When you are filled with the Holy Spirit, you are inside God's spiritual power system so you can imitate God and as a result are functioning as letters of Christ that are written to be seen by men.

Under OSN control of the soul a believer will do anything an unbeliever will do. When functioning under OSN control of the soul the believer is experientially the same as an unbeliever.

A believer can commit any sin just as easily as an unbeliever. The Christian way of life is a supernatural way of life that must be executed by supernatural means. That supernatural means is the ministry of God the Holy Spirit. Gal 5:16; 1John 1:7;

Anything an unbeliever can do including being a good moral person is not the Christian way of life. Spirituality is the exclusive function of the new spiritual species when they are functioning under the filling ministry of God the Holy Spirit.

The believer who is filled with the Spirit is not subject to the Mosaic Law because he is complying the spiritual law of freedom that supercedes the Mosaic law.

Believers functioning in spirituality are not subject to any part of Israel's ritual plan including the 10 commandments that are contained in the Mosaic Law. Gal 5:18,23; Rom 8:2-4; Rom 10:4; Rom 13:8-10;

The filling of the Holy Spirit completely fulfills the Mosaic Law. The Law condemns but the filling of the Holy Spirit produces the integrity of the unglorified humanity of Christ in the dispensation of the Hypostatic Union, Gal 4:19; Gal 5:22-23; 1John 2:5-6;

Fulfilling the mandates of law requires a functional operational spiritual life that requires the filling ministry of God the Holy Spirit.

The filling of the Spirit separates the production of divine good from the production of the human good that comprises dead works. The believer controlled by the Holy Spirit produces divine good that is classified as "gold, silver, and precious stones." 1Cor 3:12,14;

The believer controlled by the OSN produces human good dead works, Heb 9:14; that are classified as "wood, hay, and straw" in 1Cor 3:12,15;

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